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Hitting The Right Notes, Bata Fashion Weekend 2019 Highlighted The Amazing Spring Footwear Trends

By Anubha Das

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 8 min read

These days everyone is very choosy when it comes to the selection of footwear to along with their outfit because they play an integral role in the style tone of any person.  Not only female but men also expect a lot from their footwears as this fashion wears add a statement to their personality. And when it about following the latest footwear trends you cannot lose out on the amazing Bata collection and how the brand showcased it recently when they celebrated their 125th anniversary with a fashion weekend. 


Bata Fashion Weekend 2019

Having a strong on reliability and trust, Bata have already redefined the footwear collection and trends in India. On that note, Bata had organized its third Fashion Weekend in 2019 around the theme ’The Evolution of Style’. Founded 125 years ago, this brand celebrated its anniversary at Prague.

Being the most internationally renowned Czech brands that gladly broadcast to be the world's driving shoemaker brand by volume, serving more than one million clients per day. The event took place from 12-14 April at Žofín Palace which featured exhibitions, catwalk shows, great stories from history to the future and so forth. Celebrities, designers and fashion bloggers from all over the world joined hands with the brand to be part of the Bata Fashion Weekend of 2019. Along with the set of amazing events, Bata also organized a challenge for the young designer students Czech Republic, Italy and Kenya who competed for to win the Bata Young Designers’ Challenge 2019



Let's talk more about the trends that were focused on during this fashion weekend and other trending footwear trends:


1. Chelsea boots 

Raise your game with the amazing Chelsea Boots since they are trending this season and guess what, they come for both men and women. They are basically close fitted boots which are cover till the ankle and has an elastic side panel. If we follow the history then we must know that the trends of wearing boots were started in the Victorian era, and since that time it was worn by both of them. Check out the ankle-high Chelsea boots from Bata Fashion Weekend 2019 and be awed by the quality leather and soft suede used to construct a classic boot.bata-fashion-weekend-2019-chelsea-boots_image


2. Sneakers

If boots are not your thing then you’ve got to have a couple of trending sneakers in your wardrobe. Not everybody is comfortable with wearing boots - Sneakers are the best choice for the ones who are not comfortable with wearing boots. Make sure you have the classy white sneakers that has been trending after the Bata Fashion Weekend 2019 which will go with almost any outfit of yours. One can pair it with a dress along with see-through stockings to make the whole look more appealing. bata-fashion-weekend-2019-sneakers_image


3. Sock Boots

The all-time favorite - Sock boots definitely steal the thunder every time as they are elegant and classy at the same time. One can easily pair it with an oversized sweatshirt dress or a combination of a top and skirt. The are the real deal when it comes to making a statement. You can buy the ones with heels or without that totally depends on your comfort. You’ll find these in different fabrics like Leather and Suede. bata-fashion-weekend-2019-sock-boots_image


4. Flat Pool Slides

The flat pool slides are just what you need when you have a minimal look on or even a fancy one as they are definitely a versatile one. Pair it with any minimal look and they add a separate charm to the entire look this summer. They might turn out to be a slightly fancy and shiny but that’s the charm. It’s all about wearing your outfit and footwear with confidence be it at a pool party or normally going out on a casual summer day.bata-fashion-weekend-2019-flat-pool-sliders_image


5. Redefined Heels

We can only remember one person when it comes to the idea of wearing redefined heels - that would be "Lady Gaga". She makes us go all "WOAH" when it comes to her choice of heels. These pair of heels might look extremely appealing to you or next level of quirky but they are pretty uncomfortable to wear.bata-fashion-weekend-2019-redefined-heels_image


6. Platform Sneakers

If you're bored with wearing usual sneakers and still wish to tall then the platform sneakers are perfect for you. They look stunning when paired with a dress and even with a casual outfit - the style is versatile as one can wear it for almost any occasion be it casual wear or party wear. That's the thing with platform sneakers that they can be worn to every occasion.bata-fashion-weekend-2019-platform-sneakers_image


