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15 Places In Mumbai Serving The Most Drool-Worthy Mango Desserts

By Architi Batra

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 9 min read

This summer, Mango going to be an adjective prefix for the desserts in Mumbai or how about calling it Mango Mumbai? Well, that sounds to me fascinating! Now coming straight to the point if you are a true mango and dessert lover then this article is specially made for you. What's better than relishing your favorite fruit in form of exotic desserts? Can you imagine tantalizing your sweet tooth burst in a number of heavenly ways... Well, Mumbai made this true! Presenting the 15 best Places in Mumbai that are serving some of the most drool-worthy Best Mango desserts in the Dream City.  


1. Raasta Bombay

This food bar never fails to amaze the foodie in the town and it does the wonders again this time with its latest mango addition. This place has gone a step ahead incorporating this royal fruit in their exclusive range of bongtails which has new flavors like Smoked Mango Bongtail and Indian Black Plum Bongtail. Enjoy these exotic mango desserts with their healthy and refreshing Melon and Mango Feta Salad and Chicken Mango Roulade and Cottage Cheese Ratatouille!
mango bongtail raasta bombay_image
Where: Raasta Bombay
Address: 4th Floor, Rohan Plaza, Road no. 5, Khar, Mumbai (Get Directions)
Cost For Two: Rs. 500


2. Papacream

This great establishment is a cute dessert parlor to satisfy all your sweet cravings. They have come up with the ultimate mango waffle! Sounds common? Well, you haven't heard the rest yet. They have introduced the classic creamy mango ice-cream, topped with raw mango compote and cheesecake crumble for the extra oomph and Mango Bubble Waffles topped with mango pieces, chocolate drizzle and mango ice-cream and fresh cream! Yeah, I'll let you dream about it!
bubble mango waffle papacream_image
Where:  Papacream (All outlets - Jogeshwari, Ghatkopar East, Juhu, Churchgate)
 Opposite Gold's Gym, Oshiwara, Andheri West, Mumbai (Get Directions)
Cost For Two: Rs. 400


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3. Coffee By Di Bella

Coffee By Di Bella is your go-to destination for the ultimate mango experience and for the toothsome mango goodies such as Fresh Mango Waffles, Mango Nutella Waffles and the classic Mango with Fresh Cream what else do you want? Well, I'll tell you that! It also offers Mango milkshakes including Fresh Mango Shake and Mango Chocolate Explosion Shake to leave you craving for nothing more after their goodness! The place sure is serving some of the best mango desserts in Mumbai.
coffee by di bella mango desserts_image
Where:  Coffee By Di Bella (All outlets in Mumbai - Versova, Mahim, Bandra (W)- Title Waves, Bandra (W)- Off Linking Road, Peddar Road, Dadar- Shivaji Park, Santacruz (W))
Ground Floor, Shop 4 & 5, Bhattad Tower Co, Borivali West, Mumbai (Get Directions)
Cost For Two: Rs. 650


4. Mango Tree

If the name doesn't mesmerize your thoughts, I don't think anything else can do. Mango Tree is exotic & unique in every sense! Apart from the quirky ambience the speciality to look out for is The Mango Sticky Rice. Yes, you heard that right! It is actually a Thai delicacy which is locally known as Khao Niew Ma Muang. It is made with sweet white and black sticky rice which is served with sliced sweet mangoes and pandanus tapioca pearls and has a hint of coconut as its signature Thai ingredient. It sure is an explosion of flavour in every bite.
mango tree mango sticky rice dessert_image
Where:  Mango Tree
3rd Floor, Unit 3, C Wing Hotel Horizon, Juhu, Mumbai (Get Directions)
Cost For Two: Rs. 500


5. Grass and Gossips

This fast food joint is the place to fulfil your Indian desi fusion desserts with its Mango Falooda! An absolute summer treat, it's not to be missed! It is also perfectly smooth and flavorful and quite filling and thus can be a full meal in itself. A pocket-friendly place, which offers a variety of preparations on the menu from Desserts, Bakery, Maharashtrian, Chinese cuisines. It sure is MANGOLICIOUS!
mango falooda grass and gossips_image
Where:  Grass and Gossips
Near Police Station, Shahid Mangal Pandey Marg, Mulund West, Mumbai (Get Directions)
Cost For Two: Rs. 200


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6. Guilt Trip

A true paradise for the sweet lovers, the Guilt Trip is sure going to leave you awestruck with its taste and signature presentation. This place deserves a reservation on your calendar for your next cheat day, which I'm assuming is today after reading the blog or tomorrow only?! The place has got some delectable macaroons, pastries, cupcakes, brownies, cheesecakes and more. Mango lovers shouldn’t miss out on their Mango Mousse and Mango Cheesecake, they are heavenly!
mango mousse guilt trip mumbai_image
Where:  Guilt Trip (All outlets - Mulund West, Kandivali West, Lokhandwala Complex, Bandra West)
Shop C1, Vasant Gardens, Mulund West, Mumbai (Get Directions)
Cost For Two: Rs. 500


7. The Pantry

Always taking care of your hunger pangs, the pantry is a cosy, elegant vintage cafe that serves some amazing food! This place not only has a great breakfast lined up but it also produces scrumptious sinful desserts. For all those with a sweet tooth, cravings have some interesting options like the Mango Baked Yogurt! This healthy, cool and sinfully delicious dessert shouldn't be missed along with other recommended delicacies are Waffles, Cold Chocolate, Chocolate Ganache, Quiche Lorraine, Vanilla Custard and Chamomile Tea.
baked mango yoghurt tha pantry_image
Where:  The Pantry
Yeshwant Chambers, Military Square Lane, Mumbai (Get Directions)
Cost For Two: Rs. 1300


