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Best Restaurants in Sector 10, Dwarka, New Delhi
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Rahul Khurana 30 Apr 2024

I recently ordered dinner from Pizza Top 10 and I must say, their free style pizza was absolutely delightful. The toppings were fresh and the crust was perfectly crispy. I couldn't help but share my dinner experience on my social platforms, as this pizza definitely deserves some recognition. If you're looking for a premium dinner option, I highly recommend trying Pizza Top 10. Their dinner menu is top notch and the quality just can't be beat. Overall, I give this restaurant a solid 10


The Big Boy Burger Co By Nirula's is a must-visit for all spice lovers out there! I recently tried their Crunchy Paneer Burger and it was absolutely delicious. The paneer was perfectly cooked and had a nice crunch to it. The spice level was just right for me, adding an extra kick to every bite. I was impressed by the variety of spices used in the burger, making it a unique and flavorful experience. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a satisfying

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