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6 Weight-Loss Supplements & Drinks You Can't Say No To!

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - May 9, 20245 min read

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"My metabolism is so messed up. I can pine-down a whole fudge for a midnight snack and wake up having lost weight. So annoying!" Robin Schrebatsky from How I Met Your Mother was God's favourite. But I don't think a lot of us are that blessed. And also, she was a fictional character from our beloved sitcom who made every girl or for that matter... every human angry who's metabolism isn't capable of doing the same.


Okay! I am one of them and this is personal. However, this comes as no news that losing weight is 10 times more difficult than gaining it. The days when I could eat the whole world without paying much heed to what and where of it were golden and of course of my childhood. 



But today, there's so much junk in the air that it's next to impossible to not get drawn to it. But, the heart wants what it wants. And in this case, a healthy body that wouldn't be a tourist spot for illnesses caused by an excess of fat to drop by whenever they feel like. Now, working out is a good idea. Cutting down on your calories is even better. Nonetheless, there's no shame in admitting that everybody needs help. Especially when losing stubborn fat from our body.



So, here it is. A list of the best weight-loss supplements & drinks from the best brands in India all ready to assist you.


1. Dr Vaidya's Weight Reduction Pack

Price: INR 649


Two ayurvedic formulations along with a pack of Kabaj Pill by Dr Vaidya's is a chemical-free deal that will not only help in the reduction of bad cholesterol but also trigger the process of weight loss in the body. The Lipoherb capsules help in the management of lipid metabolism while the other act as a fat burner. The entire idea behind this package deal is to achieve weight loss by increasing the metabolism rate. It's a no side-effect weight loss supplement that you can try. 

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2. Kapiva Meal Replacement Slim Shake Chocolate

Price: INR 1,099


India's first meal replacement drink by Kapiva is an amalgamation of 6 ayurvedic herbs - Garcinia, green tea, green coffee bean powder, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon and Boswellia, and 25 essential vitamins & minerals. The Garcinia suppresses appetite and blocks the production of new fat while green tea boosts metabolism and helps break-down excess fat. This chocolate shake is a 100% vegan drink with zero side-effects and no artificial fragrances or taste enhancers. More than that, this weight loss recipe is low in calories, low in fibre and rich in protein. Everything in the shake is potioned to promote healthy loss of weight. And every scoop is stacked with the goodness of 12 superfoods. 

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3. Bipha Ayurveda Garcinia Combogia Capsules From Health & Glow

Price: INR 790


Searching for natural and safe weight loss supplements? End your quest with Bipha Ayurveda Garcinia Cambogia capsules. It's a herbal care formula for weight management that also contains HCA as an active ingredient. In tandem with regulating blood sugar level, HCA enables effective weight loss by controlling the metabolism of the body with no possible side-effects. Include them in your diet and daily workout sessions for the best results. 

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4. &Me GoSlim Weight loss drink

Price: INR 1,050 for a pack of 15


&Me GoSlim weight loss drink takes you on a healthy weight loss journey with a guaranteed drop of 2 to 4 kgs in 3 months with regular consumption. This drink is a holy grail for people struggling with stubborn fat. Not only this formula helps in burning the fat but controls appetite and improves metabolism. It also contains 25 herbal ingredients such as green coffee beans, green tea, garcinia, Cambogia and plant proteins necessary to burn fat. It's a sugar-free drink with endless benefits that promote healthy weight loss. 

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5. GHC Herbs Weight Loss - Natural Fat Burner Supplement From Seniority

Price: INR 495


With the goodness of grape seed, piperine extracts and so on... this weight loss supplement is a natural formula for reducing weight by improving the metabolism of the body and suppressing the storage formation of fatty cells. It's also safe to say that this supplement contains no harmful chemicals and mainly works by improving the appetite control of the body. Furthermore, it even supports the body's ability to adapt & recover from the physical and mental stress of weight loss. 

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6. Inlife Green Coffee Bean Extract Capsule From 1mg

Price: INR 390


A weight loss supplement with the benefits of green coffee beans and Chlorogenic Acid is a tried & tested formula for losing weight. Each capsule is a 1000 mg extraction of unroasted green coffee bean and 50% Chlorogenic Acid. This combo helps in the metabolization of fat along with preventing unwanted fat to get stored in the body. And this happens without disturbing the healthy stress level. If you're looking for healthy weight loss in a pill, this one will serve the purpose just right. 


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It's okay to ask for help especially when letting go of extra fat and weight. Thanks to these weight loss supplements from some of the best brands in India.