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Fashion Lookbook For Men: Diwali Outfit Ideas To Slay The Festive Look

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Oct. 28, 2020 5 min read

The brightest, most lively Hindu festival is just around the corner and you better be dressed for it. Not for anyone else but yourself. Now, I'll admit this year was rather dim and getting ready isn't something on the top of your priority list but that doesn't mean your Diwali outfit should turn out to be boring or worse... last years.


Now guys, be honest... if I were to walk into your closet right this instant do you think there's a piece of clothing that goes with Diwali 2020? If your answer is no, you have some shopping to do. And to inspire this well-planned spree, here are a few handpicked Diwali outfits ideas for men, that will not personify your heart's compassion but also highlight your soul's enigmatic anatomy.


1. Basic Dhoti Kurta

The first name that comes to mind with the mention of ethnic wear is a Kurta. But little do we know that there are tonnes of options when we choose to go around it. But in my opinion, the safest way to go about wearing Kurtas is to pick a printed one. Not only it adds a little splash but also saves you the trouble of accessorizing too much. Now, moving down to the bottoms, a plain Dhoti is a frivolity and tradition every guy should don into, at least during the festive seasons. And finally, complete your Diwali look with black or brown sandals or Kolhapuris.  

Dhoti Kurta

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


2. Asymmetrical Nehru Jacket

Who doesn't love Nehru jackets huh? They go well with almost everything you wear beneath. Adding such a layer of fashion and that too a pretty offbeat one is sure to work wonders for your Diwali look. Now, I don't have anything against the basic Nehru Jackets but it's Diwali 2020 guys and nothing will ever get you the attention your outfit deserves until it's different and quirky. Thus, behold this beautiful asymmetrical Nehru Jacket with even tasteful thread & mirror work. Pair it with a plain white kurta dhoti/pyjama set, brown mules and you're good to go.  

Asymm Nehru Jacket

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


3. Printed Kurta + Jacket Combo

Being exuberant about the latest fashion is one of the many ways to explicate your confidence. Those who are aware of the latest trends, yes the chic ones, mostly rise to the occasion. Their persona is something that the world looks up to. And to be what you are, by displaying the wish and desire to look different yet the best is the true meaning of festive couture. Just like this out-of-the-box ensemble. A printed mid-length kurta styled with a basic black traditional jacket, white straight pants and black monks. Now, I might not be a certified fashion designer or critique but with my fair share of fashion blogging, I can safely say that this look... right here is a masterpiece. Not too much yet very plush and uptown. 

Printed Kurta

Image Courtesy: Pinterest



4. Long Jacket + Kurta + Straight Pants

Your intention to make a statement this Diwali should directly relate to the efforts you are willing to put in your festive outfit. The more you search, the better you'd look. But now... it's time to call off the search because I've found you an outfit that's not only super comfy but very poised. A floral long jacket with plain kurta and white straight pants. This is a marriage made in heaven. Every new layer complements the older one and while you're wearing this, all eyes would be on you. Although a simple piece of advice, keep your footwear less blingy as it may steal focus from your entire look. Other than that, I think you're ready to rock Diwali 2020.  

Long Jacket

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


5. Printed Short Kurta

Comfort is always a major element of fashion, and to feel comfortable is being trendy in itself. Just as this printed short kurta with dark shade chinos and shoes. So, if there's a part of you who still wishes to keep your Diwali outfit on the mellow side, this combination will serve you right. But on the other hand, if you'd like, there are a lot of ways to accessorize this standard look. Firstly, you can add beaded bracelets or a basic watch. Secondly, in the place of these dark chinos, try a white dhoti instead. Lastly, don't forget to trade these awfully casual shoes with a nice Kolhapuri Chappals. That's it. Happy Diwali to you guys!

Printed Short kurta

Image Courtesy: Fabindia


6. Chikankari Kurtas

Chikankari Kurtas have my heart for always, thus I never take their name in vain. Far more elegant than the basic kurtas, Chikankari is a work of art every guy should own in the form of a traditional outfit along with loose-fit bottoms. Not only this makes you look fine but keeps your super comfortable. It offers radiance and sophistication missing from the other ethnic wear for men and I think this might be the best option if you're too shy to experiment and still wishes to look amazing. In conclusion, wear these on your Diwali celebration and be the hit of your party. 

Chikankari Kurta

Image Courtesy:


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7. Asymmetric Kurtas

What's new in the fashion street, trail cut uppers! If you've not come across any lately, then you don't belong to the world of fashion. The trail cut goes just fine with everything you throw along. But the trick lies in choosing the colours. Go for solids and darker shades and contrasting bottoms. In the end, complete the look with a pair of traditional footwear, Juttis, sandals or simple Kolahpuris. Defining fashion and comfort on the same page, this combination is right out of the fashion lookbook for you!

Asymmetric kurta

Image Courtesy: Manyavar


8. White Dhoti + Traditional Jacket

Okay! This is an odd but a rather funky Diwali outfit idea even for me but I'd still recommend it. For all the guys who don't fit into the category of ethnic wear, this dhoti+jacket combination is a saviour. It's a fusion outfit you've all been waiting for. Now, you can totally experiment with the colours in those layers but if you ask me... I'd keep it to a darker shade on the inside and very pastel, creamy shades on the outside. And as far as the footwear is concerned, my advice, go for some basic earthy brogues.

Dhoti Jacket

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Diwali makes for the epitome of Indian festivities. And for even the slightest tint of this celebration, decking up your look is the least you can do for yourself.       


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