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magicpin retail champs

Local merchants and their workforce are the lifeblood of our country. magicpin was born with the idea of disrupting the way our nation shops. It has been transforming offline shopping experiences by connecting local establishments to shoppers.

As we celebrate the best in retail excellence, we shouldn't forget the real heroes - THE RETAIL CHAMPS 

Without them the retail sector would not be the same.

Retail champs are at the heart of what magicpin does. Our retail champs hold the relationship with the customers, bringing them joy everyday. 

magicpin retail champs programme aims to create an inclusive, sustainable, and positive impact for our merchant retail partners employing 20 lakhs in retail champs who service customers 365 days of the year to give customers best offline shopping, dining and eating out experience to the customers.    . 

Meet the Retail Champs of magicpin

Every month, we celebrate the retail champions who make the brands and businesses stand out


magicpin retail champs programme has left an incredible mark across the country propelling a transformative wave within the retail landscape


cities host the Retail champs programme


brands & local stores have partnered with us

20 Lakh

retail employees are being celebrated

Annual Awards

Annual Awards

magicpin has partnered with TRRAIN Retail Awards, the country's only retail awards that recognise front-end retail associates for outstanding customer service.

We hope to create a real impact in the lives of the backbone of the retail industry, "The Retail Champs," through multiple initiatives.

Success stories of Retail champs

Discover inspiring stories of retail champs defying odds and redefining success


Meet Abhilash, 31 young and vibrant store manager at Fastrack Bengaluru,

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Starting from the sales floor, Rahul's passion and hard work got him promoted to.

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Sarika Vasava

Coming from a humble background where his family runs a travel company,

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Spotlight Series

Watch inspiring stories of retail champs across categories - fashion, food, electronics, grocery, Pharma, nightlife, and entertainment. In this series, we shine a spotlight on the unsung heroes behind the scenes, the ones who navigate the daily challenges, triumphs, and heartaches that keep our favourite stores running.

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magicpin drives the discovery of brands and retailers across categories like fashion, food, electronics, pharmacy, home delivery, nightlife and more...