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If you call yourself a big foodie and you havent visited this outlet then your not one!😅😅This place is a big competition to Cafeteria &co. They have an extravagant menu. The quality and the quantity of food both are much more than your expectations!!! Fast food and North Indian food is served majorly.All of the food items served was good. Even the chef and staff were so generous!I really liked the concept of Dig-In Pizza. And i really loved theMocktails, Chicken Tikka Salad, Chicken Burger. We had so many dishes so it's hard to explain my feelings through words! But a burp can explain it easily😝 For the first time I had salad in a cafe and both were scintillating, veg and non-veg. Chicken Tikka Salad is Better than Grilled vegetables and mesclun salad. Both of them were so good looking that I loved clicking their pictures. Then i had Chicken Malai Tikka, Paneer Tikka, Spicy Wok Mushrooms, Chicken Fafa, Dirty Fries, Loaded Nachos. Then we had a set of 4 burgers namely C3 chicken Burger as this had 3 types of cheese, No Vacancy JD Lamb Burger this had Jack Daniel's infused Lamb patty, Assorted Mix Vegetable patty burger and Spicy Paneer Burger. I liked all of them are a must try! And I would recommend for the lamb burger only if you're a true and pure non-vegetarian! It is served with this rum sauces. Just heaven!😍Then came the main course, but as we were all full we couldn't order anything much!! Dal Makhni was drool worthy and it hit the taste buds. The breads were also soft. I had Naan and Lachha parantha. And i liked lachha paratha much more as they both were making a good couple😋Desserts are the show stoppers and I had Fried Brownie Roll it was also good but it was little less sweet. ☹️The mocktails stole our heart. ❣️The best ones are Strawberry, Peach and Watermelon Mojito. Green apple mojito was good. Ferero Rocher Shake was the best and Kitkat, Oreo were fine. Shakes were a lil' less thick. They should work on it!😣Salted caramel shake can be avoided. Food- 10/10Service- 10/10Ambience- 10/10 ...