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15 Life-Changing Benefits To Mark The Importance Of Yoga

By Swati Mishra

Updated - Aug. 24, 2018 7 min read

Before reading this blog, go through our Beginner's Guide To Yoga Asanas and Top Yoga Influencers in India for some real-time motivation.


1. Extremely Beneficial For Respiration

Yoga breathing exercises support your respiratory muscles strong and flexible. It also maintains the health of your respiratory system as it lengthens your inhalation and exhalation by gradually lengthening your equal breath. Pranayama and Kapalabhati helps in exercising your breathing muscles even more. Regular yoga breathing exercises also reduce the chances of being a victim of Asthma whereas it can also cure mild Asthma and COPD. Yoga helps you take fewer breaths of greater volume which is very calming and helps you provide stillness to your body. It definitely helps in improving lung functions by giving your lungs room to breath beneficially.



2. Regulates High Blood Pressure

People with high blood pressure can get great benefits from Yoga. Savasana helps with the same, one should avoid yoga inversion postures as it increases your blood pressure. Yoga has a profound effect on your mind and body which helps lowering blood pressure by reducing stress. Shisuasana promotes blood circulation in the body thus maintaining your Blood Pressure, Shavasana relaxes your entire body and relieving stress which again helps to relieve High Blood Pressure and Paschimottanasana is one of the most effective poses which cures high blood pressure.



3. Maintains Blood Sugar 

Yoga helps to lower your blood sugar level and boosts HDL which is the good kind of cholesterol. It helps diabetic patients to lower down the sugar in their blood - by lowering adrenaline levels. The more your sugar levels go down - the more immune you get from complications like Kidney Failure, Blindness, and Heart Attack.



4. Reduces The Chances Of Any Kind Of Body Pain

There's no type of body pain which Yoga can't cure. There are several types of Asanas which helps reducing pain in different parts of the body. Many people practice yoga to cure backpain, chronic problems, fibromyalgia, knee pain, shoulder pain, stomach pain and a lot more. It's all about apply the right asanas to cure the exact body part if you want the perfect results. Downward Facing Dog for Back Pain, Bridge Pose for Knee Pain, Spinal Twist for Stomach Pain and Butterfly for Hip Pain - There are several other poses for different kinds of body pains.


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5. Boosts Immunity

Yoga along with meditation is a great way to boost immunity. Regular yoga practice helps to build immunity naturally and strengthen your body along with relaxing your mind. Tadasana, Vrikshasana, Trikonasana, Utkatasana, and Matsya are one of the best poses to boost your immunity. When your muscles contract and stretch, it increases the drainage of Lymph which is rich in immune cells - which destroys cancerous cells and disposes of toxic waste products.



6. Beneficial For Athletes 

Yoga is highly beneficial for Athletes as it helps your body in preventing injuries, building your core strength, strengthening your muscles and increase focus. Breathing Yoga practices helps in to bring more oxygen to your muscles by helping them create energy to burn. It also clears the muscles of toxic products resulting in muscle contraction - which allows the fibers to fire again. Yoga postures help to focus on particular body parts including small muscles which take most of the weight and do most of the work - That's the real power of yoga as it concentrates on all areas of the body - helping Athletes to know more about their body and deal with injuries correctly. 



7. Relief From Anxiety And Stress

Yoga helps to give your body a good stretch and stimulate your hormones in a balanced way - It not only strengthens your muscles and flexibility - another part of you helps you to get stillness in life. Meditation can do wonders for people suffering from anxiety and stress. Taking stress eventually leads to Anxiety which is very dangerous for one's mental healthy - Yoga helps you calm your mind and heal your nervous system by releasing all the tension trapped between your muscles and mind. Ustrasana, Baddha Konasana, Setu Bandhasana, Paschimottansana are a few asanas which help in relieving stress and anxiety.



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8. Weight Reduction

There are several yoga postures which help in burning calories without pressuring your body into hardcore exercises. Gymming might be hectic routine to follow for weight loss but Yoga is just the right kind of fitness regime to get rid of weight issues. Surya Namaskar is a sequence of 12 poses which helps reduce calories and increase your body's flexibility as well. Pawanmukhtasana, Vajrasana, Gomukasana and Pada Hastasana are a few poses which help in weight loss. 



9. Strengthens Your Muscles Without Compromising On Flexibility 

Yoga not only helps keep their mind calm but it also helps in Strengthening one's muscles without compromising on the flexibility. If one is serious about losing weight, Yoga is one of the best ways to do so. It helps in strengthening your body without gaining muscles mass from lifting weight. One can gradually increase the flexibility while doing Yoga.



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10. Cures Sinuses

The rudiments of yoga—asana, pranayama, and contemplation—all work to enhance your wellbeing, yet there's additional in the yoga tool kit. Think about droning. It has a tendency to delay exhalation, which moves the adjust toward the parasympathetic sensory system. At the point when done in a gathering, droning can be an especially great physical and passionate experience. Chanting Om also helps cure sinuses! 



11. Transformation At It's Best

Yoga and meditation build awareness. And the more aware you are, the easier it is to break free of destructive emotions like anger. Studies suggest that chronic anger and hostility are as strongly linked to heart attacks as are smoking, diabetes, and elevated cholesterol. Yoga appears to reduce anger by increasing feelings of compassion and interconnection and by calming the nervous system and the mind. It also increases your ability to step back from the drama of your own life, to remain steady in the face of bad news or unsettling events.



12. Maintains Body Posture

It's high time you stop slouching and stand up straight with your back erect and improve your body posture rather than ending up with a hunchback as you age. Yoga helps you become more aware of each body part. It corrects your stance with regular practice, straightens your shoulders and spine, helps you stretch and strengthen your body. Try standing with your stomach in and chest in which will eventually with regular practice help you correct your stance. Tadasana, Utkatasana, Virabhadrasana I, Marjariasana, Bhujangasan, and Balasana are perfect for posture improvement.



13. Prevents Digestive Problems

With hectic schedules, junk food eating habit and untimely eating cycle or rather binging, we are bound to develop digestive problems. Yoga is a mighty fine way to prevent digestive problems. Half spinal twist helps giving pancreas, the liver and the intestines a good internal massage and is helpful for problems relating to constipation. Half locust pose helps in preventing and dealing with indigestion.  Twisting poses help you to wring out your digestive system and remove toxin build up. Backbends help you prevent gas and acid build up. Forward Bending Asanas works wonders in cases of bloating.  



14. Beneficial For Overall Wellness 

Properly practiced, yoga can improve every part every performance from endurance to power to speed, while also promoting overall health and wellness. They also help in Reducing stress, increase focus, and relieve tension. Standing Poses – Build leg-strength as well as flexibility in the hips and hamstrings. Backward Bends – Improve posture, respiration, digestion, and elimination. 



15. Beneficial For Dancers

Dancers can use yoga as a tool to improve their dance technique and also prevent career-ruining injuries. The practice of Yoga brings about stability, poise and balance in body,  mind, and spirit. The Triangle pose aids dancers to strengthen their legs, knees, ankles, arms, and chest. Upward Plank pose strengthens the wrists, arms, shoulders, back, and spine. The Bridge pose strengthens the back muscles and stretches the chest, neck, and spine. Pigeon Pose will increase your hip flexibility, external rotation, and quad flexibility.



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Q: What are the other types of Yoga?

A: Bikram Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga


Q: Which are the most trending styles of Yoga?

A: Aerial Silk Yoga and Yin Yang Yoga


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