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From Rogan Josh To Mutton Biryani - 12 Places That Serves The Most Sinful Mutton Dishes In Delhi: March, 2024

By Architi Batra

Updated - May 9, 202411 min read

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Every Non-Veg lover knows the value of a really good mutton. The red spicy gravy, with the perfectly cooked meat that easily falls off the bone, flaky and hot khamiri roti and sucking on that bone to get the last chunks of meat inside? Only a mutton lover can verify the accuracy of this truly blissful experience.
khamiri roti and mutton_image

It's food for your soul!

So if you crave for different varieties of some delicious mutton meet, then it's time to breathe and binge on all the gorgeous mutton dishes that Delhi has to offer to you. These 12 places are where you need to head to for trying some sinful mutton delicacies in Delhi. Your soft and succulent and pretty much melt in your mouth mutton awaits you!


1. Oberoi Biryani - Rajinder Nagar

A casual dining restaurant which as the name suggests specializes in Biryani serves some delicious mutton dishes. North-Indian style Dishes cooked with specific stylish presentations can satisfy all of your hunger pangs. The seating area is small and more of like a dhaba, so if you are not a big fan of that, ordering your favorite mutton delicacies home is always an option!
mutton biryani oberoi biryani rajinder naar_image
Must-Have: Butter Chicken Chicken, Curry Chicken Biryani, Mutton Biryani,  Chicken Tikka Tandoori Chicken, Mutton Rogan Josh
Cost For Two: Rs. 650
Where: 1/123, Shankar Road, Opposite BSES Office, Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi (Get Directions)


2. Bukhara - ITC Maurya - Chanakyapuri

Places like Bukhara in ITC Maurya are equally experimenting and popularising themselves with their authentic cuisine. Since it's opening in 1978, Bukhara has been India's most recognized restaurants worldwide with branches in places like New York too. Yes, it's most famous for it's Dal Bukhara which is not Dal Makhani as it is cooked on slow fire for almost 18 HOURS! With vintage and rustic outlook and food cooked to perfection. Bukhara is one of the best places in Delhi for Mughlai food. But more than that, it also serves some delicious melting in mouth mutton!
itc maurya bukhara_imageMust Haves: Mutton Barra, Dal Bukhara, Sikandari Raan, Peshawari Kebab, Murgh Malai Kebab
Cost For Two: Rs. 6550
Where: ITC Maurya, Sardar Patel Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi (Get Directions)


3. Karim's - Jama Masjid

Starting from the ground level, Old Delhi and Jama Masjid are our go-to stops always for the most authentic Mughlai food in Delhi and one of the oldest and delicious foods serving places has been Karim which went on to open uncountable chains in and around Delhi in a century. Karim opened in 1913 and each day serves more than 2000 people till now. People come from far away places just to try those soft and juicy kebabs and hot and red mutton curries. It is one of the oldest and the best mutton serving restaurants in Delhi, without a second thought.
best mughlai food delhi karim's jamamasjid_image
Must Haves: Mutton Nihari, Chicken Biryani, Afghan Chicken, Butter Chicken, Chicken Korma, Mutton Korma, Tandoori Chicken
Cost For Two: Rs. 800
Where: Meena Bazaar, Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, Delhi 110006 (GET DIRECTIONS)


4. Ahad Sons Restaurant - Uday Park

The Ahad Sons restaurant in South Delhi serves some mouth watering Mutton Rishta that is not only one of the best mutton dishes, but also one of the must-try dishes in Delhi. This Kashmiri restaurant serves 100% authentic Kashmiri meat flavors that are definitely different than your usual north-Indian style. The spices and aroma coming from the restaurant will automatically attract you toward it. Also, one of the most reputed chefs of India, Khan Abdul Ahad Waza himself manages this place. 
ahad sons restaurant uday park mutton_imageMust Haves: Rista, Tarakmaaz, Ghushtaba
Cost For Two: Rs. 800
Where: 3A, Behind Mother Dairy, Uday Park, New Delhi (Get Directions)