7. Sculptural Heels

Let us introduce you to the most trending pair of heels of the season - We bet you'll find them in almost every store, how about adding them to your wardrobe now. The sculptural heels look different and perfect for almost every occasion, be it party wear or formal wear. How about wearing them to your next job interview or corporate meeting?bata-fashion-weekend-2019-sculptural-heels_image





Bloggers Who Are Slaying The Footwear Trends


1. Nidhi

A dedicated fashion enthusiast with an amazing Instagram feed to make you go all gaga over her. Her style is a perfect combination of quirky and casual which makes us want to experiment more with fashion. Look at her slaying the latest footwear trend. If you're curious about knowing spectacular brands and offbeat look and how to pair up the amazing outfits with the perfect footwear - Then she's the one to follow for the latest updates.


2. Kashish Nagrani

Her fashion sense speaks volume as she experiments with every look possible to inspire women to get out of their comfort zone and experiment as much as possible. We just can't deny that Kashish Nagrani is one of the top fashion bloggers in Jaipur who has given us some major footwear fashion goals to achieve. 


3. Aleena Mackar

With Aleena it's not just about Fashion but trying out new trends and also setting new trends. She has collaborated with high-end brands like Myntra, Jabong, Maybelline, Chandon and many more. Keep that aside her dressing style and footwear selection is definitely catching everybody's attention - Her Instagram feed is an inspiration to many, as she's covered the best of the looks for every occasion.


4. Sonya

From Makeup, Fashion, Food to Travelling - Sonya has got the best of experiences covered for you. Her styling gives her followers just the right kind of motivation to experiment with every kind of footwear and come out with the best of looks. Her Instagram feed will leave you awestruck as you'll definitely end up getting inspired to steal a few looks!


5.  Nistha Saraf

Her fashion sense speaks volume as she experiments with every trending footwear possible to inspire women to get out of their comfort zone and experiment as much as possible. We just can't deny that Nistha Saraf is one of the top fashion bloggers in Pune who has given us some major fashion goals to achieve. For Nistha, it's all about having one's own style and experimenting with accessories & different attires - in short to inspire her followers to have their own fashion space where they grow.


6. Usaamah Siddique

Redefining Indian men's fashion - Usaamah Siddique, Founder of The Dapper Label has definitely caught out attention in the first look. His blog is a major source of inspiration for anyone looking to elevate their style quotient. He regularly posts outfit ideas, tips on accessorizing and take-away looks. His travel and food posts are an added bonus - You've got to follow him as he's one of the top male fashion bloggers in India. 


7. Nikhil Pramila Kandhari

A full-time stylist, part time fashion blogger and a musician - It just can't get better. Nikhil Pramila Kandhari is just the right male fashion blogger to follow for daily footwear inspirations. His blog represents the best of his styling projects to inspire you to revamp your wardrobe. Follow him NOW for a change in style!


8. Kayaan Contractor

Kayaan Contractor's style will leave you stunned as her style is constantly evolving yet consistently edgy, bold, and inspiring. If you love experimenting with fashion then she's just the right fashion influencer to follow to challenge your wardrobe. Lookout out for her amazing style of coordinating her footwear with her outfit. 


9. Shereen Sikka Bharwani

Founder of the blog Love and Other Bugs, Shereen’s style is dynamic: sometimes boho-chic, sometimes piercingly edgy and everything else in between. She has also collaborated with country's leading designers as well. Her blog is all about experimenting with different looks and styles to figure out what suits the best. We just can't deny how experimenting is the key to fashion.


10. Siddhi & Varun

These two have that cutesy couple thing on lock, and we have thrown away the key.  When it comes to perfectly timed pictures, there’s hardly anyone on the internet that can compete with the "Settlessubtle." These fashion and travel bloggers have a knack of going to beautiful places and curating the best content with amazing and stylish OOTDs. Follow them while they make classy statements inspired from real life. No one can wear and make you want to own up to such simple yet creative outfits with matching trending footwear as they do.


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