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Visit These 8 Ice-Cream Parlours In Jaipur For Your Next Scoop

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - July 3, 2020 4 min read

While we are standing on the cusp of summer and monsoon, the amount of heat that our poor souls are subjected to is unbearable. In a city so close to an actual desert, it's not easy to outbrave the prickling heat of the harsh sun. Lucky for you, this Pink City of India is loaded with options to chill with the best scoops of ice-creams in their hands. And one thing we all know for certain is that its hard to get mad at the sun, weather, god or even your air conditioner if your mouth is stuffed with creamy flavours of cold ice topped with nuts and fruits. 



Now that we've filled your head with the thoughts of delightful ice-creams...melting in your hand, making it's way straight to the heart and into thy soul... you are ready to take this list of best ice-cream parlours in Jaipur seriously. Ready when you are...



Image Courtesy: Jaipur Beat


Coolest Scoops

Strawberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Sundaes


Instaworthy farm-fresh ice-creams that looks good and tastes even better is the entire reason why you need to head to Molly Moo for your next scoop of ice-cream. From fresh-fruit ice creams to waffle sundaes to candy bars, ice-cream cakes and more this popular ice-cream parlour in Jaipur offers you a number of delicious options that you just can't deny. There are even non-dairy ice-creams for all the lactose-intolerant people out there. So, ice-creams for everyone!


Image Courtesy: Justdial


Coolest Scoops

Mango Ice-cream, Litchi Ice-Cream


Bombay's favourite...Naturals have been spreading happiness in the form of fresh-fruit ice creams in Jaipur for quite a while now. And more often than not I end up buying my favourites from this well-known ice-cream parlour even when I am not craving for one. That's how good this place is. You'll come for their Au Natural trend of using fresh fruits and creamy textures and stay for their irresistible seasonal delights such as Mango, Litchi, Kala Jamun and more. 


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Image Courtesy: Swiggy


Coolest Scoops

Lachha Rabdi, Mixture Cup


Looking for real desi ice-cream in Jaipur? Well, you can end your quest right here. With freshly prepared ice-creams that are not only tasty but hygienic, Indian Ice-Cream & Faluda Kulfi has been running this ice-cream for years now. The place doesn't look like much but they have an intimate menu of delicious ice-creams, kulfis, rabdis and faludas...that usually do the talking. See you there!


Image Courtesy: Justdial


Coolest Scoops

Mint Choco Chip Cone, Black Forest Ice-Cream Pizza


Jal Mahal Ice-Cream parlour is the OG king of ice-cream parlours in Jaipur. This place is frequented by the real ice-cream junkies who usually swear by their rather big and tempting menu of ice-cream cones, sorbets, waffles, ice-cream pizzas, ice-cream cakes, faludas, shakes and more. With mouth-watering flavours and sugar-free options, this local ice-cream parlour is the real deal in Jaipur. Don't forget to try their ice-cream sodas too!


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Image Courtesy: Zomato


Coolest Scoops

Jumbo Doughwich, Pani Puri Sorbet


From clear-cut scoops of usual flavours to interesting avatars of not-so-basic ice-creams, Papacream is THE place to be in Jaipur. Along with the unique concept of nitrogen in ice-creams, this popular parlour is also known for its fancy presentation and real o'clock flavours. This cutesy little ice-cream parlour is the perfect destination for your next outing with friends or even family. 


Image Courtesy: magicpin


Coolest Scoops

Kesar Elaichi Ice-Cream, Choco Roasted Almond Chocolate Ice-Cream


Royal, exotic, fresh fruit, chocolate and more...Habitz is famous for its wide array of flavours all around the city of pink. The place is comparably easy on the pocket and quite flavourful on the taste buds. 


Image Courtesy: Jaipur Beat


Coolest Scoops

Silver Boat Mix, Rainbow Mix Faluda


With 2 major outlets in Jaipur, Guddu Softy corner is a simple yet delightful little ice-cream parlour that not only offers one of the best ice-cream in Jaipur but even gives you elaborate presentation for the sore eyes. 


Image Courtesy: Taste Of City


Coolest Scoops

Badam Zafarani, Special Paan, Ras Malai Ice-cream


If you've made it this far, I can only imagine the love you have for this sweet-sweet savoury we all like to call ice-cream. So, if I give you a place which is a little bit more than just ice-creams, would you still pay a visit here?

And if you do decide to check this place out just remember that Ramchandra Kulfi Bhandar is a powerhouse of delectable ice-creams, classic, shakes and even juices. So you might go in for just an ice-cream but return with much more.


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  Lick it side by side or dig into the bowl full of ice-cream, spoon first!


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