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Fashion Lookbook For Men - Diwali Outfits To Slay The Festive Look

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 7 min read

Diwali festivities entice one and all in a communed feeling of happiness. Maybe that's why they're called festivals, as the entire world around you celebrates it. You splurge love on your family and somewhere in the middle of all this, your own wishes and desires fade away. There comes a time when you need to do the bit for yourself. Apart from buying smiles for everyone around, there's a dire need to take a step towards your happiness as well. 


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And when it comes to men, there's only so much that can be done. As for men, celebrations confine in the happiness of others and although, which is reason enough to feel happy, yet there are things you can do about it as well. So this Diwali 2019, let's walk that extra mile, choose to pamper yourself and choose to look in the mirror and smile.


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Presenting Diwali outfits for men, that personify your heart's compassion & your soul's enigmatic anatomy.


Go Ethnic

Ethnicity defines your roots and being rooted is not dull and drab for your personality, but you can swag it up with a wide range of couture available in the market. 


Kurta Pajamas

The first name that comes to mind with the mention of ethnic wear is a Kurta Pajama. But little do we know that there's a host of options available. From Chudidaars to Pants and Pathanis to Patiala bottoms, you can match a Kurta with so many different styles and colors to make it trendy. Just choose the one you feel comfortable in and carry it off this Diwali with poise and pose a coveted stance to the world.

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Nehru Jackets

Who doesn't love Nehru jackets huh? They go well with almost everything you wear beneath. Adding such a layer of fashion to your outfit is sure to work wonders for your Diwali look. Just pair a floral printed one with a simple white Kurta Pajama and it will complete the look better than anything else. Or, you can go with a contrasting shirt or a tee beneath, a pair of nice & comfy Linnen pants and don't forget to go with those bright pastel hues that make for just the right connection with festive vibes.

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The Dhoti look is the new vogue in the air. Those who can carry it off good, would tell you how comfy it is and how great it looks, also, which can be perfectly perceived by the envious eyes around. Dhoti's as well go with almost everything above. A nice Khadi Kurta, maybe a short one instead, or a shirt and your Diwali look would surely be exclusive and fashionable if you choose to pair it with Dhoti pants or bottoms. 

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Comfortable Is The New Trend

Comfort is always a major element of fashion, and to feel comfortable is being trendy in itself. Wearing something comfortable, that makes you feel confident about yourself is sure to light up your personality in ways more than you can imagine. May it be a simple combination or something exclusive, being comfortable is something that's personally, the first priority in trending up! 


Denim it up!

A cool pair of Denim is loved by all! And don't even get me started about its comfort level. For all the fun & frolic you've planned for Diwali, it's probably your best mate on the eve. Also, it partners up perfectly with all kinds of colors and styles. To make it festive enough, just sprinkle a little culture here and there, and your Denim Diwali look is sure to set the stage on fire. How to do that? Well, a nice pair of Juttis below would catch some eyes, a bright Kurta above would do wonders and if you can layer it up with an ethnic printed tee, it's going to be just the look you needed. 

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Pastel-Colored Chinos And Whites Above

Pastel hues make your personality shout out aloud, yet nothing extravagant or outrageous. Chinos, ankle lengthed, paired with a white short length Kurta, a Shirt or a tee, is sure to keep you comfy through the evening and is festive enough for an occasion like Diwali. Sporting them with a pair of traditional Pehawari Sandals would definitely complete the look. A quick tip, go for the darker or mild shades of beige and skip the blacks this once.

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Shirts & Trousers Are Equally Good

Who says that shirts and trousers are to be kept for work? Well, they go equally well with the festive vibes too. A simple trick is to forget the stripes and checks for these days. Instead, wear solid shades and colors. A white Mandarin Collared shirt paired with a dark blue trouser is sure to rock your festive look. You can choose to flip it as well, you know, with something dark above and a milder Khakee shade below. Either way, it's comfortable enough and looks subtle and trendy, both at the same!

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For The Chic Ones

Being exuberant about the latest fashion is one of the many ways to explicate your confidence. Those who are aware of the latest trends, "The Chic Ones", mostly rise above the rest in a crowd of many. Their persona is something that the world looks up to. And to be what you are, by displaying the wish and desire to look different yet the best is the true meaning of festive couture! 


The Fashionista's Way

Festivals like Diwali call for extravagance in fashion. And those who like it Chic enough can always go for a full-blown effort at dressing up. To start with, choose the pair of coolest shoes first, put in elements of color here, casual or formal, choosing bright colored shoelaces would add some more fun to those dull ones as well. Stepping up to the bottoms, a nice pair of rugged denim or the trendiest pants in your wardrobe is sure to bring out an appeal. Further, do it with a round neck white tee, printed or embossed, a little bling won't harm but only add to the festive look in your personality. To make the clock stop for you, layer up a nice casual blazer, short in length, the lightest shade of grey or blue & something that's more in romance with the entire look and nothing all about itself. Voila! The showstopper's set! 

Image Courtesy: Lookastic


Those Quirky Trail Cut Kurtas & Sherwanis

What's new in the fashion street, trail cut uppers! If you've not come across any lately, then you don't belong to the world of fashion. The trail cut goes just fine with everything you throw along. But the trick lies in choosing the colors. Printed floral shades are a no-no with these. Instead, go for solids and darker shades! Go with contrasting bottoms and complete the look with a pair of traditional footwear, Juttis, sandals or simple Kolahpuris would be just as fine. Defining fashion and comfort on the same page, this combination is right out of the fashion lookbook for you!

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All Guns Blazing With Jodhpuri Suits

A Jodhpuri Suit is always fashionable for festivals like Diwali. Yet choosing something subtle and nothing too blingy is the key. Accessorizing it with a cool pocket square is also suggested, but even without it, it's just fine. Also, make sure that you pair it with a Rajasthani Jutti to complete the look. And your Diwali appearance is going to be far from quaint, but elegant and fashionable instead. For those who love to go all guns blazing, it paints an entire picture of your personality at once.


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Diwali makes for the epitome of Indian festivities. And for even the slightest tint of this celebration, decking up your look is the least you can do for yourself. Feeling bright and draped in the colorful madness of Diwali is sure to make this occasion a memory you won't give away that easy. So be what you've always wanted to be, comfortable, confident or exuberantly fashionable. This Diwali, it's your chance to feel completely alive and worthy!       





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