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30 Best Beer Brands In India with Price: Is All You Need

By Aniket

Updated - May 9, 202424 min read

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Affection for alcohol can take the form of unique preferences, but one thing most fans would agree on is the satisfaction of sipping on a mug of nice, chilled beer when it's near-boiling outside. Beer is sort of like the Shahrukh Khan of alcohol. Love it or hate it, you can't ignore it. And the bug for beer might be acquired over time, but once it's within you, there's little scope for going back. After all, old or young, novice or expert, formal or informal, beer is a drink that's fitting across occasions and types of drinkers. I mean, just look at the data! 



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So like most other things, we want to make the process of hunting for a great beer, simpler for you. Now, selecting a favourite is entirely up to you, what we can do is enlist all the best beers in India you can take your pick from. So if you're tired of googling beer names in India, and drawing a blank at the truckloads of data in front of you, here's a roundup of the 30 best beer brands in India you should bookmark! 


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List of Most Popular Beer Brands in India 


1. Kingfisher 


Alcohol By Volume 

  • Kingfisher Strong ABV - 8% 
  • Kingfisher Premium ABV - 4.8% 

Kingfisher Beer Price In India

  • Kingfisher Strong - ₹145 for 650 ml. 
  • Kingfisger Premium Lager - ₹140 for 650 ml.



Image Courtesy: Kingfisher World


Why is it the best beer brand in India?

  • The best-selling beer brand in India with a dominant market share, Kingfisher beers enjoy widespread popularity across the Indian masses of beer enthusiasts.
  • Their range of beers spans both lighter beers such as Kingfisher Premium and Kingfisher Lager, as well as those with a stronger alcohol content such as Kingfisher Ultra and Ultra Max.
  • Kingfisher beers tend to be crisp in taste, with a decent balance of malty and fruity hops.
  • Premium is one of the most popular variants by Kingfisher, owing to its high-quality and immensely budget-friendly price. 



2. Budweiser 


Alcohol By Volume 

  • Budweiser Premium ABV - 5% 
  • Budweiser Magnum ABV - 6.5% 

Budweiser Beer Price In India

  • Budweiser Premium - ₹170 for 650 ml. 
  • Budweiser Magnum - ₹195 for 650 ml.



Image Courtesy: CNBC


Why is it the best beer brand in India?

  • Indisputably one of the most well-known beer brands in India frequently ordered at bars and bought from thekas in equal measure, Budweiser features amongst the top choices of Indian beer lovers.
  • The classic variant of Budweiser Premium is a flavourful, medium-bodied American-style pale lager, while the Budweiser Magnum is for those with a fondness for stronger drinks.
  • It's one of the most popular beer brands, not just in the country but across the globe, one that is all too often synonymous with the first taste of beer one experiences. 



3. Bira 91


Alcohol By Volume 

  • Bira Blonde ABV - 4% 
  • Bira White ABV - 4.9%

Bira Beer Price In India

  • Bira 91 Blonde Summer Lager Beer - ₹355 for 650 ml.
  • Original Bira 91 White Beer - ₹220 for 330 ml. 



Image Courtesy: CNBC


Why is it the best beer brand in India?

  • Bira 91 might have entered the Indian beer market relatively recently, but it was quick to rise to fame as one of the biggest players.
  • Perhaps due to the low bitterness and yummy, spicy taste that's typical of Bira beers.
  • The two most popular variants under the category of beers by Bira 91, have to be Bira Blonde and Bira White.
  • The former is a clear lager, while the latter is a cloudy wheat beer, and both boast of a rich, unique taste that makes you gulp down your pint before you know it! 

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4. Tuborg 


Alcohol By Volume 

  • Tuborg Green ABV - 4.6% 
  • Tuborg Strong Premium ABV - 7-8% 

Tuborg Beer Price In India

  • Tuborg Green - ₹90 (approx)
  • Tuborg Strong Premium - ₹120



Image Courtesy: Youtube


Why is it the best beer brand in India?

  • Tuborg beers are produced by Carlsberg in India and are known for featuring the most premium bottle-fermented lager beers in the country.
  • Tuborg Green is mild and fresh-tasting, with a delicate balance of the aroma of flowers and grains.
  • It's a medium-rich beer, with a moderate amount of bitterness, and comes at a price that's extremely easy on the pockets.
  • Tuborg Strong is the more potent variant of Tuborg beers, launched keeping in mind the preference for stronger beers across Indian consumers. 