8. The Sassy Spoon

The Sassy Spoon is our ultimate source of the perfect Mango tart! The short Crust Pastry with Vanilla Cream and Fresh Mango is just heavenly. It has the perfect combination and ratios of cream and sweetness. What else do we want from our desserts? The place is a  casual dining restaurant serving a variety of delicious preparations and is well praised for its admirable food presentation. This is the place to visit the next time you want to satisfy your hunger pangs!
mango tart_the sassy spoon mumbai _image
Where:  The Sassy Spoon
Classic Corner Building, Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai(Get Directions)
Cost For Two: Rs. 500


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9. Poetry By Love And Cheesecake

The place has one and only love, and it had to be cheesecakes! Don't get confused by the name of having your choices limited automatically. This dessert outlet is one of the most popular merchants of its area and offering a huge range of variety from Hot Chocolate, Nutella Pancakes, Mushroom Soup to Chicken Sausages. The one you definitely ought to try is the heavenly Mango Cheesecake & Mango Stick Rice Macaroons. I needn't say anything more to get you interested. 
mango cheesecake poetry by love and cheesecake_image
Where:  Poetry By Love And Cheesecake
Pali Darshan, Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai (Get Directions)
Cost For Two: Rs. 1000


10. K. Rustom Ice Cream

A true ice cream lover would never underestimate the power and deliciousness of what an ice cream sandwich is and nor those this place disappoint at all in giving you your favorite form of ice cream in the most drool-worthy taste! K Rustom's Mango Ice Cream Sandwich is that piece of dessert you just won't be able to resist and nor should you! This chunky sandwich opens the door for the perfect mango ice cream pressed between two perfectly baked sandwich bread. What more do we need?
mango ice cream sandwich k. rustom mumbai_image
Where:  K. Rustom Ice Cream
 87 Stadium House, Veer Nariman Road, Churchgate, Mumbai (Get Directions)
Cost For Two: Rs. 150


11. Khandani Rajdhani

For the perfect Indian fusion meal, this is the place to be! And what does it offer that's of our value? Of course Mango Jalebi! Who can resist a sweet and syrupy jalebi and when it is filled with Alphonso mango? Khandani Rajdhani serves you this sweet treat as part of their sumptuous thali with mango delicacies galore this season. Bite into these piping hot dripping jalebis and fulfill all your sweet tooth cravings!
mango jalebi khandani raj mumbai_image
Where:  Khandani Rajdhani
 Viviana Mall, Khopat, Thane West, Thane (Get Directions)
Cost For Two: Rs. 500


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12. The Monkey Bar

There is nothing called too much of mango and The Monkey Bar works by this Mantra positively! The place treats you with a plethora of mango desserts but nothing beats the creamy and delicious Mango Tres Leche. A Tres Leches is a sponge cake—in some recipes, a butter cake—soaked in three kinds of milk: evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream that means heavy preparations for just one dessert! This dish is sinfully delicious in all senses and the presentation is essentially striking as well.
mango tres leche the monkey bar mumbai_image
Where: The Monkey Bar
Address: Summerville, Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai (Get Directions)
Cost For Two: Rs. 1800


13. Woodside Inn

The Woodside Inn is a casual dining restaurant serving Continental preparations and is well praised for the food it serves. One of which is the mouth-watering Crêpes with Caramelised Mango. This Bar is well known for its pizza and burger menu and a dessert bar! The divine crêpe filled with caramelized mangoes and chocolate chips along with a special rum butter sauce.  is the best chart for a dessert and is to absolutely die for!
mango crepes_the monkey bar mumbai_image
Where:  Woodside Inn ( All Outlets -  Jogeshwari, Lower Parel, Colaba)
Wodehouse Road, Opposite Regal Cinema, Colaba, Mumbai (Get Directions)
Cost For Two: Rs, 2000


14. English Vinglish

One of the greatest establishments of that area, this cute dessert parlor doles out a wide range of sweet treats. This is Chef Ranveer Brar's own pâtisserie which stars Indian inspired desserts and is definitely a hit! The two very interesting desserts are amrakhand or mango shrikhand with American Philadelphia cream cheese inspired soft cheesecake which really is the perfect east meets west marriage and the second one is spiced caramelized mango pulp enrobed with white chocolate which gives you this distinct Kachi Kairi taste.
englis vinglish mumbai desserts_image
 Where: English Vinglish
Address: 13, Juhu, Mumbai (Get Directions)
Cost For Two: Rs. 500


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15. Out Of The Blue

ALways taking care of your hunger pangs, Out of the blue has the perfect solution to a light not so sweet mango craving, which is their Vanilla Scented Mango Pannacotta. The real mango flavor really does pop out well with this amazing dessert! the pannacotta is one such dessert that tastes delicious when served with fruits and their dessert is the perfect example of that. They serve theirs with a special delicious mango basil salsa which makes it so amazing!
mango pannacotta out of the blue_image
Where:  Out Of The Blue
Le Sutra Hotel, 14 Union Park, Khar, Mumbai (Get Directions) 
Cost For Two: Rs. 1500


Perfection, Pure Joy & Ture Love! Go and experience all of these delectable goodnesses the next time you are craving for some mangoes!


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