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Best Biryani Restaurants in Sardar Patel Marg, New Delhi
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Arun Kumar 12 Mar 2024

I recently visited Itc Hotels and was pleasantly surprised to find a biryani option that fit into my Keto lifestyle. The Tangri Ki Teekhee Biryani was delicious and packed with flavor. The tender chicken and aromatic spices truly hit the spot for my Keto cravings. I also loved the fact that the restaurant offers options for those following a low carb diet. I highly recommend trying out this biryani dish and other Keto options at Itc Hotels.

Avinash kapoor 12 Mar 2024

The late-night snack delivery from Lazeez Affaire was a total game-changer for my study sessions! I absolutely loved their creamy mushroom soup - it was the perfect comfort food to keep me going through the night. The delivery arrived on time and the soup was still warm and fresh. I highly recommend Lazeez Affaire for all my fellow night owls who crave a delicious and timely snack. This restaurant has definitely earned a spot on my favourite late-night delivery list.

Pooja Jain 05 May 2024

The Treat is a must-visit restaurant for all spicy food lovers! I recently tried their Paneer Masala Uttapam and it was absolutely delicious. The spiciness of the dish was just perfect, giving a nice kick to the taste buds. The uttapam itself was fluffy and well-cooked, and the paneer was incredibly flavorful. I love how The Treat offers a variety of cuisines, ensuring that there is always something new to try. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone

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