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6 Cafes In Dwarka You Should Check Out Already

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Feb. 27, 2020 3 min read

For Delhiites Dwarka has always been a quaint suburban city where roads are nice and clean, apartments are pretty and the fact that it connects Delhi and Gurgaon. Well, your mindset is about to change. I am going to list down an array of six ah-mazing cafes in Dwarka which can easily become your next hangout destination in the city. Thank me later!


Bibliophiles, pick up your books and wallet because I have found the most ideal cafe in the city for you. The Book Talk is a cafe cum library with hundreds of books stacked on quirky shelves and a cutesy little dessert bar at the corner. Once you walk into the cafe, the sweet smell of your open book wrapped around the tasteful aroma of freshly brewed coffee might never let you leave. Wait, there's more; this local gem also provides space for karaoke nights, book talks and open mics. Enough talking, let's start walking to this Book Talk now.


If you are looking for a vibrant and lively spot to chill with your buddies or have a peaceful date with your beau, bookmark this place right now. Chai Coffee Biscuit is best known for its quick nibbles, shakes and a zestful ambience but if you do end up there don't miss out on Palak Patta Chaat and their strawberry shake. I am sure these dishes will turn out to be one of those things which bring to back to Dwarka again and again...



Drools is a cafe cum bar with a delectable bakery on one side, a well-adorned bar on the other, a very classy patio setting on the curb,  and a rather cliche bookshelf in the middle. But once you are through with the scrumptious food and the peppy mood of this place, the name will justify its existence automatically. This is the best place in Dwarka to just sit, sip and talk with your family or friends and even your partners. Although I am not a fan of their coolers and shakes menu, the rest should be enough reasons to try out the cafe at least once. 


Last year BYD opened their doors for Dwarka and I've been going to the place ever since. Since it's a well-known cafe franchise in Delhi, it got quite a lot of coverage on every discovery platform at its opening. But you have to check it out for yourself to see how adorably lit the interior of this cafe is. And the food... hands down one of the best in the hood. And if I were you, I'd listen to me when I say, you have to try their Cheese filled burgers and pesto pasta. It's breathtaking. Remember me when you do!


Newbie in town, Cafe Uncover is the hub of picturesque backgrounds and spots. With indoor and outdoor seatings it has everything to duly lift up your mood. The cafe is still undergoing changes so the menu is not super-wide but few things like stuffed mushrooms, seafood platter are a must-try. Head to this place if you are looking to surround yourself with happy vibes and decent food experience. 


Creme name for a creme de la place in Dwarka. Cafe Di Milano has everything, indoor, outdoor, rooftop, American breakfast, hot cocoa, thin-crust pizzas and so on... not counting the cool drinks (Not a fan of them). But the setting of the cafe is pretty and very Insta-worthy. With pink flowery props, quirky wall murals, a separate coffee bar this place has proven to be the ultimate destination for a Sunday brunch or an evening romantic date for the residents. 





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