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Your Go-To List of Instagram Thrift Stores in India

By Anubha Das

Updated - Nov. 9, 2023 4 min read

Thrift stores are the newest fad, embracing sustainable buying and displaying the hottest fashion statements at affordable rates. With the development of second-hand fast fashion, numerous Instagram fashion pages have sprung up with the purpose of providing unique possibilities and quirky statement pieces that comply to ethical fashion principles.


So, if you're ready to embrace the sustainable fashion lifestyle, we've compiled a list of the top online thrift stores for you to peruse. Take a look! 


1. Threadripper 

Threadripper is helping to spread the culture of recycled, pre-loved, and homemade clothing. Their Instagram page store has an eye-catching assortment of everyday clothing. They also like tying and dyeing secondhand clothing for their customers.


Instagram Handle:



2. Aimée 

With a fantastic winter collection in-store, their simple knits are now our favourite.

Instagram Handle: @aimee.loved


3. Believe It Thrift It

This thrift shop was born in the vintage lanes of fashion with the thought that pre-loved clothes can be considered pieces of art that have the right to be loved again. They want to bring about the concept of slow fashion and responsible ethical consumer practices. They recently expanded to India and stock upcycled clothes that are handpicked from all over the country to find a home in your wardrobes. Check out their vintage collection and fall in love!

Instagram Handle: @believethrift


4. Candour.Oak

This shop was founded by Pritika Rao. She, who has thrifted for half her life, is helping to spread the word about the gradual, pre-loved fashion revolution. The fundamental idea of this store is "everything and anything couture."

Instagram Handle: @_allthingspreloved



First started by Ngahon Tungshangnao, this thrift store from Manipur is selling awesome pre-loved pieces that are both chic and casual. You’ll find all sorts of bags, winter clothing, hoodies, dresses, casual tees and more here that are sure to catch your eyes. All the cloth pieces are sustainably sourced and are super fashionable, to say the least. Check out their Insta store and place your orders from their incredible collection!

Instagram Handle: @mirinwonofficial


6. Thrift It Bro 

Nothing beats being a thrift book shopper if you're a bibliophile. Here's a one-of-a-kind and personalised collection of books for sale at a very affordable price.

Instagram Handle: @thriftitbro


7. At Momos

If you are a sucker for cute outfits and accessories, At Momos could be your OG choice. With a pretty perfect collection of skirts, tees, and shirts (bonus their amazing collection of varsity jackets and other winter wear), they ensure their clothes are sanitised well before dispatch. They aim to bring the joy of thrifting in everyone’s life and hence contribute to making this world a lot more cleaner and greener.

Instagram Handle: @momo.finds


8. Woo

Thriftwoo, which sells everything from bodysuits, lingeries, to bathrobes, should be your go-to option for shopping on the cheap while also reducing your carbon impact. This store offers a lot of gorgeous things that are worth acquiring, so DM them right away and get your sustainable and trendy apparel!

Instagram Handle: @thiftwoo


9. The Vintage 

If you've been wanting to do some antique shopping to achieve that fashionable look but don't have the cash to spend on pricey brands, check out this sustainable online thrift store. The classic pieces that they offer on their 'gram are just stunning. They provide ethical clothes that also follow vintage trends. So go ahead and check out their insta page right away! 

Instagram Handle: @thev_intage


10. Thift India

If you love shopping but are always on the budget, then this is the perfect thrift shop for you. Check out their various collection and shop your heart out

Instagram Handle: @thirft_india

Hurry to these second-hand stores to get your hands on the newest things on sale. Also, please let us know if you know of any thrift stores that we should include in this list. Have fun shopping!


Q: What kind of items can I expect to find in Indian thrift stores?

A: Indian thrift stores offer a wide range of items including clothes, shoes, accessories, books, home decor, and sometimes electronics.


Q: Are the items in thrift stores in good condition?

A: Thrift stores usually curate items in good condition, but it's advisable to inspect items before purchasing to ensure quality.


Q: Can I donate items to thrift stores in India?

A: Yes, many thrift stores in India accept donations. It's best to check with individual stores about their donation policies.


Q: Are thrift stores in India only in major cities?

A: While major cities have more thrift stores, they can also be found in smaller towns and online platforms, making it accessible to a wider audience.


Q: Do thrift stores in India have an online presence?

A: Yes, many thrift stores in India have online platforms where you can browse and purchase items from the comfort of your home.


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