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How To Kill It At Your Farewell With These Saree Ideas

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - April 13, 2024 12 min read

It's officially the season when we are wondering where did all these years go? It's the season where you go around looking for farewell saree ideas on Google and we're here to help you out.


Classic White On White Action

A monotone combination of saree & blouse especially the white-white one should be your go-to mantra for ethnic infused occasions such as your farewell. We highly discourage this fashion medley if you are a clumsy kid who'd most certainly spill that juice or a bite of your finger snack on the saree. But if you can handle this well, the white amalgamation will make you the star of your farewell party 2024. 

Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times

Styling Tip: Try to keep the white saree and blouse as synced up as possible. You can knock-off your overall look by some intricate neckpiece and big chunked earings. 


Go Red!

We all know that girl who would go for the solid colour saree for the Farewell. A Reb blouse without the slightest of embroidery. The woman is subtle in all aspects of life. This is the woman who wears basic tees every day to lectures and doesn't go over the top. Match your saree with your blouse and look sharp and dapper without having to go that extra mile like others.

Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times

Styling Tip:  Wear a red saree. Tie your hair up in a sleek pony-tail and go au naturel. 


Everything Is Better With Ruffles

Till last year who could have thought that ruffles had the potential to shimmy it's magic over Indian sarees. Since it has already happened all you can do is prepare a lovely saree with ruffled borders with a simpler blouse to avoid the fluff and you are ready to rock your farewell party in style. 

Ruffle saree

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Styling Tip: Ruffles are good with almost all kinds of fabric but you have to make sure that you do not go over the top with its blouse. The second thing that would go absolutely right with ruffle sarees is your hairdo. Yes, it can be as open as wind or as rigid as a turban. Your call!


Silk it up! 

Nothing can go wrong when you decide to go traditional all the way.  Open your mom's suitcases and pick out the best silk saree she owns. And if your mom is not a saree hoarder - attack your Masi's suitcases and choose the most traditional silk Banarasi saree like right now. Since it can be considered as the first step towards womanhood, you can experiment up and down a little.

Silk Saree

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Styling Tip: Wear a gold choker with dot earrings and that's all the accessorizing you need for a Banarasi saree. Leave your hair open or roll them in a bun depending on what suits your face cut. 


Shimmer-Shimmer Ya!

Sequins are back in. Saree not saree! You can jazz your saree up with a bit of sequin here and there. A sequin blouse and border are enough to make the overall look appropriate for your farewell. It doesn't look too over the top but at the same time makes you stand out on this special day. A sequin saree can be as graceful as a silk one.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Styling Tip: Tie your hair in a bun, and go heavy on the eye makeup but subtle on the lips and you are good to go. 


Wake up the Sneaker Head in you

If you are not too enthusiastic about wearing a saree because you think you carry off western better, we'd suggest you invest in a Sneaker isdtead of saree. This way, you don't have to look too traditional but you'll still be following the farewell dress code. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Styling Tip: A saree looks best with a 3/4th or a full sleeves blouse. With makeup, kohl and black eyeliner and a beige lip will definitely do the trick. 


Quash your crush with a crushed/ pleated Satin Saree

Seize the session of this farewell with the best farewell saree. Flaunt your girly grace with this elegantly bold pleated Satin Saree. Amp up your style quotient with a modish chain buckled saree belt.

Image Courtesy: Pinkvilla

Styling Tips: pair it with a high neck or boat neck blouse and a multi-layered intricate necklace. Tie your hair in low ponytails or let it slide down the shoulders.


A Net's Level Look

Nets never go out of style. Do you know why? It's because net sarees are the most elegant & chicest of all. To curate a more crafty look you can choose to buy net sarees with brocade-like elaborate work on the borders & trail alike. As these sarees are quite hefty in itself you can safely go for a basic blouse with cut sleeves or elbow-length sleeves. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Styling Tip: A black or red nets work the best if you are a little healthy. For hair, you can go for blemished straight look or curls with no risk. Although if you are experimenting kinda a senior, try a messy pony (if you have long hair of course) to turn on the sophistication.


Saree Gown

Another way to stand out and catch all the attention on your farewell is to carry off a saree gown instead of the usual. A spare plus point is that it is much easier to handle when you're too busy getting photos to click and dancing on the occasion. Just make sure, it doesn't look like your wedding.

 Saree gown

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Styling Tip: If you decide on this look, you want to be as low-key as possible because this look runs the risk of going overboard. Natural makeup, open hair, sunglasses and a watch would be enough to complete this.


Double shade Ombre

When you’re foraging for saree ideas for farewell, how can you overlook Bollywood fashion and the way beauty deities mow down their fans with their enticing saree looks? Yeah, you guess it right, bring out your sophisticated femininity with pre-pleated, Champagne black & pink, double-tone ombre sequins.

Image Courtesy: Esty

Styling Tips: put together a halter neck blouse and messy bun hairdo with long stone studded silver danglers for that perfect Bollywood-inspired ultra-glam farewell saree looks.


Print To Be Noted

From large floral prints to the ditzy floral designs, some prints can never go out of style as far as the sarees are concerned. Although a printed saree works on very spring season shades such as pinks, lavenders, yellows, orange, etc. One should never try to pull off dark shade prints such as red flowers on a black saree until you are absolutely certain of the turn-out look.

Printed sarees

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Styling Tip: A print on print blouse-saree combo hardly works so experiment on your own risk. Soft curls go best with this saree and it will suit you even more if you are long and slim. Don't go loud with makeup and jewellery. Just keep it as breezy as this design.



