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Ultimate Guide To The Types Of Purses For Every Look

By Sonam Satija

Updated - May 9, 20246 min read

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Every girl who is fond of fashion can never have enough of bags and clothing. We won't be surprised if you have 10 different types of purses in your wardrobe and you still use just a couple of them. Most of us have a habit of collecting the best kind of bags that would go with most of our looks. No look is complete without the right kind of purse, here's your guide to what type of purse suits the best for every occasion. Get over your basic sling bags, learn about the new trending ones to raise your style quotient as it's shopping time now!


1. The Most Versatile One - Baguette Bag

This purse for girls is one of the most basic and versastile one, you need to have this one in your wardrobe. It's the best one for any occasion, be it a party or a sunday brunch with your girlies. When you're planning to carry as less items as possible then go for a Baguette purse. Take your basics along like lipstick, money, cards & other makeup essentials.



2. For The College Goers - Hobo Bag

We believe this "Hobo" bag is the best for college goers as one can easily carry a few books and makeup essentials in this adequately spacious bag. Apart from that if you're not fond of the mini sling bags or baguettes then this one is the perfect one for you. We're definitely in love with this silver hobo bag as it's an offbeat one and will go with almost every look.



3. For Casual Day Outs - Satchel Purse

Satchel Purse is very close to the whole idea of having a more classy sling bag. A Satchel bag is perfect for the ones who like keeping it minimal. If you're not looking for a spacious bag then just want to stick to keeping your essentials then this purse if just what you need. Style Tip: It goes pretty well with Casual Wear.



4. For The Fashionista In You - Saddle Bag

If you are a fashion enthusiast and you still don't have your hands on this one, then you're defintiely doing injustice to your self. We're in love with this crossbody Saddle Bag as it looks absolutely stunning for every look. Get a black Saddle bag so you can wear it for any occasion be it a party occasion or a casual day out. This Dior Saddle Bag is definitely one of the most chic luxury bags we've ever come across.



5. Minimal At It's Best - Foldover Purse

This foldover purse is one of the most basic bags you will ever come across. If simplicity defines your style the best then this you've got to have this sling foldover purse in your collection. Don't go for the basic colors, go for an offbeat color to experiment. This small-sized bag is perfect to carry your every essentials for a casual day out.




6. For Office & College Goers - Tote Bag

If you're going for an interview, or college or your every-day office then this is just the bag that you need for each of these occasions. The real deal being that "Tote Bags" are definitely the most spacious ones. You can keep your laptops, your essential stationery and makeup essentials - EVERYTHING!



7. Keep It Sophisticated With: Barrel Bags

This one seems more like a duffel bag but it is also known as a "Barrel Bag" - The color beige definitely seems like a great choice to go for. It's spacious and you can totally add more to this bag than just your essentials. We promise you'll catch a lot of girl eyeing on your fancy purse. If you still don't have it then it's shopping time for sure.



8. Keep It Professional With: Frame Bags

Going for an interview for a fashion magazine? or a Corporate Meeting? Frame Bags go perfectly well with formal wear. We recommend buying one in the shades of browns, black, white and beige. They add an extra charm to your outfit as they look very classy and sophisticated at the same time.



9. For Your Brunch Scenes - Envelope Clutch

We're in love with this "Yellow" Envelope Clutch - It's the perfect purse to carry to your brunches and lunch dates. You can go for different colors to highlight your outfit. This purse is best for days when you need to just stick to your essentials as it's not that spacious either. We recommend taking this one to your dates for sure, as it's quite handy.



10. For The Classy One - Minaudiere

"Minaudiere" as fancy as the name sounds, it's your must-have purse for party wear. If you really want to make a statement at a party then you've got to have this one in your wardrobe. We're in love with this white Minaudiere purse as it looks super chic and classy. You're definitely going to make a lot of girls jealous for sure!



11. For Everyday Wear - Bucket Bag

This black bucket bag should definitely be on the list of your basic bags. It looks stylish and will go with almost every outfit. The size of the bag can be adjusted too with opening knot of the bag. It's spacious which makes it perfect for college goers. We recommend buying a black or beige one as it a perfect fit for any look.


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