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Empty Pocket? Don't Worry! You Don't Need Money To Witness The Best In Mumbai

By Shubhangi Goel

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 4 min read

Even though Mumbai is said to be the costliest city of India where almost everyone fights for survival every single day, there're still a few invaluable experiences which remain the same for everyone irrespective of class they come from. We just can't deny how Mumbai makes us feel alive every minute - Why not make the most of it? Explore more - as much as you can to get the bet out of it.


1. Bollywood Fans

If you're a Bollywood fan then welcome to Heaven. Explore around to get a glimpse of your favorite celebrity. Celebrities often come out in their balconies at a particular time and day of the week to wave at their fans. How about having a fan moment?



2. New In Town? You're Not Alone

New in town? Feeling lonely? Don't worry Mumbai teaches you to grow in its unique way. Pay a visit to either Bandstand or Marina Drive to spend some time alone or with a friend and enjoy the welcoming sea waves which will make you forget about all the worries. Just gazing into the horizon, into the oblivion when nature is at play is blissful. 



3. You Just Can't-Miss Out On Haji Ali

If you're spiritual or fond of visiting heritage and cultural sites, then Haji Ali welcomes you all. A visit to the shrine as blissful as ever - you'll be awe-struck by the beauty of it. Don't forget to add this beautiful place to your checklist when visiting Mumbai as it defies the beauty of every other place in there.

haji ali


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4. Beaches Welcome You!

Fond of beaches - A stroll at Juhu Beach will give you a dose of Vitamin Sea for sure. Need a breather? Juhu Beach is the place to be at - do have a walk around the Chowpatty as it will arous your taste buds for sure. Binge on some relishing street food at Chowpatty to satiate your hunger pangs as well.



5. Free Gigs

If you are an art lover or fond of socialising or going to live music events - check out the trending free events in Mumbai on facebook now! Explore the coolest pubs and bars with free entries to be a part of the most developing music movements. Attend live events to give support to the fresh talents in the city.



6. Bibliophiles Are Welcome Too

Pay zero amount to enter these beautiful libraries in Mumbai for an intense reading session as they have one of the best collections across the city and requires no membership - Jawaharlal Nehru Library, David Sassoon and The Asiatic Society of Mumbai. Looking for a peaceful place in town to jot down all your thoughts and explore more rather these libraries will definitely help you!



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7. Kala Ghoda Pavement 

If paintings trigger your imagination and communicating with artists frees your soul then visit the Kala Ghoda Pavement Market. It is the go-to place if you're looking at authentic artsy paintings and greeting cards. If you admire art then this street will amaze you with people's mesmerizing paintings made with perfection and unique techniques. Don't stop yourself from interacting with the artists as it might turn out to be a great conversation. This place will hit you with the right kind of exhibition feels.

kala ghoda


8. Trek Your Way Out

If your adventurous soul is craving for more then try going trekking to Kharghar Hill, Sanjay National Park or Parsik Hill. Get an adrenaline rush while trekking through the scenic routes to Kharghar Hill. This National Park will give you a beautiful insight into the flaura and fauna of the area to breath in some good vibes.



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9. Window Shoppppiinnng!

How about window shopping at Mumbai's classiest malls which has got everything covered for you. Beat the heat and enjoy the airconditioned malls while you window shop from your favourite stores.



10. Queen's Necklace

Ever witnessed the queens necklace at it's best. If you've got some free time at night then do visit the marine drive at night to witness the most beautiful sight of Mumbai - The street lights resemble a string of pearls in a necklace. Missing out on such a sight would be regrettful decision.

queen's necklace


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