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Best Sichuan Restaurants in Koregaon Park, Pune
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I recently ordered from Kinki and I must say, their gourmet food delivery exceeded my expectations. The Dal Tadka was particularly impressive with its rich flavors and perfect balance of spices. The food was also beautifully presented, making it a hit at my recent business meeting. I've ordered from Kinki multiple times for family gatherings and their food always impresses. Overall, the quality and presentation of their dishes never disappoint. Highly recommend for those looking for a top-notch gourmet food experience.

CHOKSI 26 Mar 2024

Prem's is my go-to spot for late-night snacking. The Chilli Chicken Gravy is always a hit, with its perfect blend of spices and tender chicken. The delivery team is quick and efficient, ensuring that my food arrives hot and fresh every time. As a student, I often find myself ordering from Prem's during late-night study sessions and I have never been disappointed. The food is consistently delicious and the delivery time is always on point. Highly recommend for all my fellow night owls

Puneet Maurya Maurya 04 Jun 2024

I recently visited Buddha Paradise and was pleasantly surprised by the quality and variety of their vegetarian options. The Veg Pulao in particular stood out with its balanced blend of flavors and fresh ingredients. As someone who prioritizes healthy eating, I appreciate that Buddha Paradise offers nutritious and wholesome choices. I also love sharing my food experiences on social media and the Veg Pulao from this restaurant definitely made it to my food diary. Overall, I highly recommend Buddha Paradise for those looking for healthy and delicious vegetarian dishes.

R k 16 May 2024

I recently visited Chop Chop - Wok to Go and was pleasantly surprised by their variety of vegan options. I ordered the lemongrass lemonade and it was absolutely delicious. The restaurant staff were also accommodating to my dietary preferences and the food was flavorful and well-prepared. I appreciate restaurants that offer tasty vegan meals and will definitely be sharing my experience on social media. If you're looking for a restaurant with great vegan options, definitely give Chop Chop a try.

Rohan Swarge 15 May 2024

I recently tried Pars Kitchen Co. for lunch and I have to say, their Chicken Kubideh with rice was absolutely delicious! The meat was perfectly grilled and the rice was fluffy and flavorful. But what really impressed me was their packaging - it kept my food hot and fresh until lunchtime. I highly recommend trying this dish from Pars Kitchen Co. for a satisfying and convenient lunch option. And don't forget to share your lunch experiences and recipes on their social media platforms!

GaUrav ArOra 18 May 2024

I recently ordered from China Park and was pleasantly surprised by their Veg Manchurian. The quick and efficient delivery of my order impressed me. The packaging was also excellent, ensuring that my food arrived fresh and hot. As someone who frequently orders snacks, I appreciate the convenience and speed of China Park. The Veg Manchurian was flavorful and well-prepared, making it a perfect quick bite option. I highly recommend China Park for anyone looking for tasty and fast food options.

Puneet Maurya Maurya 12 Mar 2024

I recently ordered from Dhaba Shaba Veg Bistro and was blown away by their Yellow Tadkewali Dal. It was incredibly flavorful and perfectly cooked. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves Indian cuisine. The restaurant also offers a variety of vegetarian options, perfect for someone like me who has a preference for plant-based meals. Overall, my sushi-loving self was pleasantly surprised by the quality of food at this bistro. I will definitely be sharing my experience on my social platforms.

Sourabh 26 Mar 2024

I recently visited Rajput Restaurant and had a wonderful experience while trying their Veg Dalcha - a gluten-free option. The dish was flavorful and had a great texture. As someone who has dietary restrictions, I was thrilled to find a delicious and safe option. I appreciate the effort put into creating tasty and gluten-free dishes at this restaurant. I highly recommend trying the Veg Dalcha at Rajput Restaurant for an enjoyable and worry-free meal.

Mr. Engineer 26 Mar 2024

I recently ordered from K Anna Maggi Point for lunch and I have to say, their Anda Rice is simply amazing! The rice was cooked to perfection and the addition of egg definitely elevated the dish. The portion size was also generous and the packaging was sturdy and secure. I highly recommend trying the Anda Rice from this restaurant for a satisfying and delicious lunch option.

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