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Step Away From The Shadow Of Mumbai & Explore These Fun Places In Pune That Take Your Spirits Up High

By Sanjay Gouda

Updated - May 9, 202412 min read

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The cultural capital of a state as rich in its legacies as Maharashtra sure has to be something to experience. Pune the city that proves to be the place of confluence of many different cultures and many different lifestyles and all of it is so easily visible in the varied attractions of the city. But more than anything else, this place is known for its attribute to stay in action at all times and to find the best possible way to keep yourself exploring this vast city, read on to the list of the most epic and crazy things to do in Pune that is specially compiled to make your experience better.


1. Camping

Be it any place, camping is one experience that helps you truly explore the beauty of the place and this holds true for Pune too. The beauty of this little city can truly be felt through an experience of camping at the various sights that prove to be sheer delight.


Where: Pawana Lake, Velhe, Falyan Jungle Camp. Lonavala, Bhandara Lake Camping


2. Trekking

Another thrilling experience that can be had when in Pune is the chance to venture on a trek. Within a serene set up of Pune trekking is surely one of the best things’ that you can do. Especially venturing in for the night trek which is one of its kind treks right under the starlit sky. There are many places near Pune which offer extensive trekking opportunities.


Where: Lohagad Fort, Rajmachi, Harihar, Bhimshankar, Ratangad, Kalsubai



3. Adlabs Imagica

The paradise for kids, the best theme amusement park of the country and the treat for the adults, Adlabs Imagica is one place that can be compared to the Universal Studios, which is nothing short of spectacular. The first of its kind amusement park in India is just a short distance of Pune and therefore makes the list of best things to do in Pune.


Where: Mumbai Pune Expressway


4. Visit Aga Khan Palace

One of the best odes to the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, the Aga Khan Palace is the place to head for some intriguing revelations about the great Indian history and its great men. Now an amazing tourist spot, this museum also has an architecture that adds to its charm.


Where: Pune Nagar Roa


5. Witness The Greatness Of The National War Museum

Another place for the history buffs is the National War Museum, this place has an allure not only for Indians but for tourists from across the world too. Nestled in the cantonment area of Pune, this museum is like a memoir for the Indian soldiers who martyred in the various wars the country fought. Also showcasing the armory of the time, a visit to this place is surely one of the top things to do in Pune.


Where: Ghorpadi



6. Get in touch with peace at the Osho Ashram

One of the biggest highlights of the city of Pune is its Osho Ashram. It is this place that helps you learn more about the great Osho and his teachings which help you attain inner peace.  The simplicity, piousness, and tranquility of the place are enough to help you treat yourself of the cacophony of city life.


Where: Koregaon Park


7. Pune Cuisine Tour

Pune prides itself in having one of the best culinary circuits in all of the state and it ensures that this fact rather food is relished by all. For this purpose, there is a Pune Cuisine tour that exists in the city. This tour starts from a house in Pune and then takes you to the nearby Bazaars. This interactive session was undertaken with a host who not only exhibits the locals produce but also helps in describing the cooking techniques.


Where: Across the city


8. River Rafting

Talking of the adventure activities there is still more than the city of Pune offers to its visitors and locals. River rafting in Kundalika is another one of the top things that you can when in Pune. Taking you through the picturesque landscapes of Kolad, this activity sure has the adrenalin rushing through your veins.


Where: Kolad


9. Hot Air Balloon Safari

Though not exactly in Pune, the fun that this activity promises sure takes you to Lonavala from Pune. Taking you up in the air, giving out the panoramic views of the beautiful hill station and making you experience open flight above the hills and mountains is sure going to be an experience to remember.


Where: Lonavala


10. Wine Tasting

What is fun without a little wine? Take a tour through the astounding vineyards of Nashik, understand the precarious process of wine creations and most of all relish the taste of a good wine all so near to Pune. Nashik, the hub of vineyards of the region is one of the must-visit places when in Pune.


Where: Nashik


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11. Visit The Katraj Snake Park

Being the breeding place for more than 160 species of snakes, visiting the Katraj Snake Park is another of the enthralling things to do in Pune. Having a number of birds, turtles and other reptiles, this park came into existence in 1986 and since has become quite the highlight in the tourist scene of the city.


