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Top 18 Food Bloggers In Bangalore Whose Instagram Feeds Will Give You Hunger Pangs

By Shubhangi Goel

Updated - May 9, 20249 min read

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You've got to follow these top 10 food bloggers in Bangalore as one scroll down through their feeds will give you major cravings for some delightful dishes. Let these food critics decide for the best!


1. Archana Doshi

Archana Doshi is India's leading recipe blogger curating magic in her kitchen through her recipes. She also has a food discovery platform which gives users a credible "DIY" solution for your everyday cooking. Needless to say, she loves cooking and it is her mission to encourage more people to enjoy cooking. She has a tremendous media presence and large community of followers. She has worked closely with many food brands as well. 




2. Nandita 

Are you a vegetarian and looking for a twist to your meal? If the answer is yes, you need to head to Nandita's blog The Saffron Trail. All about vegetarian home cooked food, her feed is sure to give even non-vegetarians major food goals. Also a writer of the book, The Everyday Healthy Vegetarian, Nandita has leveled up the cooking game with her recipes. Nandita is definitely one of the top food influencers in India who makes our crave for mouth-watering dishes made with such precision and art. 




3. Richa Gupta

Doing something that you love and turning it into your passion takes a lot of effort and confidence - We can totally say Richa Gupta nailed it when it comes to giving her readers a treat while going through her beautiful blog dedicated to scrumptious dishes. She has worked with several brands and got a huge number of followers which shows how foodies adore her feed and look forward to new posts. She's definitely one of the top food bloggers in Bangalore,you've got to follow for honest food reviews.




4. Nalini Gupta

Nalini Gupta is not just a food blogger but also a travel and lifestyle blogger giving us some major goals as to what to eat next or where to travel next. Her reviews are all you need to decide what you're going to eat next - one scroll through feed will take you to a foodie's paradise. We're already drooling over this chocolate popsicle! You've got to follow her to know what's new in Bangalore when looking for exquisite meals.




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5. Feeling Bites

A Duo by Abhinav And Drishti who created this beautiful blog which looks like a paradise for foodies. They've featured the most amazing dishes one can come across in Bangalore. We bet you, one will end up getting hunger pangs by scrolling through their feed as they've posted pictures of scrumptious dishes which will cause some major cravings when hunger calls. Their blog has to be on our list of top bloggers in Bangalore as missing out on them already feels like a crime.  




6. Naveen Suresh

If you're trying to find the best dishes in town then following Naveen Suresh should definitely on your list as he's got the best restaurants covered for you. You'll be amazed to see beautifully clicked pictures of tempting dishes which will make you drool. He's got everything covered from quick-bites to street food, scrumptious desserts to refreshing drinks - you've got to follow him to know the real food trends.




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7. Sab Kha Jayenge

"We're 5 financially unstable girls eating away our feelings" - That's how they describe themselves and we totally support that as one of us definitely relates themselves to the same. We love how they've been innovative with their blog title, neither do we have any doubt on their food photography skills as they've got the best dishes covered in their blog. More the number of creators, more the number of dishes explored! - Are you sure you want to miss out on them? We don't think so.




8. Grub Mode

Vaishnavi is not just a food blogger but a fashion blogger as well - multitasking her way out she has definitely established herself in the industry. She's got it all covered for you, right from basic tea to coffee, from scrumptious dishes to delightful desserts. You've got to follow "The Grub Mode" to know about the latest trend - be it for fashion, food, travel or lifestyle.




9. What's On My Plate

Let's introduce you to the duo creators of this outstanding blog - Vinay And Bhumika, who describe themselves as Techies By Day and Food Forever which shows they are heading in the right direction for sure. Missing out on their Instagram feed is risk you shouldn't take as they've got heart-warming pictures of food which will make you crave for so many dishes that you'll end up being spoilt for choices. The craving is real!





10. Voice Of My Taste Buds

As quirky as the name sounds, Vinay Setty has made sure to make his Instagram a treat for his viewers. He has definitely reviewed it all to get your weekend scenes sorted when it comes to finding exquisite restaurants for mouth-watering dishes. We just can't miss out on his feed when it comes to experimenting with new food - you've got to follow him as he's definitely one ofthe top food bloggers in Bangalore whose feed will make you go all wow.




11. Rumana

We're totally in love with Rumana's Instagram feed filled with the most scrumptious dishes in town. We assure you that one scroll through feed will make you drool! She's not just a food blogger but also a travel blogger covering the most beautiful destinations to leave you awe-struck and giving you serious vacation goals. She's got the perfect combination of travel and food covered for you.




12. Saloni Singhania

You've got to follow "Food.Love.Bangalore" - to scroll through a feed loaded with posts of mouth-watering dishes which will give you hunger pangs for sure. Saloni has managed to get the best of dishes reviewed on her feed - she'll definitely leave you spoilt for choices when it comes to hearty meals. Follow her to know which food trend is going viral this season in Bangalore. 




13. Bangalore Food Junkies

It's definitely one fo the best Food Instagram account to explore the best delicacies in Bangalore. You've got to follow them to get the best out of Bangalore when talking about delish meals. The number of followers, quality posts, and amazing content - definitely highlights them. Stay updated with the best dishes around town from street food to fine dining with Bangalore Food Junkies.




14. Rohini James

Rohini James is not just a Food bloggers but also a Lifestyle, Fitness and Travel Influencer. One scroll down through her feed will leave you awestruck - she has got it all covered for you from exquisite meals to refreshing drinks, offbeat travel destinations to hidden gems of the world. Follow her for the best food recommendations as she has succeeded in finding the most delish meals across Bangalore.




15. Nithya 

An MBA graduate, ex-marketing consultant and now a full time "Fusion Chef" at home- Nithya Anantham loves experimenting with food and has a passion for exploring various cuisines. Being fond of traveling, she takes it as an opportunity to explore different local food culture and learn about various cuisines. She covers everything from pocket-friendly Street food to fancy dishes at the best restaurants in Bangalore and other places. Head to her blog to find the most delectable dishes in the city.




16. Sharron D'cruz

Sharron D'Cruz who goes by her Instagram handle 'Food Of Bengaluru' brings to us the finest delicacies our dream city of Bangalore has to offer. You'll be amazed to see beautifully clicked pictures of tempting dishes which will make you drool. Her Instagram feed will definitely give you hunger pangs but will make sure you hit the right places to taste these scrumptious dishes.




17. Deepa Madraasi

Deepa Madraasi has made sure that her Instagram feed which goes by the name 'I'm Madraasi" is a treat to her viewers. She has definitely reviewed it all to get your weekend scenes sorted when it comes to finding exquisite restaurants for mouth-watering dishes. We just can't miss out on her feed when it comes to experimenting with new food and authentic cuisines.




18. The Bangalore Food Harem

The Bangalore Food Harem will give you the right motivation you've been looking by setting an example through their offbeat food blog. The blog speaks volume itself - we're totally in love with the content as it ends up giving us some serious hunger pangs. There is no way one can go wrong with recommendations when it comes to scrolling through their Instagram Feed. We're already craving for so much, one scroll down their feed is more than enough to figure out your next meal.




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A: Whitefield, Koramangala, Indiranagar, JP Nagar


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A: The Hole In The Wall Cafe, The White Room, Charu Ki Tapri, Om Made Cafe