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15 Best Photographers Every Bride-To-Be Must Follow For Their Pre Wedding Shoot

By Anubha Das

Updated - May 9, 20249 min read

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India has a large number of wedding photographers to choose from. There is a photographer for every style of the bride and every budget of the wedding. Whether you are looking for someone to shoot your engagement session, wedding or have your pre-wedding shoot, all of the photographers on our list are exceptional and would be a great choice for your big day.  Please note that this list is not in any particular order.


1. Radha Swami Photography

Radha Swami Photography is a team of photographers who believe in stories; stories of love. With an exceptional sense of timing in order to accurately capture real life moments, they wind up having the most amazing pre-wedding shoots apart from the photography of the main event-the wedding. pre-wedding-photographer

Instagram: Radha Swami Photography  



2. Memory Lanes Productions


Memory Lanes production is a team of storytellers who specializes in wedding photography. Their love for shutter and unbridled passion of clicking pictures worth telling a thousand stories makes them one of the best wedding photographers in India. Bringing the world of colours and putting them in the reel world is done amazingly by them. Their team is deployed in events full of creative enthusiasm and exploratory zeal. Their goal is not to create an album or a film, but to create memorabilia that when the bride looks at it, she'll feel unique and wonderful.pre-wedding-shootbest-wedding-photographers-india


Instagram: Memory Lanes Productions


3. AnbuJawahar-Weddings


People say that the best wedding photographs are the one that is stylish, full of romance and which shows the enjoyment of life and people. Anbu Jawahar views wedding and pre-wedding shoots as a way to explore the world of the people getting married and his love for the wedding photography is displayed in each genuine and emotional image. His sense of class and style makes him one of the best wedding photographers in India today. pre-wedding-shoot-best-wedding-photographers-india


Instagram: AnbuJawahar-Weddings


4. The Wedding Salad


This team has the most interesting story of how they started their venture into the world of pre-wedding shoots. The Wedding Salad started merely as a wedding gift photography for a bride and groom but now they are a team of photographers natural, creative, photogenic, cinematic and live-forever memories for the wedding couple and their family. Having photographed more than 75 weddings their ability to capture natural joy and intimacy in an unobtrusive manner results in gorgeous images that reflect contemporary and evocative style. pre-wedding-shoot-best-wedding-photographers-india


Instagram: The Wedding Salad


5. Weddings By Sephi Bergerson

Based in Goa, Sephi Bergerson is a dedicated lifestyle and documentary photographer. He does whatever it takes to ensure that the couples receive mind-blowing photos that accurately portray the emotion felt on the happiest day of their lives. The photographs the weddings in a way that captures the essence of the day and hopes that the images will make them laugh, smile and cry. His capturing candid photograph is non-intrusive, so the clients can enjoy their big day and produce candid shots with pure emotions. pre-wedding-shoot-best-wedding-photographers-india


Instagram: Weddings By Sephi Bergerson


6. The Photo Diary by Monisha


Monisha is the founder of The Photo Diary who a very talented photographer in bringing out the real emotions of the couple and profoundly concentrates on the tiny details to make their wedding a memorable one for them. They have a unique way of showing the love and romance, trying out new and innovative things accordingly. 


Instagram: The Photo Diary by Monisha


7. Morvi Images 

The team of Morvi Images loves the art, the science, and the sheer joy of every perfect frame, driven by two passions: meeting new people, and capturing beautiful images. Being one of the most well-known and celebrated wedding photographers who enjoy the level of trust that is involved when it comes to photographing someone’s wedding. They believe in capturing all of the beautiful moments that are shared at each unique event like the pre-wedding shoot, engagement, mehendi, sangeet, wedding day and so on.pre-wedding-shoot-best-wedding-photographers-india


Instagram: Morvi Images 


8. WeddingNama By Ankita & Akash


WeddingNama started by Ankita and Akash is that team who strives for emotional as well as creative photos to tell a story from beginning to end so that the images will make the wedding come alive. Their ability to make the bride and the groom along with their family so comfortable that they connect on a personal level with them and that's how their shoots connect with their clients and make them one of the best wedding photographers in India.pre-wedding-shoot-best-wedding-photographers-india

Instagram: WeddingNama By Ankita & Akash


9. Shades Photography


Making it the aim of the Shades team to show the exquisite and creative side of shooting for the wedding. They believe it’s not only about good-looking pictures, but the meaning they created years after the special day. Apart from Ashwin and Jhalak’s professional touch to their work, their personality and friendliness add the icing on the cake. With an artistic, modern, documentary-style of storytelling, the team of Shades Photography results in gorgeous imagery that is both lifelike and heartfelt.pre-wedding-shoot-best-wedding-photographers-india


Instagram: Ashwin & Jhalak-Shades Photography


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10. Cupcake Production 


Co-Founded by the husband and wife duo Shruti Khanna and Jayant Chhabra, their Cupcake PRoduction captures a wedding in its most natural form. They believe that since each and every wedding is different, each and every way of capturing their emotions should also be different. Their trick into getting such amazing wedding photograph is doing a lot of personal research by talking to the couple and accordingly coming up with innovative ideas.pre-wedding-shoot-best-wedding-photographers-india


Instagram: Cupcake Production 


11. Indian Wedding Buzz


Indian Wedding Buzz is driven by the pride of being the great storyteller who believes in capturing the wedding photographs in those moments where pure emotions are displayed. This makes the bride and groom connect with the pictures later on. Their team tends to capture photos that bring the wedding and party to life and showcase how much fun everyone is having. They are also exceptionally good with the pre-wedding shoots.pre-wedding-shoot-best-wedding-photographers-india


Instagram: Indian Wedding Buzz


12. Reels And Frames


Reels and Frames are award-winning cinematography and photography team based in Mumbai whos gravity-defying candid-wedding photography focuses on every single detail. For them, a great photograph is a combination of a special moment, beautiful light, unique location, and dynamic composition all combined to produce the photographic emotions making them one of the famous wedding photographers in India.pre-wedding-shoot-best-wedding-photographers-india

Instagram: Reels And Frames 




From shooting the most known faces of Bollywood like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Priyanka Chopra to giving us the inside scoop of the Priyanka-Nick Jonas bonding with Sonam Kapoor and her husband, they are also the best wedding photographers in India. Their goal is to provide beautiful, honest photos that represent true moments and that will be cherished for generations. And for them, it’s the people, moments, emotions, and all the little details that come together which brings life to the wedding photographs.




14. The Curious Creators


Being new to the game of wedding photography, The curious creators are a team of very talented photographers delivering their service all over India who's photographs speak for themselves. Creating a beautiful and romantic story which makes each moment of the bride and groom a memorable one. The goal of the Curious Creators is to surprise you with dreamlike photographic products that will surely melt everyone's heart while going through the wedding photographs.pre-wedding-shoot-best-wedding-photographers-india

Instagram: The Curious Creators


15. Bugzy Photography


Making you fall in love with love through their photographs, Bugzy Photography owned by Bhagyashree is doing great in capturing the cute and romantic moments of the bride and the groom. They capture all the moments leaving none to be missed out. The photographs are so beautiful and full of emotions that even after decades and generations the bride and groom will still get nostalgic while looking at their wedding photographs.pre-wedding-shoot-best-wedding-photographers-india


Instagram: Bugzy Photography


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Q: How much does a wedding photographer cost?

A: It depends on various things such as Your location, Number of sessions of Shoot, Services types, etc.


Q: How to set a budget for wedding photography?

A: It all depends on two factors – one, how much emphasis and priority you place on wedding photography; and, two, how much you have allocated towards the photography & cinema cost.