5. Haaji Sharbati Nihari Wale - Jama Masjid

In Sadar Bazaars' Bhaji Gali, Noora Nihari is a place where you get a fool meal at a cost of just Rs. 100 and as the name suggests, rich mutton nihari here is delicious. One of the most popular dishes that originated from the Mughal cuisine is the Nihari. It is basically a slow cooked beef stew eaten for either breakfast or lunch and this Nihari is worth the efforts. It is spicy, heavy and everything you want your Nihari to be. The rotis to go along with it are crisp and fluffy at the same time. 

Must Haves: Paya Nihari, Bheja Nihari, Nalli Nihari.
Cost For Two: Rs. 220
Where: Shop 722, Haveli Azam Khan, Chitli Qabar, Jama Masjid, New Delhi (Get Directions)


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6. Bhape Da Hotel - Connaught Place

A small ambiance place where the food does all the talking, Bhape da hotel is a classic example of Delhi dhabas that serve food more delicious than any fine dining restaurant where you'll not have to burn a hole in your pocket. The minimalist decor and authentic food will leave your taste buds tantalizing. The place has been well famous for its excellent dining experience for years now and the mutton dishes here are simply the best.
bhape da hotel cp_image
Must Haves: Chicken Curry, Dal Makhani, Saag Meat, Mutton Seekh, Paneer Tikka, Mutton Curry, Egg Curry, Butter Chicken, Chicken Curry, Saag Chicken, Keema Kaleji
Cost For Two: Rs. 900
Where: 75, Municipal Market, Connaught Place (CP), New Delhi (Get Directions)


7. Prem Dhaba - Karol Bagh

An iconic restaurant that delivers some exceptional quality food which will keep you licking your fingers! As for a dhaba, you cannot expect a lovely ambiance but if you live just for the best food experience in Delhi, then this is the place for you. Not only non-veg, but vegetarians can equally enjoy their meals here. The authentic dhaba food is one of the best sprees for foodies. Also, its best dishes are some crazy mutton dishes and it's very famous for its luscious Chicken Kali Mirch. Its divine ginger and pepper combo with ghee is phenomenal!
_iprem dhaba karol bagh mutton_image
Must Haves: Chicken Masala, Mutton Chaap, Mutton Roganjosh, Dal Makhani, Butter Chicken, Murgh Kalimirch, Tandoori Chicken, Masala Chaap
Cost For Two: Rs. 700
Where: 11139, East Park Road, Opposite JD Titler School, Karol Bagh, New Delhi (Get Directions)


8. Anand Restaurant - Connaught Place

We vouch that the delicious flavors and satisfaction you'll get here is incomparable to any other dhabas you'll visit. Like others, this place is huge but doesn't really focuses on its ambiance, but don't worry, it pleases the crowd with its food. Anand is hidden away in the bylanes of Connaught Place but is usually quite crowded. You can locate it in the Outer circle lane, right next to The Beer Cafe. They’re pretty well known for their biryanis, and you must go there if you are looking for the most delicious Mutton Biryani in Delhi that they serve with a little gravy. Though the food is a little spicy, it comes very easy on your pockets.
anand restaurant cp mutton_image
Must Haves: Mutton Rogan Josh, Seekh Kebabs, Mutton Biryani, Chicken Biryani, Butter Chicken, Vegetable Biryani, Thali
Cost For Two: Rs. 600
Where: 15/96, Schindi House, Connaught Place (CP), New Delhi (Get Directions)


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9. Ajit Khalsa Dhaba - Chattarpur

