Lace Up Your Sneakers And Run Hard At These Top Running Tracks In Delhi-NCR

By Sonam Satija

Updated - Sept. 17, 2018 7 min read

Get your running shoes out as it's time to get away from the hustle bustle of the city and run your heart out at these top running tracks in Delhi-NCR. We've curated a list of running routes which have the ideal environment for you to soak in some fresh air and beauty of nature. 


1. Sanjay Van

Most runners prefer this place for a great morning run as the evergreen environment of this city forest seems like a perfect place. This place dwells in the finest beauty of nature apart from that it is also a home to various species of birds. This area is also termed as haunted by localities so a morning run should be ideal. It's advisable to run here in small groups as per safety concerns. The area is about 10 square kilometers.

sanjay van


2. Lodhi Garden

Embrace the beauty of our monuments and flower beds while you run through this beautiful garden.The area is about 2.2 km long with various slopes. It has several elevations which will make your running session a little advance - Nothing comes easy right? An evening run should be ideal.



3. Aravalli Bio-Diversity Park

This one is easily accessible from the Mehrauli Gurgaon Road - It has got all covered for you from cycling track, walking-track, bio-reserves, water tank and so much more. You'll find this place crowded with runners and walkers so as to safety concerns it's recommended for women runners too. The forest covers around 692 acres - suffice for runners and walkers for a good run. Trekkers are also welcome!



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4. India Gate

Don't expect a running track here but ample space for you to get a crazy adrenaline rush and pump up yourself for a great run. You'll always find this area crowded but then it's safe for women runners as well. It's one of the top places where the majority of the Delhi marathons flag off. We highly recommend this one as it's in the heart of the city and environment is highly motivating with hundreds of people working out early in the morning.



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5. Embassy area, Chanakyapuri

This one again doesn't have a running track but definitely an adequate environment for an evening jogging session or a morning run. The area has concrete roads and nicely manicured parks - Morning time is ideal for a good run as the roads get occupied with traffic after a while.



6. Malcha Mehal

Malcha Mehal is a part of the Central Ridge Reserve Forest. Similar to Sanjay Van this one has also been acknowledged as one of the haunted places so it's usually less crowded. But, it surely offers an offbeat 5km long jogging track as well as running track. 



7. Gurgaon Faridabad Road

Train the extensive way with the uphill and downhill sides of this road for an advanced run. The greenery alongside seems favorable for an offbeat running place like this one. An early morning run should work just fine as there's hardly any traffic and safety is always important.



8. Leisure Valley (Gurgaon)

This one is surely a favorite for residents of Gurgaon as this one has got it all you've been looking for - A cafe which runs of solar power, a special play area for children, running/jogging track and of course a mesmerizing garden with beautiful flower beds. It's spread over 25 acres - what else can we ask for?



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9. Jahanpana Forest

This forest cover an extensive area vis Saket, Tughlaqabad Extension, Gk, and Alaknanda. It's one of the places which a challenging track when it comes to running and jogging but a preferred one. You'll come across several people jogging/running over this almost 7km long track. Be aware of your path you might just get lost in here. The impeccable flora and fauna will amaze you with its beauty.



10. Nehru Park

Lace up your running shoes and get ready for to cover a great distance at The Nehru Park. Get away from the hustle bustle of the city and workout in this evergreen environment with well-maintained lawns and soak yourself in some fresh air. You'll find motivation at it's best here as they also have an open gym at this park where you'll witness a lot of fitness fanatics.



11. Noida Stadium 

Wanna practice for an upcoming marathon? You can't find a better place than this one. The running track is mostly gravel and easy on legs - you can totally expect a smooth run. It's time to run your heart at one of the best stadiums for an exciting running session.



12. Deer Park

Tucked inside the populated Hauz Khas territory is greenery finished with a committed region for deer and nilgai. An incredible place for the individuals who have a close association with their running shoes. As the name, Deer Park in Delhi is home to a great number of Deer, making it a well-known for the end of the week picnics. It is a superb choice for apprentices as there are informational sign boards delineating different activities for sprinters. It is likewise associated with Hauz Khas District Park and Rose Garden which makes it one of the biggest stops in Delhi. 



13. Rai Pithora Garden

Rai Pithora Garden inundates the Fort of Rai Pithora built in twelfth century by the Chauhan ruler, Prithviraj Chauhan. Noteworthy, yet modern in the present day, the Rai Pithora Garden in Malviya Nagar, Delhi is a standout amongst the most tranquil spots for a morning run. It's an extraordinary place to run and think. 



14. Siri Fort

Situated in the core of South Delhi,Siri Fort is a standout amongst the most mainstream goals for those searching for a decent run destination. This park has the ideal track which won't affect your joints much and thus is the decision of numerous general sprinters. Situated in Delhi's "exclusive class zone", NDMC keeps planning here different shows consistently called 'Music in the Park'. So, music devotee sprinters, stamp your domain in this delightful and heartfelt stop of the city. 



15. Swarn Jayanti Park (Japanese Park)

This lavish green stop is kept up by Delhi Development Authority (DDA). Plenteous greenery, clean strolling ways, and lakes with bright water crafts make Japanese Park a publicly praised picnic spot of Delhi. Run for end of the week with kids and enjoy.



16. Raj Ghat

We as a whole are very much aware of the recorded essentialness of Rajghat. In the event that you go to Rajghat early morning, you'll be left startled by seeing exactly what number of individuals in Delhi love to remain fit. Running here is a quieting knowledge and filled with a calm experience. 



17. Bonta Park

In the event if your mind portrays lavish greenery and remoteness when you consider running, at that point of time, this is the place to be. Arranged close to the North Campus, Bonta Park is frequented by energetic joggers and the individuals who need to invest quality time and energy in nature's lap. 



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Q: What are the common mistakes runners make?

A: Increasing your speed and distance at the same point, wearing heavy gear, improper posture, not taking days off from the routine encourages injuries, swinging hands too much and landing on their heels.


Q: What are the benefits of Running?

A: It helps to relieve stress, strengthens your lungs, prevents high blood pressure, strengthens the immune system and brings increased joint strength and stability.