With sequins, metallics have also made a come back this farewell season. You will see many college-going women adorning metallic colours on their farewells. We suggest you go for a classic black and gold and show the world you are GOLD! An antique silver metallic draped saree will also be apt if you don't like darker hues. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Styling Tip: A metallic saree again runs a risk of looking over the top. A delicate bracelet and small earrings will be enough in the accessory section. With your hair, you can straighten it, and comb it back. Carry a stylish clutch to complete the look. 


It's Time For Some Feather

With DIY hacks taking over the latest fashion trends, you can now add feathers to your sarees too. And do you know what the addition of feathers does to your overall outfit? It makes you stand out even more.  Just add a little feather to your pallu and elevate the look

Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times

Styling Tip: You'd want to pair a broad buckled belt with a plain saree and a comparatively slick belt with a printed saree. Since black belts are easily available, pick out a monochromatic deep-shaded saree with a plain-vanilla blouse & heavier jewellery that totally goes with your belt. 


Leave It On The Blouse

Gone are the days when the burden of your entire farewell look used to fall on the saree itself. You are now living in a world where your heavy sequential or chickenkari blouse will alone help you win the Best Dressed title for 2020. Don't believe us? We've got the proof right under your nose. See how she is grooving her ensemble with that heavily worked blouse and a modest saree, you can easily twin this look & be a fit of your party.

Leave it on the blouse

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Styling Tip: Since the blouse is doing its job all you have to do is choose a rather mellow colour with a hundred per cent no print at all. The tied up hairdo will work best with this outfit because hello! you got to show-off your blouse at this party.


Hang On To Them Tassels

The tassels hanging from the borders of your saree trail is the new thing you should be flaunting this year. A tassel driven saree will get more head turns than any other design on the list. Do you know why? Because these tassels were originally noted on the side-lines of scarves and dupattas but now it has made its way all the way up to the sarees. So this is your year to experiment a little with this ultimate fusion decoration in your style.

Tassel Saree

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Styling Tip: As per the picture you can totally rock a tassel saree with your belt on. Other than that to refurbish the whole look with minimalised blouse sleeves too. Your hair can go messy curly with this one and top it off with some cool shades. That's all.


Rediscover The Polkas

Has it been more than 20-30 since polka dots used to be on every top, dress and saree? Well, you can always go retro with some contemporary twist at an event such as your farewell. Polka dot cotton sarees gives you the most comfortable and easy look especially for the one who likes to take it a little simple. 

Polka Dot saree

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Styling Tip: If you can just blindly copy this pretty lady in the picture because a deep V-neck blouse styled with crafty jewellery will not only make you look easy-breezy & cool but also add that 21st-century twist to your outfit. For the makeup, well bring your A-game along with a clutch to complete the look


Re-Denim-ake Your Saree 

Say what? Denim jacket on the saree? Really? Yep, if you are brave enough to this pull this off then you have our blessing. Now if denim over the saree is a little scary for you then you can top-off with a plain shrug or a blazer. This is the new trend everybody is following these days. Now with this look, you would portray your edginess and at the same time won't feel cold. See how things work out?

Denim jacket on saree

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Styling Tip: Since you are covering the upper part of your saree we suggest you go for a plain design, preferably white. And you don't need to accessorize with a neckpiece. You can straightaway for big elaborate earrings & a low-bun. As far the makeup is concerned, choose a dark shade for your eyes and lips, and you are good to go.  


Say Yes To The Boatneck Blouses

This is your chance to hop onto the blouse with the boat-neck and swim all the way through your farewell party with tastefulness & simplicity. This line of design works for ladies who prefer elegance & panache over edgy & snazzy. Now, this kind of blouse works with plain satan saree or a less-decorative silk saree. So if you do plan on choosing this design keep your sleeves to none or elbow-length.

Boatneck blouse for Saree

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Styling Tip: A neckpiece with this blouse would be a total over-compensation so instead go for big, intrinsic earrings & tied hairdo. That is all you need to panache-up your overall look. 


The Pant Saree: A Modern Twist on Tradition

The pant saree is a contemporary take on the classic Indian garment, offering a unique blend of comfort and style. Unlike the traditional saree with a flowing skirt, the pant saree features a fitted pant silhouette at the bottom. This fusion style provides greater ease of movement, making it perfect for the modern woman who wants to embrace her heritage while maintaining a practical and trendy look. 

farewell saree

Image courtesy: Pasha

Styling Tip: Balance the fitted pants with a more voluminous top. Opt for a flowy, long-sleeved blouse or a statement jacket to add a touch of drama. Crop tops can also work well, but pair them with a longer or layered necklace to maintain a balanced silhouette.


Raise the bar for the best farewell sarees while instilling depth of elegance and fashion in your farewell with these fine-tune saree looks for a memorable farewell party.



Q: How do I drape a saree for the first time?

A: Start with a pre-stitched saree or seek help from someone experienced to guide you through the process.


Q: What is the origin of sarees?

A: Sarees have ancient roots in Indian culture, tracing back over 5000 years in the Indian subcontinent.


Q: Can sarees be worn on formal occasions?

A: Yes, sarees are versatile and can be elegantly worn on formal events, weddings, and parties.


Q: What fabrics are sarees made of?

A: Sarees come in various fabrics like silk, cotton, georgette, chiffon, and many more, each offering a unique texture and look.



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