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8 Ice-Creams In Mumbai You Will Scream For

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - June 11, 2020 5 min read

No matter how well into adulthood you might be, the promise of an ice-cream is still the best incentive to get a lot of us moving. Even people with a self-proclaimed inactive sweet-tooth, seem to melt about as quickly as the dessert itself, when the possibility of a cone is in the near horizon. I for one firmly believe, it's near impossible to dislike ice creams entirely. Because there are so many tempting flavours, and promising variations to choose from, you'd have to be a really strange person to not grow fond of at least one. From the classic strawberry gelato to a rocky road cup, and from paan flavour to mint chocolate, the options are endless and suffice it to say, none of us are complaining. 



When it comes to getting the best of anything, there are few cities that can compete with Mumbai. From French macarons, to Dilli waale chole bhature, when you're in the city of dreams all you gotta do is take your pick. And you will find a host of listed spots that will give you what you seek. Probably with a unique twist as the USP. So applying the same logic here, we've curated a list of the 10 most recommended ice-cream places in all of Mumbai city, yummy enough to make all of us scream with unadulterated joy. 



Image Courtesy - Antoine Lewis


Coolest Scoops 

Pani Puri Sorbet, Horlicks Ice Cream 

With the objective of making world-class gourmet icecreams a lot more accessible for the masses, Papacream is one of the most common mentions under the best ice cream places in Mumbai city. The sheer variety in their menu is staggering, and comprises of both cherished classics like Belgian Chocolate, and eccentric flavours you can't stop yourself from trying. From the latter category, we'd pick their delish pain puri sorbet (how can anybody say no to that?!), and the nostalgia Horlicks ice cream any day you asked! 



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Coolest Scoops

Guava & Chilli 


If you take immense pleasure in trying out all the latest food fads, this icecream in Mumbai deserves to be on your radar. While their menu is full of appetising flavours, and various other dessert options, what keeps us coming back again and again, is the tangy, spicy guava and chilli sorbet. The ice cream flavour is an instant time travel machine, one that will quickly take you back to days of biting into juicy guavas sprinkled with red chilli powder and kala namak



Image Courtesy - Apsara


Coolest Scoops

Orange Apricot, Blueberry Cheese 


Apsara Icecream has been touted widely and frequently as one of the best ice cream parlours in Mumbai city, and one taste of their iconic scoops later, you'll be quick to realise where the reputation comes from. We never tire of trying their innovative ice cream flavours, packed with a certain Indian quirk, but the two all-time favourites will always be orange apricot (with actual juicy apricot chunks) and the blueberry cheese!



Coolest Scoops

Ultimate Choco Fantasy Friffles


Image Courtesy - YouTube


Consider yourself a total chocolate fanatic? Icekraft and you are a match made in ice cream heaven. You know those black waffle cones everybody has been going crazy [photographing and showing off on Instagram? This place serves those! There are a number of delicious, super interesting flavours up for grabs here, but for chocolate lovers, it doesn't get better than their ultimate choco fantasy ice cream, featuring edible charcoal, and red velvet waffle toppings! 




Image Courtesy - magicpin


Coolest Scoops

Fererro Rocher, Raspberry Sorbet


So one of our favourite things about this popular ice cream place in Mumbai, is that it treats ice cream making, like the art that it is. Which is probably why their classic flavours come with the best taste you will be able to find in the entire city. The raspberry sorbet is the perfect, indulgent fruity flavour, while the Ferrero Rocher is the best comfort ice cream flavour we've managed to get our hands on till date. We'd also recommend trying the salty caramel ice cream if you're feeling flavour frisky. 



Image Courtesy - magicpin


Coolest Scoops

Filer Coffee, Snickerdoodle Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich 


Filter coffee? In ice cream? Yeah, can you sign me up, please? Yes, for life. If you're feeling sceptical about an adored beverage taking the form of gelato, just take our word for it, it's absolutely mouthwatering. But if we were forced to take our favourite pick from their immensely quirky menu, the ice cream cookie sandwiches here are worth dying for. No, we aren't exaggerating one bit. Snickerdoodle, and double chocolate chunk have got to be the best we've ever had. 



Image Courtesy - Swiggy


Coolest Scoops

Popcorn Ice Cream, Chai Biskoot 


No, you did not read that wrong. This place has quickly risen to popularity in Mumbai because of its authentic gelato flavours, and the creamy, luxurious texture of their ice creams, is enough to make us drool just at the thought of a scoop. The popcorn ice cream is a lot more appetising than it might sound to some, and also tremendously addictive. Chai Biskoot is another eccentric flavour that pleasantly surprised our tastebuds, and we haven't been able to stop visiting ever since. 



Image Courtesy - magicpin


Coolest Scoops

Rum Baba


Just three words. Alcohol in icecream. No second thoughts, trust us when we say it's even better than it sounds. 

13 or 30, ice cream solves everything. 


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