5. Carlsberg


Alcohol By Volume 

  • Carlsberg Elephant Strong Super Premium Beer ABV - 7%
  • Carlsberg All Malt Premium Beer ABV - 5%

Carlsberg Beer Price In India

  • Carlsberg Elephant Strong Super Premium - ₹165 for 650 ml. 
  • Carlsberg All Malt Premium - ₹160 for 650 ml. 



Image Courtesy: Consumers Liquor


Why is it the best beer brand in India?

  • With a cheeky tagline of "Probably The Best Beer In The World", Carlsberg is one of the most popular beer brands and beer producers in the nation.
  • Arguably, the best-selling variant in Carlsberg beers would be Carlsberg Elephant Strong Super Premium, which is highly potent and comes with a rich malty character.
  • There's a certain dry bitterness in this beer that's immensely satisfying and as the name suggests, a strong tint of alcohol perfect for celebrations. 


6. Foster's 


Alcohol By Volume 

  • Foster's Lager Beer ABV - 6.9-7%

Foster's Beer Price In India

  • Foster's Strong Premium Beer - ₹120 for 650 ml. 
  • Foster's Lager Beer - ₹115 for 650 ml. 



Image Courtesy: The Hans India


Why is it the best beer brand in India?

  • Foster's Lager Beer is one of the best-selling lager bottled beers across the world and the refined taste more than justifies the data.
  • Foster's Lager boasts of a light-coloured lager style, brimming with a full malt character and a clean balance of hop bitterness.
  • This full-bodied beer is extremely drinkable and is topped off with an enticing botanical aroma.
  • Foster's Strong is also a great option if you're looking for a darker taste and a harder drinking experience. 



7. Heineken 


Alcohol By Volume 

  • Heineken Lager Beer ABV - 5% 

Heineken Beer Price In India

  • ₹200 for 650 ml. 



Image Courtesy: Wallpaper Flare 


Why is it the best beer brand in India?

  • Heineken has garnered a large fan following in India.
  • This is perhaps due to its wallet-friendly price thrown in with the stronger, bitterer taste, not found very frequently in most other internationally mass-produced lager beers.
  • This perfectly carbonated beer is super smooth to sip on, especially when you throw some ice into the mix.
  • The pale lager beer by Heineken is the best-selling variant across the globe, and the iconic green bottle and red star, are known to all. 


8. Miller 


Alcohol By Volume 

  • Miller High Life ABV - 4.6%
  • Miller Ace Strong ABV - 7-8%

Miller Beer Price In India

  • Miller High Life - ₹160 for 650 ml. 
  • Miller Ace Strong - ₹170 for 650 ml. 



Image Courtesy: CNW Group


Why is it the best beer brand in India?

  • Miller High Life is your prototypical American style lager beer, with a clear golden body and medium-high carbonation.
  • It boasts a cool, refreshing taste and a decent balance of delicious flavours.
  • Miller Ace is another popular variant under the premium beer brand in India and has a bolder, sharper taste with a distinct bitterness and high alcohol content. 



9. Corona 


Alcohol By Volume 

  • Corona Extra ABV - 4.6%
  • Corona Light ABV - 4.1% 

Corona Beer Price In India 

  • Corona Extra Beer - ₹280 for 355 ml. 
  • Corona Light Beer - ₹280 for 355 ml. 



Image Courtesy: Inc. 


Why is it the best beer brand in India?

  • All relations to the name of the current pandemic and steady flow of memes aside, Corona enjoys the position of one of the best-selling beer brands in India, and all over the world.
  • Corona Extra is lighter than the traditional beers you might be used to, and comes with a pronounced dryness along with a pleasant balance of malt and hop notes.
  • The beer is low on bitterness and has a sweet taste that's easy on the mouth. 



10. Hoegaarden 


Alcohol By Volume 

  • Hoegaarden Beer ABV - 4.9%

Hoegaarden Beer Price In India 

  • ₹280 for 330 ml. 



Image Courtesy: Jonathan Beer Photography


Why is it the best beer brand in India?

  • Sipped on with a lot of satisfaction by beer lovers from over 70 countries, Hoegaarden is famous for being craft-y before craft-beers were as popular as they are now.
  • The balance of flavours in all the variants of Hoegaarden beers is absolutely on point, but the one we'd recommend the most is the Original Belgian Wheat Beer by Hoegaarden.
  • It has a mouthwatering fruity taste with the right amount of sweetness, which together makes the beer ideal for easy drinking. 



11. Stella Artois 


Alcohol By Volume 

  • Stella Artois ABV - 5.2% 

Stella Artois Beer Price In India 

  • ₹280 for 330 ml. 



Image Courtesy: Food & Wine Magazine


Why is it the best beer brand in India?

