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Be The One To Call The Shots With These Tequila Brands

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - July 27, 2020 8 min read

I don't know about you, but all my nights that have involved tequila, are either still reminisced about fondly, or recalled while wondering how I am still alive. Interestingly enough, the presence of tequila is often a common element in both the best party moments of our life and some of the most regrettable decisions we've made. But never mind the latter, because we all know what a hoot the night will turn into, the moment one of our friends pops the inevitable question, "let's do shots of tequila, guys?!" 

With an origin history traced back primarily to Mexico (there's literally a city called Tequila)De, the exotic spirit of tequila is made of extracts from the Blue Agave plant. And when any enthusiast is out looking for the best tequila around, they're bound to be greeted by an overwhelmingly wide variety of spirits, differing in colour, quality, ageing process and a host of other factors. The number of tequila brands available in the market is also staggering, with some falling under the category of best sipping tequila meant to be enjoyed neat, while others can be pitted under tequilas for cocktails. So, picking the best tequila for yourself and whoever you plan on drinking it with, can be a daunting affair, to say the least. 



Don't get all worked up. We are here because we want to help. From the large pool of good tequila brands in the market, if we narrow down the 10 best tequila brands for you, the choice becomes simpler, doesn't it? But before we get that, let's brief you on the five types of tequila in the market. 


1. Blanco Tequila (Silver)

Blanco Tequila is a clear white spirit, that's bottled and packaged immediately after distillation. This is tequila in its purest form, the closest expression of the agave's natural flavours. 


2. Joven Tequila (Gold) 

Rarer than the other types, but exciting nonetheless, Joven tequila is in its basic form, a Blanco tequila blended with other aged tequilas. This type is usually coloured with caramel, syrups, or other additives. 


3. Reposado (Aged) 

Also known as rested or aged tequila, Reposado is what becomes of Blanco tequila after being stored in American or French oak barrels. Reposado Tequila is the bridging point between the flavours of young Blanco tequilas and the complexity of Añejo tequilas. 


4. Añejo (Extra Aged)

Tequila that has been stored and left to mature in a barrel for longer than a Reposado, is an Añejo Tequila. It's aged for a period ranging between 1 to 3 years and takes on a darker form and richer taste due to its prolonged interaction with the wood. 


5. Extra Añejo (Extra, Extra Aged) 

Tequila aged in a barrel for more than 3 years, qualifies as an Extra Añejo Tequila. It comes with a smoother taste than the other subcategories of Tequila, and is usually placed at a higher price point. 


Now that you're familiar with the broad categories in your options, let's jump into the list of the top tequila brands in India. 


1. Patrón 


Patrón Tequila Price In India 

Gran Patrón Burdeos Tequila - INR 42,000 (Approx.) for 750 ml. 

Tequila Patrón XO Cafe - INR 7,428 for 750ML


Patrón Tequila Alcohol Content 

40% ABV


Image Courtesy - Digiday


One of the most famous tequila brands not just in the country but across the globe, Patrón Tequila is known for inducing brilliant memories, and a blank memory slate. Produced in Mexico from the core of the Blue Agave plant, Patrón Tequila can be safely filed under the best tequilas for downing in the form of shots. Patrón Silver is one of the hottest spirits you will spot in the market, while Patrón Reposado is known for its beautiful balance of flavours like caramel, honey and spice. 


2. El Capo 


El Capo Tequila Price In India

El Capo Extra-Aged Anejo Tequila - INR 10,000 (Approx.) for 750 ml. 


El Capo Tequila Alcohol Content

40 % ABV


Image Courtesy - Pinterest


The Extra Aged El Capo Tequila is on the luxury end of top shelf tequila brands, and is considered to be one of the most reputed tequilas in Mexico. El Capo Silver is adored for its pronounced Blue Agave flavours, with citrusy notes and hints of peppers. Another variant, El Capo Tequila Anejo, is a 100% Agave tequila, aged for a period of up to 9 months that lends it its intricate balance of freshness and complexity. 


3. Jose Cuervo


Jose Cuervo Tequila Price In India

Tequila Jose Cuervo Especial Reposado - INR 4,438 for 750 ml. 

Tequila Jose Cuervo Especial Silver - INR 3,578 for 750 ml. 


Jose Cuervo Tequila Alcohol Content 

38 to 40% ABV


Image Courtesy - RetailDetail


Jose Cuervo is one of the best tequila brands in the world, one that's been producing the spirit since as far back as 1795! It's one of the world's first tequilas, and also regularly features under the best selling tequila brands. Tequila Cuervo Especial is a joven tequila made from a blend of aged and younger tequilas. The Especial Silver variant in Jose Cuervo Tequila is a double-distilled spirit with a fresh and clear aroma, and a crisp, clean taste. 


