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Best Desserts Restaurants in Balewadi Phata, Pune
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Abhishek Rajak fitness 06 May 2024

I recently tried the Indori Poha from Kulhad and it was a quick and tasty bite that satisfied my fast food cravings. The delivery was lightning fast, and the packaging was excellent, keeping the food fresh and hot. The combination of the traditional kulhad and the unique Indori Poha flavor was a delightful surprise. Highly recommend for those who enjoy fast and flavorful bites.

Sanskriti Priya 26 Mar 2024

I recently had the pleasure of trying out the breakfast delivery from Signature Veg - Non veg and I must say, their Veg Fried Rice was surprisingly good. As someone who loves sharing my breakfast experiences on social media, I have to say that this dish definitely deserves a mention. The quality of the ingredients and the overall taste was top-notch. I highly recommend trying out their Veg Fried Rice for a fulfilling breakfast experience.



Anurag Mathur Oneness 10 May 2024

I recently visited Sweet Punch and tried their chocolate shake. Let me start by saying, it was absolutely delicious! The chocolate flavor was rich and creamy, and the shake itself was perfectly blended. I highly recommend trying it. The overall restaurant ambiance was also pleasant and the service was top-notch. I will definitely be coming back to try more of their tasty treats.

Thakur Chirag 27 Mar 2024

Shreya Cakes Studio is a must-visit for anyone following the Keto diet. Not only do they have a variety of delicious Chocolate Truffle options, but they also offer Keto friendly versions for those watching their carb intake. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste and texture of their Keto-friendly truffles, they were just as indulgent as the traditional ones. I highly recommend trying out their Keto options and sharing your experiences with others on social media. Shreya Cakes Studio definitely knows how

Shivani Prajapati 18 May 2024

Kulfi House is a must-try for all dessert lovers! I ordered their Meetha Pan Kulfi Stick, and it was absolutely delicious. The combination of sweet and tangy flavors was perfectly balanced and the presentation was impeccable. The kulfi was creamy and the stick added a fun twist to the traditional dessert. I'm always on the lookout for new dessert places, and Kulfi House definitely exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend trying their Meetha Pan Kulfi Stick for a

Rohan Swarge 30 Apr 2024

I recently checked out BOOM Sandwich - Explosion of Flavours and was thrilled to see that they offer Paleo diet options. I tried two of their sandwiches and they were both delicious. The Paleo ingredients really added to the explosion of flavours in each bite. As someone who follows the Paleo diet, it was refreshing to have more options when dining out. I highly recommend trying their Paleo choices and sharing your experience on social media. Overall, a great option for those who prefer a healthier and tastier meal

Satyam 30 Apr 2024

I recently ordered dinner from MJJ Cafe, and I have to say their Peri Peri Fries were absolutely delicious! The premium quality was evident in every bite. I couldn't resist sharing my meal experience on social media, especially highlighting their amazing dinner options and overall high quality standards. If you're looking for a satisfying evening meal, I highly recommend MJJ Cafe and their flavorful Peri Peri Fries. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

ayush dayal 26 Mar 2024

I recently tried the Desi Ghee Dal Khichdi Bowl at NH1 Bowls - Highway To North and it was amazing! The aroma of the desi ghee added a delicious flavor to the perfectly cooked dal and rice. The portion was generous and the presentation was beautiful. The atmosphere of the restaurant was cozy and the service was prompt. I highly recommend this dish to anyone looking to try something new and delicious. Can't wait to go back and try more of their menu!

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