  • Stella Artois is one of those classic Belgian lager beers that boast a well-balanced flavourful profile, sophisticated taste, and a pocket-friendly price, all in equal measure.
  • Perhaps that's the reason underlying its popularity as one of the best beer brands in India.
  • It comes with a malty, hop aroma and a clean, crisp palette that make it one of the most versatile beers in the market, both in terms of drinking occasion and food pairings.  


12. Royal Challenge 


Alcohol By Volume 

  • Royal Challenge Premium Lager ABV - 5% 

Royal Challenge Beer Price In India 

  • Royal Challenge Premium Lager - ₹50 for 330 ml. 



Image Courtesy: Doing Beer Justice 


Why is it the best beer brand in India?

  • One of the most opted for choices under the category of popular beers in India, Royal Challenge Premium Lager is absolutely smooth and packed with a rich, potent taste.
  • This pale lager pours a clear straw yellow and features a distinctly sweet nose and a delicate cereal grain character.
  • It's an immensely pocket-friendly Indian beer brand, that gets you decent taste and quality by shelling out just a few bucks. 



13. King's 


Alcohol By Volume 

  • Goa King's Beer ABV - 4.85% 

King's Beer In Price In India 

  • ₹50 ( Approx.) for 440 ml. 



Image Courtesy: Drinks & Destinations


Why is it the best beer brand in India?

  • The Pilsner beer by Goa King's is one of the most famous beer brands in India.
  • It is known for being brewed in the state and pairing well with Goan cuisine on the beach.
  • King's beer is one of those local beer brands you have to snag a taste of whenever you find yourself in a popular tourist destination, and the reasonable price definitely makes the choice that much easier! 



14. Godfather 


Alcohol By Volume 

  • Godfather The Legendary Original Strong Beer - 6.5%

Godfather Beer In Price In India 

  • Godfather The Legendary Original Strong Beer - ₹180 for 650 ml. 



Image Courtesy: India Times


Why is it the best beer brand in India?

  • The flagship beer brand of Devans Modern Breweries Limited, Godfather is a supremely easy-to-drink lager.
  • It has a clean taste of cereal grain sweetness, supplemented by a pronounced hint of smokiness and lots of body.
  • Under the category of Godfather beers, you would be given two variants as options, with an AVP of 6.5% and 4.5% respectively.
  • Both the beers have an overall malty, hoppy flavour medium to high carbonation. 


15. Simba


Alcohol By Volume 

  • Simba Beer Stout ABV - 4.5%

Simba Beer Price In India

  • Simba Beer Stout - ₹130 for 750 ml. 



Image Courtesy: Roar With Simba FB


Why is it the best beer brand in India?

  • If Indian hipster beer brands were a thing, Simba would definitely feature as a must-mention.
  • Touted to be a finely crafted beer brand, Simba produces a range of exciting variants with distinct flavour profiles.
  • Simba Wit and Simba Stout are our favourites so far.
  • The former being a full-bodied Belgian wit, while the latter is India’s first bottled craft stout! 



Recommended Brands By Beer Lovers 


16. Bro Code Beer 


Alcohol By Volume 

  • Bro Code Beer ABV - 15% 

Bro Code Beer Price In India

  • ₹90 (Approx.) for 330 ml. 



Image Courtesy: Twitter 


Why bro code is the best beer brand in India?

  • Bro Code is a relatively recent entry in the Indian beer market, but one that's gained considerable prominence under the radar.
  • With a whopping 15% alcohol content, Bro Code is one of India's strongest beer brands, especially popular amongst the youth of the nation.
  • The crispness, and easy to drink qualities of Bro Code beers, coupled with the high content of alcohol and reasonable price, have led this beer brand to be somewhat of a cult-favourite amongst beer lovers in India. 



17. White Owl 


Alcohol By Volume 

  • White Owl Beer ABV - 4-5%

White Own Beer Price In India

  • White Owl Spark - ₹110 for 325 ml. 
  • White Owl Diablo - ₹130 for 325 ml. 



Image Courtesy: The Financial Express


Why is it the best beer brand in India?

  • White Owl offers a range of exceptional craft beers to Indian consumers.
  • There are flavour profiles as exciting as the names of the variants, such as Torpedo, Shadow, Halcyon and Diablo.
  • The beautifully handcrafted beers are absolutely mouthwatering in taste.
  • Beer like Diablo with its light body, low bitterness and pronounced hint of caramel and Spark with its brilliant orange-citrusy notes.


18. Indus Pride


Alcohol By Volume 

  • Indus Pride ABV - 4.8%

Indus Pride Beer Price In India

  • Indus Pride - ₹85 for 330 ml. 



Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Why is it the best beer brand in India?

