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Add These 8 Spins To Your Favourite Cold Coffee

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Oct. 1, 2021 4 min read

Summer or not, cold coffee always hit the right spot. So, it wouldn't be wrong to say that cold coffee is the heart of cool refreshing drinks throughout the year. Although, I would love it if my coffee could do a little more. Well, if that's what you're thinking too, here's a list of 8 awesome cold coffee recipes with a twist that would serve the purpose right. 


1. Iced Coffee Lemonade

What happens when the two classic summer drinks, iced coffee and chilled lemonade meet? Well, ask Starbucks. No, you don't have to visit the place, you can simply make this all by yourself with a little help from their super easy recipe right here. A word of advice; follow the instructions carefully, double up your coffee's strength and use lots of ice. Garnish this summer special cold coffee drink with a slice of lemon and enjoy! 


Check out the recipe here!

Image Courtesy: Starbucks At Home




2. Greek Iced Coffee

Coffee lovers, meet your new cold coffee buddy all the way from the cafes of Greece. It's a thick, foamy twist to your good ol' cold coffee which is very similar to a popular viral cold coffee recipe called Dalgona coffee. Just like the latter, the greek iced coffee also takes a bit more time than other coffee-based beverages, but the result is totally worth it. Sip on it on a hot summer day and you won't regret it. 


Check out the recipe here!

Image Courtesy: Freepik



3. Cardamom Spiced Coffee Frappe

From the kitchen of chef Ajay Chopra, one of the best cold coffee recipes by far. If you enjoy the refreshing flavour of cardamom in your tea, you'll definitely fall for this one. It's an artful beverage that needs a bit of work in the kitchen, strong coffee and lots of ice to beat the heat. It may look like a regular cold coffee but it certainly tastes better. Follow this easy recipe of cold coffee with a twist to relish the creamy frothing and its yummy taste. 


Check out the recipe here!

Image Courtesy: Freepik



4. Cold Coffee Lassi

Here's a desi twist to not-so-desi cold coffee. It's a super-duper easy recipe that will only take a minute, however, the taste will linger on for hours. Make use of ice and garnish this special summer beverage with nuts, chocolate syrup or choco chips to enjoy it even more. 


Check out the recipe here!

Image Courtesy: Freepik



5. Blue Layered Cold Coffee

No, it's not a joke. You too can get a kick out of this blue layered cold coffee recipe in a few easy steps. It's a twist like no other which requires blue tea (you can buy that online), strong concentrated coffee, ice and your intentions to innovate in the kitchen. Offer this summer beverage to your buddies or family members who're feeling blue (Pun intended!).


Check out the recipe here!

Image Courtesy: YouTube



6. Mint Mojito Iced Coffee

An easy-peasy lemon-squeezy cold coffee recipe is an inspired version of iced coffee by Philz Coffee. It's a two-part recipe with a minty kick to beat the heat and an energetic buzz loved by caffeine addicts. The resulted coffee is gradient, yummy and healthy... only if you use honey instead of sugar and soy/oat milk in the place of the regular one. Fancy this extremely easy cold coffee recipe on a Sunday afternoon.


Check out the recipe here!

Image Courtesy: Cooking with Cocktail Rings



7. Chocolate Cold Coffee With Whipped Cream

A sinful combination of chocolate and whipped cream can make any recipe taste better. Even this cold coffee one. Enjoy a tall glass of thick, creamy (due to ice cream) and frothy cold coffee topped with chocolate syrup or caramel on a hot day. Make use of the instant coffee you barely give life to and take pride in this cafe-like cold coffee you made at home. 


Check out the recipe here!

Image Courtesy: Freepik



8. Oreo Cold Coffee

Playful chunks of oreo biscuit made better with chilled milk, your favourite coffee and lots of ice. This cold coffee recipe offers a creamy texture like no other but it has a secret ingredient - milk powder. Use it to whip up the best cold coffee in the comfort of your home and don't forget to garnish it with choco chips, choco powder, a biscuit or even whipped cream. 


Check out the recipe here!

Image Courtesy: Healthy Kadai



Beat the summer heat and enjoy the kick with these best cold coffee recipes with amazing twists. 


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