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6 Best Book Cafes In Pune For The Literary Mind: Let the reading begin!

By Arushi Bhalla

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 4 min read

Grab a corner with your favorite book and a cup of coffee. Sounds soothing, right? It is the most subtle and easy way to get away from the hustle-bustle of the city. This one is for all the bookworms in the city, you are about to experience some book-gasm! Here are the 6 best book cafes in Pune that are happy to host all the book lovers. So, just get your coffee the way you like it and indulge yourself into an amazing bookish treat. 


This is one of the coziest and cutest book cafe in Pune, not only the name but the cafe's interiors are also quite adorable. Even though space is a bit small but who needs all the space when you have your all-time favorite book in one hand and piping hot coffee in the other. The food tastes like home food over here making this place ideal for a scrumptious meal. Not only this, it is a pet-friendly cafe. Apart from the amazing books and interior, you must try their delish cheesecake. Can we ask anything more from a book cafe? Guess, No! 


Cushion, book, good food and the comfortable couch is what defines Waari Book cafe Pune. This is the most beautiful and comfortable book cafe in Pune; you just can't visit this place once, you will be forced to come again due to the homeliness vide of this cafe. This is a book cafe where owners can exchange books, suggest good reads and borrow or lend as well as having an amazing meal. 


The name of this cafe describes every book cafe ever! You just can't find any book cafe as homely as this one, the interiors and lots of books make it another universe for the bookworms. This is quite a paradise for all the book lovers because of its homely interiors and an amazing collection of books. All you have to do is, Eat.Read.Repeat! This not only the best book cafe in Pune but they have quite an extensive book collection too.


This cafe is a paradise for book lovers! This place allows the customers to pick a book of their choice, sit down, relax and order something to eat or drink while spend some quality time. Not only the book collection is remarkable but the food is also absolutely scrumptious. A book lover will definitely regret not visiting this best book cafe in Pune.



Hot chocolate and reading your choice of book by the window? Sounds like a plan! The concept of this cafe is a bit formal due to its formal seating and a classic coffee counter is ready to serve you. The book collection is a bit special because the books are according to the owner's personal choice. Isn't it interesting? A real book lover will never miss out on this remarkable book cafe in Pune.


Unlike other book cafes, this one is quite spacious, they have an extensive menu and every dish on the menu is totally delish. They have tried to cover almost all genres in books but still if you can't find your choice of book, they might provide you with a kindle. The ambiance is colourful and bright and the cafe is sure to secure a place on your list of favourite go-to places in town! This is one of the best book cafes in Pune.


So, pull a chair, pour a fresh cup of coffee and get ready to fall in love with these awe-inspiring cafes that are just perfect for any book lover.


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