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Easy Exercises You Can Do at Home Before Buying a Gym Membership

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - May 9, 20243 min read

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We all desire to lead a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, most of us lack dedication. Now you can watch all the videos you want and read up as much as you can, but the real struggle is still... repetition! Once missed, it's hard to begin again. And the next thing you know, you already have an expensive gym membership to ensure continuity. 


Sure gyms will set you on the right track for a while but life will catch on quick. Today it's your friend's birthday, tomorrow it's an office thing and sooner than later, you wind up paying for nothing. 


But we have a better solution. Read on for 7 easy exercises that you can master at home before spending on gyms. 


1. Push-up

A superb exercise that will help you build your pectoral strength. Not only this, but it also helps in building your back, chest and arm strength. You can practice this anytime, anywhere. 


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2. Pull-Up

Pull-up is the exercise that is always mentioned in the list of gym tips since it is an inseparable part of the exercise routine. It is ultimately beneficial for building a strong body. It works on inner strength and core too! So, build a pull-up bar at your home and make the most out of it.


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3. Jump Rope

Revisit your childhood days for a fitter body. Jump rope is a terrific home exercise that is far easier and better than your gym routines. This exercise escalates your heart rate and works on your forearms and calves.

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4. Body Weight Squats

A squat is the base of all lower body exercises. It determines how well you walk, run, jump or lunge. Usually, people take this exercise lightly but trust me it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Many fail, so you need to get this right to build a strong foundation for your lower body.


5. Walking Lunges

Walking lunges is a great weapon that works on developing thigh muscles and strengthen the hips. It also looks to strengthen your hams, quads, glutes, lower back. In short, say hello to improved core strength.


6. Jogging In Place

Jogging can be done in a stationary position too. Now the question arises how it will benefit us? These are the best-recommended home exercises that will put gym tips to shame. It just increases the heart rate and is considered amongst the best warm-up exercises


7. Kick-Boxing

A surprise box among all home exercises, kickboxing comes with plenty of advantages. Kick-boxing burn more than 100 calories in 10 minutes when done right. It is good for mental health too as you learn to channelise your aggression. 


Get up and get going! Take the help of these easy exercises.