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Naveen kaushik 04 May 2024

I recently tried the famous Chole Bhature with Lassi at Baba Hotel and it did not disappoint! The combination of the perfectly spiced chole and the fluffy bhature was a taste explosion in my mouth. The refreshing lassi was the perfect accompaniment to the spicy dish. Though slightly on the pricier side, the premium quality of the food definitely justifies it. I highly recommend trying this dish and sharing your dining experience on social media for others to discover this gem.

Sumit 04 May 2024

I recently tried Chole Bhature with Lassi at Masala Grill House and it was definitely a budget-friendly meal option. The food was delicious and the portion size was generous, making it a great value for money. The staff was friendly and efficient, and the ambience was cozy. I usually order lunch from nearby eateries during office breaks and Masala Grill House is now one of my top choices. Highly recommend for those looking for tasty and affordable Indian cuisine.

Sanchit Garg 04 May 2024

I recently ordered lunch from Jain Rasoi and I must say, their Chole Bhature with Lassi was a delicious treat! The bhature was perfectly fried and the chole had the perfect blend of spices. The lassi was refreshing and the packaging was neat and spill-proof. I also loved the fact that the lunch arrived hot and on time. Highly recommend Jain Rasoi for their tasty lunch options and efficient delivery service. Will definitely be ordering from them again!

Chunky Shah 27 Mar 2024

Lazeez Chatkare is a must-visit for any lover of Indian street food. Their chhole bhature and lassi were simply divine, bursting with authentic flavors that transported me back to the streets of Delhi. The portions were generous, and the prices were very reasonable. Service was prompt and friendly. The only downside was the cramped seating arrangement, but the taste of the food more than made up for it. Overall, Lazeez Chatkare left me wanting to come back for



sonia arora 30 Apr 2024

I recently ordered dinner from Bikaneri Kitchen and it was a great experience. The 4 Bedmi Puri with Khasta Kachori and a 250ml Coke were a perfect combination. The puris were crispy and the kachori was super flavorful. It was clear that the ingredients used were of high quality. The portion size was also generous. Overall, I highly recommend Bikaneri Kitchen for a delicious dinner option. And don't forget to pair it with a Coke for

Ram 04 May 2024

I recently ordered lunch from Lazeez Chatkare and I have to say, their Chole Bhature is absolutely delicious. It was packed with flavors and the perfect balance of spices. The addition of Lassi with the meal was a great touch and elevated the overall experience. I appreciate the packaging, which kept the food warm and fresh. I definitely recommend trying them out for a delicious lunch option.

Vishakha 27 Mar 2024

As someone following a Keto diet, finding suitable options at restaurants can be a bit challenging. However, my experience at Pandit Ji Kitchen has left me pleasantly surprised. The Chhole Bhature with 2 Lassi was not only delicious but also had Keto-friendly options. The bhature was replaced with almond flour wraps and the lassi was made with unsweetened almond milk. The taste was just as good as the original and I couldn't even tell the difference. It's great to see restaurants

Deepak Dalal 28 Mar 2024

I recently visited Anand Sagar and was extremely pleased with their gluten-free options. The Bedmi Puri, which was made with gluten-free flour, was absolutely delicious and paired perfectly with the two glasses of Lassi I had. As someone with a gluten intolerance, I appreciate when restaurants provide options that are tasty and safe for me to eat. I highly recommend trying the gluten-free options at Anand Sagar, as they definitely won me over with their flavors and commitment to catering to different dietary



deepak Bisht 04 May 2024

I recently ordered lunch from Janta Eating Zone and I must say, their Chole Bhature with Lassi was absolutely delicious! The portion size was generous and the food was packed neatly, making it convenient for delivery. The Chole had the perfect balance of spices and the Bhature was light and fluffy. The Lassi was the perfect accompaniment to the meal. I highly recommend this dish to anyone looking for a satisfying and flavorful lunch option. Definitely a must-try!

Parveen Kumar 27 Mar 2024

As someone who follows a Keto diet, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Laddu Gopal Kitchen had options that cater to my dietary needs. The Chhole Bhature was delicious and satisfying, and the 2 lassi drinks were the perfect accompaniment. I also appreciated that the staff was knowledgeable about the Keto diet and willing to share their experiences and recipes with me. Overall, I highly recommend Laddu Gopal Kitchen to anyone looking for tasty and Keto-friendly options.

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