Where: Katraj


12. Karla Caves

Located a short distance from the city,  the Karla Caves are as old as the 2nd Century and that is one of the foundation features that attract tourists in such good numbers to the place. This place belongs to the Buddhist Section of India and is the sign of the best that the religion has to offer.


Where: Karla, Lonavala


13. Witness The Various Tribes At The Tribal Cultural Museum

The great big state of Maharashtra is the home to various tribes which come with their own varied set of cultures, languages, food habits and beliefs, all of which are as intriguing as they are diverse.  Learn all about these different tribes when you make a visit to the Tribal Cultural Museum in Pune.


Where: Band Garden Road


14. Have An Enthralling Experience At Della Adventure

Unleash the daredevil in you when in Pune at one of the best adventure game parks that the country has. Having more than 80 activities to choose from, the Della Adventure Park is surely one perfect spot for adrenalin Junkies. This place has activities ranging from racing to ATV biking to zipping. The simple knowledge of the place makes it one of the best things to do in Pune


Where: Khandala Lonavala


15. Learn To Fly At Temple Pilots

The pioneering Paragliding school of the city, Temple Pilots offers the tourists the chance to venture in some real fun by teaching them how to glide in the sky. Having varied courses, this place has to be one of the must-have experiences in Pune.


Where: Mumbai Pune Highway


16. Enjoy The Panorama At The Sinhagad Fort

Quite significant in its time, the Sinhagad Fort is the place from where all was monitored to control the various trade routes from Pune. Surrounded by the untamed beauty of Maharashtra,  this fort is not only a visual delight but sheer pleasure for adventure seekers too.


Where: Sinhagad


17. Doolally On Tap

Taste the best brews of Pune at Pune’s first microbrewery. Not only does this brewery have the varied German-inspired brews, but these best brews keep changing every month giving the visitors something new to relish each month. The interiors of the place also add their charm to the Place.


Where: Mohammed Wadi


18. Paragliding

Make your dream to fly like a bird come true when you venture in for the various paragliding avenues in Kamshet. Making your Pune trip more enthralling and memorable the experience of paragliding over this varied terrain is surely something to experience.


Where: Kamshet


19. Experience The Beauty Of Mulshi Dam

The Mulshi lake near Pune us one of the most beautiful sights that you might have come across in the country. With the edging of the Sahyadri range and Dhangad Fort on either side, this lake is the most idyllic place one can imagine. Further, you can also witness the working of the hydroelectric power plant when at the dam.


Where: Mulshi


20. Offer Prayers At The Dagdusheth Halwai Temple

One of the most pious and preached temples of Lord Ganesh, the Dagdusheth Halwai Temple is visited by hundreds of devotees each day. Being the pride of Pune this temple is the epitome of tranquility and there is nothing better to do in Pune than revel in the holy solitude of this temple.


Where: Shivaji Road


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21. Unleash The Child Within At Appu Ghar

One of the oldest and the most beloved amusement parks of the country, the Appu Ghar also has a prominent place in the entertainment scene of Pune. The vibrant ambiance and the frolic promising rides at the park make you relive the beauty of your childhood once again.


Where: Nigdi


22. Tour Out The Old Pune

The vivid city of Pune prides itself in the various stages it has crossed to have attained the stature that it has today and thus the city offer tours which take you through the oldest part of the city called Kasba Peth. Having a varied number of markets, temples, places of cultural and historical significance, this tour is sure to make you feel more attached to the city.


Price: Depends on the package


23. Opt For A Homestay Near Pune

The true colors of a city can be felt only by living in it the way the people of the city do. Therefore, the best things to do in Pune to explore the city are to opt for a homestay option rather than a fancy hotel. Having multiple options in and around the city, such stays truly bind you to the people and the city itself.



24. Get Inspired By Shanivaar Wada Place

One of the spookiest places across the country the Shanivaar Wada Place stands tall as a symbol of deceit and covetousness. This extremely beautiful property was one the residence of the royals of the region but due to betrayal and fights within them not is termed at a symbol of covetousness.


Where: Shaniwar Peth


The varied and super interesting things to do in Pune surely have your interests piqued in the city. Make a visit to the city and understand the fun of it all in detail and remember to share your stories with us in the comments section below.


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