4. Sierra 


Sierra Tequila Price In India

Sierra Tequila Reposado - INR 4,207 for 700 ml. 

Sierra Tequila Silver - INR 3,805 for 700 ml.


Sierra Tequila Alcohol Content

38% ABV


Image Courtesy - Liquor Barons


One of the most loved tequila brands in India, Sierra Tequila is known for its remarkable quality, and ability to make the perfect glass of Margarita and other classic tequila cocktails. Sierra Tequila's Silver variant is extremely smooth and elegant, while the golden Reposado form is delicate, mild, and pleasing to all your senses. 



5. Sauza 


Sauza Tequila Price In India

Sauza Tequila Silver - INR 4,050 for 700 ml. 

Sauza Tequila Gold - INR 3,800 for 700 ml. 


Sauza Tequila Alcohol Content 

40% ABV 


Image Courtesy - Twitter


Sauza Tequila is one of the more affordable quality tequila brands, and thus it's no surprise that you'll probably spot a bottle in most liquor stores you visit. Every bottle of Sauza Tequila is recognised for carrying a distinct, fresh, and natural agave flavour, and all the variants are double distilled in copper pot stills. 


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6. Pepe Lopez


Pepe Lopez Tequila Price In India

Tequila Pepe Lopez Premium Silver - INR 3,600 for 750 ml. 


Pepe Lopez Tequila Alcohol Content

40% ABV 


Image Courtesy - Wore Out


You know a Tequila is going to be as close to authentic as possible, when it's produced in a town with the same name! Pepe Lopez is one of the most popular tequila brands in India, one that's bit value for money. Pepe Lopez Silver Tequila is created by pairing together natural spring water and mature blue agave plants of exceptional quality, followed by a double distillation process to ensure the freshest of tastes. 


7. Don Angel 


Don Angel Tequila Price In India

Tequila Don Angel Oro - INR 3,083 for 700 ml. 

Tequila Blanco Don Angel - INR 2,724 for 700 ml. 


Don Angel Tequila Alcohol Content

38% ABV


Image Courtesy - Behance


Packed with bright, vibrant Agave characters, Don Angel Tequila is the ideal ingredient to add into most classic tequila cocktails. The spirit by Don Angel comes with excellent complexity and balance of flavours, and a powerful, crisp taste. The Blanco variant is a clear coloured 100% agave tequila, while Oro is a light golden coloured liquid made by blending together blanco tequila and 100% reposado or añejo tequila. 


8. Don Julio


Don Julio Tequila Price In India 

Don Julio Blanco Tequila - INR 2,972 for 750 ml. 


Don Julio Tequila Alcohol Content 

40% ABV


Image Courtesy - Pinterest


Don Julio is the largest tequila brand in the world in terms of value, and amongst the top 8 by volume. Often dubbed to be the world's first taste of a luxury tequila brand, made from fully matured and ripened blue agave found in the clay soils of the Los Altos region in Mexico. The Blanco tequila by Don Julio is known for its fruity and pleasantly sweet flavours, and citrusy notes. Don Julio Tequila is incredibly smooth and offers the best quality one can get within the price range. 


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9. La Chica


La Chica Tequila Price In India

Tequila Blanco La Chica - INR 2,407 for 700 ml. 


La Chica Tequila Alcohol Content

38% ABV 


Image Courtesy - Carousell


One of the most budget-friendly tequila brands out there, what makes La Chica Tequila exceptional is its simplicity and elegance as a spirit. The delightfully crisp and clear La Chica Blanco works perfectly in pitchers of Margaritas, and practically all mixed Tequila serves. The finish of La Chica Blanco Tequila is immensely easy, warm and earthy. 


10. DesmondJi 


DesmondJi Tequila Price In India

DesmondJi 100% Agave INR 1,980 for 750 ml. 

DesmondJi Blue Curacao INR 1,552 for 750 ml.

DesmondJi Margarita - INR 1,474 for 750 ml. 


DesmondJi Tequila Alcohol Content

37.14% ABV


Image Courtesy - Pinterest


DesmondJi is a stellar Indian spirits brand, that offers five pleasant agave-based spirits. While the homegrown liquor brand can't officially call its products Tequila (since they're not produced in Mexico), DesmondJi's spirits come as close to the real thing as possible. DesmondJi is owned by Agave India, which is touted to be the country's first micro-distillery, and is located in Andhra Pradesh. 

Now that we've listed the best Tequila brands for you, there won't be any poor choices on your part. Just pour decisions. *wink* 


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