  • Indus Pride is a spicy beer offered by one of the most prominent brewing giants in the world, SABMiller.
  • As the name suggests, this aromatic beer comes with a rich flavour profile of Indian spices, ranging across the variants of citrusy coriander, citrusy cardamom, spicy fennel and fiery cinnamon. 



19. Asahi Japan


Alcohol By Volume 

  • 5% (Approx.) 

Asahi Japan Beer Price In India

  • Asahi Japan No. 1 - ₹285 for 330 ml. 



Image Courtesy: Talking Retail 


Why is it the best beer brand in India?

  • Since its debut in Japan dating back to 1987, this is a premium beer brand that has taken the drinking world by storm.
  • Asahi Super Dry is the most popular variant of beers produced by Asahi Breweries Ltd in Tokyo.
  • It's a Lager-Japanese Rice style beer, recognised y aficionados all over the globe for its clean, crisp and strong taste that's low in sweetness and high in bitterness. 


20. Christoffel Bier 


Alcohol By Volume 

  • Christoffel Bier ABV - 6%

Christoffel Bier Price In India

  • ₹275 for 330 ml. 



Image Courtesy: One Beer At A Time


Why is it the best beer brand in India?

  • If you're on the hunt for bolder flavours of beer, this is one of the best-imported beer brands you need to get your hands on.
  • One of Netherland's most remarkable beer brands, Christoffel Bier is a Pilsner style German beer that comes in a clear golden hue and is known for brimming with an excellent balance of solid fruity backing and plenty of interesting flavours. 



21. Zingaro 


Alcohol By Volume

  • Zingaro ABV - 7.5%

Zingaro Beer Price In India

  • ₹100 (Approx.) for 650 ml. 



Image Courtesy: Butchered Soul


Why is it the best beer brand in India?

  • A strong beer by Millennium Beer Industries (United Breweries), Zingaro is one of those amazingly budget-friendly beer brands we've got to mention.
  • Zingaro beer has a mildly bitter taste, coupled with an enticing aroma of malt and corn.
  • A bottle of this crowd-favourite beer brand, packs in quite a punch, especially considering the reasonably low price you can buy one for. 



22. Knock Out 


Alcohol By Volume

  • Knock Out ABV - 8%

Knock Out Beer Price In India

  • Knock Out  - ₹170 for 1000ml



Image Courtesy: Behance


Why is it the best beer brand in India?

  • As the name rightfully suggests, Knockout is one of the best strong beers in India you have to try at least once in your drinking journey.
  • Particularly popular in the states of Karnataka, Telangana and Maharashtra, Knockout Beer is adored for its powerful taste and aroma, along with the decently high alcohol content of 8%. 


23. Leffe Beer 


Alcohol By Volume

  • Leffe Blond ABV - 6.6%
  • Leffe Brown ABV - 6.5%
  • Leffe Tripel ABV - 8.5%

Leffe Beer Price In India

  • Leffe Blond - ₹280 for 330 ml. 



Image Courtesy: Soberito


Why is it the best beer brand in India?

  • Leffe offers a bunch of exciting variants under its range of beer products, but Leffe Blonde is definitely one of the most popular beers in India.
  • This one is an authentic blond abbey beer, that carries a remarkable yet subtle taste, topped off with just the slightest hint of bitterness.
  • This premium beer brand is owned by InBev Belgium, and the Blonde variant boasts of a smooth, full-bodied taste that makes this feature a must-try for beer connoisseurs. 



24. London Pride 


Alcohol By Volume

  • London Pride ABV - 4.7%

London Pride Beer Price In India

  • London Pride - ₹291 for 330ml



Image Courtesy: Wikipedia


Why is it the best beer brand in India?

  • This award-winning premium ale makes a sure-shot appearance on almost every list of the top beer brands in India.
  • With a super easy-going malty base and a fine blend of hop character, this beer by Fuller's is a classic English drink for nights of casual, smooth drinking.
  • London Pride beer also has a fabulous body, accompanied by a fruity, gratifying finish. 


25. Mahou


Alcohol By Volume

  • Mahou Clasica ABV - 4.8 %

Mahou Beer Price In India

  • Mahou Clasica Premium Beer - ₹210 for 650 ml. 



Image Courtesy: Spritz Magazine 


Why is it the best beer brand in India?

  • Mahou is a Spanish brand of beers, one that's known internationally for its large portfolio of variants, and the zest flavour that each assuredly carries.
  • As the name suggests, Mahou Clasica is one of the most legendary beer brands across the world, that's been around for several decades.
  • It's recognised and guzzled happily by beer lovers, for its refreshing taste and delicate balance of alcohol and acidity. 



