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5 Childhood Classics You Can Now Read On Kindle

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Aug. 9, 2021 3 min read

If for so long, you've managed to maintain a vocal stand against e-books and instead dedicate all your love to good old paperbacks, I have just 3 words for you: I feel you. Believe me, if getting my hands on the hard copies of books I want to read, was as simple as it was at the beginning of this year, there'd be no room for discussion. But the truth is, it's not. 


So what I resorted to instead, was scouring the Internet for online PDFs and e-book copies of interesting reads. And soon enough it became apparent that while I'll always be a paperback girl, online books are a lot cheaper, convenient, and quicker to obtain. To help you modify your reading habits, and shift mediums as we did, here's a list of 5 childhood classics that will comfort you during these trying times, and can now easily be found on Kindle. 


1. Amar Chitra Katha 

This classic treasure trove of the most captivating stories and tales is now available in the form of several Amazon Kindle e-books. You can choose a genre that appeals to your reading sensibilities, whether it's the inspiring stories of celebrated visionaries or tales from Indian mythology. From Birbal's wisdom to Buddha's philosophy, the Amar Chitra Katha e-book collection has stories for all reading palettes. 


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2. A Tale of Two Cities

Any world of Charles Dickens is always worth getting lost in, and when you get a convenient, e-book ticket to one, why would you ever say no? This classic historical novel is now available on Amazon as a Kindle edition, which means you can re-visit the unforgettable journey of living through this story, with just a few clicks on your computer.


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3. The Adventures of Robin Hood

Converted into a digital format with the objective of increasing worldwide access to this riveting collection, the adventures of our favourite rebel and hero from English folklore, can now be found online. Time to transport back to Merrie Olde England for free, and with convenience. 


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4. Sherlock Holmes 

Amazon has the entire Sherlock Holmes collection including all of the 9 books in the series, in a pocket-friendly Kindle format. When you compare the price with what you're getting in exchange, it quickly becomes clear that this is an absolute steal of a deal. This e-book collection has the potential to become your reliable source of comfort for the upcoming days of social distancing and self-isolation. 


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5. SpongeBob Goes to the Doctor 

Last, but not the least, if there comes a time when you can't help but feel overwhelmed with what's happening around the world, here's an assured ticket to a riot of laughter. Spongebob Squarepants is now sharing his chronicles on Amazon in the form of e-books. This Kindle edition is also great for keeping younger children entertained for hours on end. 


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E-book copy of our beloved childhood classic, or an easy time machine? It's both! 


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