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Hair Spa Tricks At Home : DIY And Say No To Bad Hair Days

By Kavya Bhardwaj

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 3 min read

With my busy schedule, I get very little time to take care of myself and out of everything, what gets neglected the most are my precious locks. I’ve jotted down techniques for doing a hair spa at home that worked super well for me. What’s more, it did not burn a hole in my pocket! The best part is that you’ll find all the ingredients at home easily and the treatment takes close to no time at all. 

Hair spas usually begin with washing your hair and getting rid of all the dirt and excess oil. This is followed by deep conditioning your hair and applying the mix.

Hair Spa At Home

STEP 1: Wash your hair with a mild shampoo properly. While washing your hair, concentrate on the roots instead of the ends and use cold water to rinse. It helps to close the pores and restore your hair’s lost shine.

STEP 2: Condition your hair preferably with a natural conditioner. Another option is to use unprocessed coconut oil by taking a few drops and applying it to the length of your hair to control the frizz.

hair spa at home

  • For a DIY hair spa, you will need:
    1. Two Eggs
    2. About quarter cup coconut oil/ olive oil/ almond oil/ castor oil
    3. Two teaspoons of Honey (For dry hair)
    4. Two teaspoons of lemon (For oily hair)

    5. Two teaspoons of curd (For combination hair)
    6. Two teaspoons of white vinegar/ apple cider vinegar (For dandruff)
    7. Any scented or essential oil to mask the odour of eggs, vinegar, e.t.c.

1. Mix all the ingredients well and apply all over your hair generously.

2. Secure your hair in a bun and wear a shower cap.
3. Repeat the washing and conditioning steps.
4. Finally, let your hair dry naturally.

hair spa at home

Magic Tips:
1. Use castor oil for thicker hair and faster hair growth.

2. Use almond oil for damaged hair to restore its health.
3. Use coconut oil for dandruff as it has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties.
4. Don’t use warm/hot water to wash your hair as the mask is egg-based and might cook up in your hair.
5. Use cold water to rinse your hair to get shiny hair.
6. If you are allergic to any ingredients, refrain from using them.
7. If the mask irritates your skin, rinse it with warm water immediately.

hair spa at home


Benefits Of A Hair Spa Treatment

Hair Spa is a natural treatment that helps in infusing the lost protein in your hair. This hair rebirth technique also helps in building strength in your hair and making your hair bouncy and shiny. More than that, controlling hair fall is another one of the numerous benefits of a hair spa. For people who feel that their hair lack strength and volume, it is advised to do a hair spa once in every 2 weeks to nourish their hair and make them silkier.

Main Benefits: 



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