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Best Restaurants with Buffet in Majiwada, Thane West, Thane
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Ravi Prakash 15 Sep 2023

Rainbow was a pleasant surprise. The Chorizo Pimento Chicken Wrap was delicious. The wrap was flavorful with the essence of creamy pesto and ratatouille and the wrap was thick enough to make it a hearty meal. Service was friendly and quick. Satisfied with the food, I highly recommend Rainbow for an enjoyable meal.

Mohit kumar 16 Sep 2023

I visited the Lord Of Bar-B-Que recently and had a great experience. The Veg Thali was fresh, flavourful and reasonably priced. As I prefer spicy food, I was pleased with the level of spice used. The accompaniments were delicious and went well with the base items. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience and I will definitely visit again.

Lina Adhikari 15 Sep 2023

I recently visited China Bistro and tried their Vegetable Croquette in Chilli Soy and it was excellent. The croquettes had the perfect combination of flavourful spices and were cooked just right, not too greasy. The chilli soy sauce had the perfect balance of spicy and tangy, making it a great accompaniment. Highly recommend for those following a Keto diet!

Mr. Engineer 15 Sep 2023

Tasca Oriental Cuisine is a great place for trying delicious continental cuisine. The asparagus corn and burnt spring onion was really good and the other dishes like lamb biryani and Indian dumplings, were amazing! The presentation and taste of the dishes was top notch. Highly recommend this restaurant for anyone looking for a unique eating experience.

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