Very easy to find, because it is always crowded, the Ajit Khalsa Dhaba in Chattarpur is a typical dhaba where you can experience some sinful quick-bites and delicious food. The place is known for its North Indian and Mughlai delicacies and thus serves some of the best mutton dishes. Heavy, butter-filled dishes at a very economical price range will surely make your day. 
ajit khalsa dhaba mutton chhatarpur_image
Must Haves: Butter Chicken, Paneer Butter Masala, Lassi malai maar ke, Chicken Curry, Mutton Curry, Dal Makhani, Tandoori Chicken, Laccha Parantha, Butter Naan
Cost For Two: Rs. 600
Where: Shop no. 29, Janakpuri District Center, Chhatarpur, New Delhi (Get Directions)


10. Al Jawahar - Jama Masjid

Old Delhi, Jama Masjid is the hub of Mughlai cuisine and serves the best of non-vegetarian delights we could ever ask for and thus, it shouldn't actually come across as a surprise that there are so many old and famous food corners dedicated to just authentic Mughali Non-Vegetarian food and are serving some of the heavenly mutton dishes. A popular restaurant serving Old Delhi's food is Al Jawahar. It get's its name from Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru who is believed to have inaugurated the place after India's independence. Yes, it's that old! People travel from far away places and wait in line for their turn to try the most delicious mutton-nihari which is cooked overnight. The secret masalas and desi ghee add to the rich taste of the food making it stand out from its counterparts. 
al jawahar jama masjid_image
Must Haves: Changezi Chicken, Mutton Korma, Mutton Nihari, Paya Soup, Khamiri Roti, Seekh Kebab,  Badam Pasanda, Mutton Qorma
Cost For Two: Rs. 650
Where: 8, Matia Mahal Road, Matia Mahal, Opposite Gate 1, Jama Masjid (Get Directions)


11. Kake Da Hotel - Connaught Place

If you have been to Connaught Place, then we are sure you have seen the huge crowd in the outer circle outside Kake Da Hotel. This legendary food chain has been constantly fulfilling Delhiites Mughali dreams with consistent quality, mouth-watering taste, impeccable service, and pocket-friendly prices, which makes it for one of the most popular and best restaurants in Delhi. The desi-ghee in their mutton curries is sure to keep you licking your fingers!
kake da hotel cp delhi_image
Must Haves: Butter Chicken, Chicken Curry, Dal Makhani, Keema Kaleji, Chicken Biryani, Mutton Roganjosh, Dahi Meat
Cost For Two: Rs. 650
Where: 67, Municipal Market, Connaught Circle, Connaught Place (CP), New Delhi (Get Directions)


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12. Roomali Garh - ShahPur Jat

Such cheap prices for a place like this makes it one of the best stops to make in Delhi for your food adventures. Also one of the best restaurants in ShahPur Jat, Roomali Garh serves some regional Rajasthani food. Rajasthani food from remote kitchens and royal darbars have been brought here to serve in Delhi. The juicy, melt-in-your-mouth kebabs, the meatiest curries, and the biryanis are the best runs for your money. They even serve the super famous Jodhpuri spicy Laal Maans.
roomali garh shahpur jat_image
Must Haves: Jodhpuri Laal Maans, Dhundhari Kadi Mutton, Keema Kaleji, Rajasthani Handi Meat, Seekh Kebabs, Mutton Burra Kebabs, Mutton Biryani.
Cost For Two: Rs. 800
Where: Shahpur Jat, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi (Get Directions)


These 12 places in Delhi will satisfy all your mutton fantasies and you'll just keep going back to them again and again once you get a taste of what real authentic Mughlai or Rajasthani or even Kashmiri mutton meat tastes like. (HINT - DELICIOUS!)


Q. Mutton is sourced out from the lamb or goat?
A. A sheep in its first year is called a lamb, and its meat is also called lamb. The meat of a juvenile sheep older than one year is hogget; outside North America, this is also a term for the living animal. The meat of an adult sheep is mutton, a term only used for the meat, not the living animals.


Q. Does mutton heat our body?
A. The fatter the meat, the higher the energy content, so it is the fatter of the two that will give you the most heat. Eating the meat at a high temperature will also transfer lots of heat to the body. ... Whereas mutton has Cholesterol and saturated fat which destroys protein effectiveness in the body.