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6 Affordable Online Stores You Can Shop From On A Budget: March, 2024

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - May 9, 20245 min read

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I'm going to preface the next couple of sentences with the following disclaimer: I've tried to be as diplomatic as physically possible. With that out of the way, here's what I want to say. In light of the latest political happenings and changes in our country, we've had to say goodbye to a number of resources. Most were trivial enough to not even be registered. But a select few were painful to part with, mainly because of the critical role they played in us sourcing new outfits every month. If you catch my drift. So, now that we can no longer visit these websites we'd come to love for dirt-cheap fashion, do we stop adding to our closets unless we have a giant budget cushioning the shopping? No, silly! 


Do you really think we're going to let that happen to you? You already know that we pride ourselves on being resourceful so that you don't have to, and that's exactly what we did in this sphere as well. After our stock of go-to online shopping sources considerably narrowed down, we set out to find some equally budget-friendly, but closer-to-home options for you. And after much research, trial and testing, we curated a list of 6 remarkably reasonable websites, you can shop from without punching a hole through your wallet. Happy to help! 


1. Urban Suburban


Founded by 3 young sisters in the year 2017, Urban Suburban offers contemporary high-street fashion, but with the Indian touch that global brands tend to lack. They source high-quality surplus or leftover fabrics from factories, that are then constructed into a perfect design, silhouette and cut by their team of tailors. As someone who has shopped from this website on multiple occasions, I can tell you that the style and quality of clothing you'll get here is phenomenal, especially considering the reasonable prices!



Image Courtesy: Urban Suburban


2. Alaya By Stage 3


Let me just say that I was already a fan of Stage 3, because of the sheer number of times they rescued me with a last-minute designer outfit. But Alaya is the division that actually lets you buy and keep runway-ready clothes, at sensible prices. The collections at Alaya By Stage 3 are curated by celebrity stylists, bloggers, and influencers, and consist of both contemporary and ethnic classic pieces.




Image Courtesy: Alaya By Stage 3


3. July Issue 


I kind of fail to understand why this brand isn't more popular. If you're looking for elegant, chic and luxury-quality clothes, July Issue is a great place to land at. The apparel here is based on the notions of simplicity and femininity, but also tend to draw from a certain athleisure influence. Each clothing item on this website features a unique cut and design, that will certainly set you apart from the crowd without depleting your bank account. P.S. if you're on the hunt for gorgeous co-ords, this website has plenty of 'em! 



Image Courtesy: July Issue


4. Fab Alley


From glamorous cocktail dresses to pretty everyday tops and flattering bottoms, Fab Alley offers a range of stylish Western wear, inspired by celebrity style and trends from all over the world. All the clothes at Fab Alley are very millennial fashion-forward, but the best part is the affordable price tag they come with. Trust me, one scroll through their website and you'll encounter so many items that your closet suddenly just needs to have! 



Image Courtesy: Fab Alley


5. Lulu & Sky 


This one is a personal favourite of mine. Luly & Sky has been somewhat of a revolutionary name for the Indian fashion e-commerce market, by offering exceedingly trendy high-street fashion at excellent prices. There's an assortment of clothing on the website, sorted according to apparel choice, occasion, editor's recommendations, season, and really every element you can think of. Luly & Sky is the perfect source for outfits you can flex on the 'gram, especially because nobody needs to know the thrifty price you paid for them! 



Image Courtesy: Lulu & Sky


6. Appapop


I will never stop singing this website's praises! Appapop is a very fun, very young online fashion brand, that offers the latest trends in every apparel category, at highly steal-worthy prices. I can assure you, you will be able to find a budget-friendly variation on this website of most of the à la mode outfits you've seen celebrities flaunting on Instagram. In fact, off late a number of Bollywood celebs have been spotted wearing something from Appapop! 



Image Courtesy: Appapop


"Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping." - Bo Derek