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Best Restaurants in Korum Mall, Khopat, Thane West, Thane
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Gulab singh 12 Mar 2024

Hotel Fountan is a breakfast lover's paradise! I am especially fond of their delicious veg soup, which is perfect for starting off the day on a healthy note. The ingredients were fresh and the flavors were spot on. I also appreciate the variety of breakfast options available here. The overall experience at Hotel Fountan is always top-notch and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a satisfying breakfast spot. Plus, their food is Instagram-worthy, so don't forget to snap some pics for your

Nitin Chahal 30 Mar 2024

I recently visited Sweet Bengal and was pleasantly surprised to find their Gurer Malai Chomchom to be not only vegan, but incredibly delicious as well. As a vegan, it can be difficult to find restaurants that cater to my dietary preferences, but Sweet Bengal made it easy. Their vegan options were well-thought-out and the Gurer Malai Chomchom was the perfect balance of sweetness and richness. I highly recommend Sweet Bengal to anyone looking for delicious vegan options in a restaurant

Swati Sharma 06 May 2024

I recently ordered dinner from De Aura Global Dining And Bar and opted for Spicy Broccoli Cream Soup. The quality of the soup was top-notch, with a perfect balance of spiciness and creaminess. The premium ingredients used in the soup were evident in every spoonful. I couldn't help but share my delightful dinner experience on my social platform. De Aura Global Dining And Bar definitely stands out with its dinner options and quality. Highly recommended for anyone who appreciates a good meal.



Antriksh 28 Apr 2024

I recently visited Din Raat Dhaba and was pleasantly surprised to find that they offer Keto diet options. As someone who follows the Keto diet, I was thrilled to see that they had a variety of options, including a delicious Chicken Tandoori dish. The taste was spot on and I couldn't even tell it was made with Keto-friendly ingredients. I highly recommend this restaurant for anyone looking for Keto options. The bonus? They have a great atmosphere and friendly staff as well. Don't miss

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