26. Murphy's Irish Stout


Alcohol By Volume

  • Murphy’s Irish Stout ABV - 4.0%

Murphy’s Irish Stout Beer Price In India

  • Murphy’s Irish Stout - ₹500 (Approx.) for 500 ml. 



Image Courtesy: Drink A Beer


Why is it the best beer brand in India?

  • If you find yourself enjoying a rich, creamy and dark pour, the iconic Murphy's Irish Stout is a must-have for you.
  • This globally recognised Irish Stout beer has a brewing history dating back to 1856, and a stellar reputation in more recent years.
  • It's a silky smooth beer with indulgent toffee and coffee undertones. Got your mouth watering, didn't I? 


27. Singha 


Alcohol By Volume

  • Singha Beer ABV - 5%

Singha Beer Price In India

  • Singha Lager Beer ₹300 (Approx.) for 750 ml.



Image Courtesy: Singa Beer


Why is it the best beer brand in India?

  • With a renowned tagline of "The Original Thai Beer", Singha is brewed with the finest of ingredients, and three excellent hops, namely Saaz, Perle and Hallertau.
  • Especially recommended for those who prefer lighter options, Singha is a sweet, pleasant brew with a light grainy aroma and a slight bitterness at the finish. 



28. Beck's Ice 


Alcohol By Volume

  • Beck’s Ice ABV -  7-8%

Beck’s Ice Beer Price In India

  • Becks Ice Pure Strength - ₹215 for 650 ml. 



Image Courtesy: Beck's Ice Twitter


Why is it the best beer brand in India?

  • A true hipster beer brand, Beck's Ice has a considerably younger, but devotedly loyal fan base.
  • This 100% pure malt beer is an exceptionally easy-drinking liquid with its refreshing, crisp taste. 
  • It has a clean and delightful finish and a clear smoothness, that together make it a great beer to drink with friends, on a hot summer day. 



29. Sandpiper 


Alcohol By Volume

  • Sandpiper Premium Lager ABV - 4.6%

Sandpiper Beer Price In India

  • Sandpiper Premium Lager - ₹170 (Approx.) For INR 500 ml. 



Image Courtesy: Flickr


Why is it the best beer brand in India?

  • An excellent Indian beer, Sandpiper remains highly underrated despite its yummy sweetness and classy packaging.
  • It has a light-bodied mouthfeel and a syrupy semi-grainy malt, while also being upheld by a firm note of bitterness and a delicate touch of spicy, floral hops.
  • Sandpiper beer is produced by Inertia Industries Ltd. and enjoys a lot of popularity in the town of Mahabaleshwar. 


30. Peroni 


Alcohol By Volume

  • Peroni Nastro Azzurro Premium Lager Beer ABV - 5.1%

Peroni Beer Price In India

  • Peroni Nastro Azzurro Premium Lager Beer - ₹130 for 330ml



Image Courtesy: The Next Pint


Why is it the best beer brand in India?

  • Produced by Peroni Brewery in Italy, Peroni Nastro Azzurro is world-famous for its intensely firm and refreshing blonde taste.
  • It has a very unique taste that represents the vibrancy of Italy and the beer is packed with character.
  • A sniff will get you warm, citrusy aromas, and the taste is versatile enough to be paired with an extensive range of foods.
  • One of the best beer brands in India, that definitely deserves more recognition than what it gets!



Just Brew It! *tick*


Q1: What are some popular beer brands in India?

A1: Kingfisher, Royal Challenge, Haywards, and Old Monk are popular beer brands in India.


Q2: What types of beer are commonly found in India?

A2: Lager, ale, stout, and wheat beers are commonly found in India.


Q3: What is the legal drinking age in India?

A3: The legal drinking age in most states of India is 21 years.


Q4: Can you drink alcohol in public places in India?

A4: No, public consumption of alcohol is generally prohibited in India.


Q5: Are there any local craft breweries in India?

A5: Yes, there is a growing craft beer scene in India with several local breweries.


Q6: Is beer readily available in restaurants and bars in India?

A6: Yes, beer is commonly available in restaurants and bars across India.


Q7: What is the most popular type of beer in India?

A7: Lager is the most popular type of beer in India.


Q8: Are there any alcohol-free or low-alcohol beer options in India?

A8: Yes, there are alcohol-free and low-alcohol beer options available in India.


Q9. Which beer is best in India?

A9. Budweiser and Heineken are the best beer in India


Q10. Are there any dry states in India where alcohol, including beer, is prohibited?

A10. Yes, there are dry states in India where the sale and consumption of alcohol, including beer, are prohibited. For example, Gujarat and Bihar are two such states.