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Best Black Outfits for Mankar Sankranti 2024 under 1000

By magicpin

Updated - Jan. 12, 2024 4 min read

Makar Sankranti, a festival celebrated according to the solar calendar, holds great significance across India. This joyous occasion marks the shifting of the sun, symbolizing the return of longer days and the end of winter. Devotees offer prayers for a bountiful crop harvest and prosperity.


Makar Sankranti is to wear the color black, which is generally considered taboo on auspicious occasions. The reasoning behind this tradition is rooted in practicality - as the festival marks the coldest day of winter, black is believed to absorb heat and keep you warm.


Why Wear Black on Makar Sankranti?


1. Warmth in Style: As Makar Sankranti is celebrated on the coldest day of winter, wearing black is not just a tradition but a practical choice. Black absorbs heat, keeping you warm and comfortable during the festivities.


2. Symbolic Significance: The color black symbolizes strength and stability. By wearing black on Makar Sankranti, individuals express a desire for a strong and prosperous year ahead, both in terms of personal well-being and agricultural prosperity.


3. Tradition Meets Modernity: While black is traditionally associated with mourning in some cultures, during Makar Sankranti, it takes on a new meaning. Embracing black on this day is a unique blend of tradition and modern fashion, creating a distinctive and elegant look.


5 Best Black Outfits for Mankar Sankranti under 1000

1. Anouk: Men's Black Printed Regular Pure Cotton Kurta with Pyjamas

Get ready for Makar Sankranti in style with the Anouk Men Black Printed Regular Pure Cotton Kurta with Pyjamas. The black printed kurta is comfy and looks fancy with its straight shape, band collar, and long regular sleeves. It's not too long and is made from soft cotton material. The solid black pyjamas are easy to wear with an elastic waist and a slip-on closure.




Image courtesy: Myntra


Best Price: Rs. 858



2. Enciger: Men Black Solid Pure Cotton Kurta With Pyjamas

Get ready for the festive cheer with the Enciger Men Black Solid Pure Cotton Kurta With Pyjamas, your perfect blend of style and comfort, just in time for Makar Sankranti! Discover festive comfort with the Black Solid Kurta with Pyjamas, a stylish outfit perfect for celebrations, now available on Myntra.


The kurta, in classic Pathani style, offers a regular fit with a mandarin collar, long sleeves, and two pockets, made from soft pure cotton handloom fabric. Paired with white pyjamas featuring a drawstring closure for a comfy fit, this ensemble effortlessly combines tradition and style. 



Image courtesy: Myntra


Best Price: Rs. 785



3. KALINI: Zari Bordered Ilkal Saree

Dress in festive elegance with the KALINI Zari Bordered Ilkal Saree from Myntra, just in time for Makar Sankranti. This black and gold-toned saree features a solid design, adorned with a beautiful zari border for a touch of glamour. The 5.5 meters length and 0.8-meter blouse piece ensure both style and comfort. Celebrate the festival with grace and timeless style in this stunning Ilkal saree, available now on Myntra.



Image courtesy: Myntra


Best Price: Rs. 382



4. Sangria: Ethnic Motif Woven-Design Banarasi Sarees

Dress in allure this Makar Sankranti with Sangria's Ethnic Motif Woven-Design Banarasi Sarees. The black and golden ensemble showcases a captivating woven design with a zari border, adding a touch of glamour. With 5.5 meters of graceful length and an unstitched blouse piece, it offers both style and a personalized fit. Crafted from luxurious Silk Blend fabric, this saree exudes sophistication. Care for it with a gentle dry cleaning to maintain its elegance.



Image courtesy: Myntra



Best Price: Rs. 611



5. Anouk: Floral Printed Art Silk Bhagalpuri Saree

Add a splash of color to your Makar Sankranti festivities with the Black and Mustard Bhagalpuri Saree from Myntra. This floral-printed Art Silk saree showcases a fusion of black and mustard hues without a border, offering a modern touch. The 5.5 meters of saree length, 0.80 meters of blouse length, and 1 meter width ensure both style and comfort. Complete with an unstitched blouse piece, this ensemble is easy to care for with a gentle machine wash. Step into celebrations with elegance in this festive Bhagalpuri Saree.



Best Price: Rs. 612






Q1. What do you wear to Makar Sankranti?


Ans. Traditional and festive attire like sarees, kurtas, and ethnic outfits are commonly worn during Makar Sankranti celebrations.


Q2. What is the color of dress for Makar Sankranti 2023?


Ans. Black is considered auspicious for Makar Sankranti as it symbolizes warmth and is believed to keep you comfortable on the coldest day of winter.


Q3. Why do Maharashtrians wear black sarees on Sankranti?


Ans. Maharashtrians wear black sarees on Sankranti as it is believed that black absorbs heat, keeping them warm during the winter festival.


Q4. What should we avoid on Makar Sankranti?


Ans. It's advisable to avoid wearing light or bright colors on Makar Sankranti, as the tradition is to wear darker shades, especially black.


Q5. Can I wash the festive outfits?


Ans. It depends on the fabric. While some outfits may be machine washable, delicate fabrics like silk or handloom may require dry cleaning to maintain their elegance. Always check the care instructions before washing.




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