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Monsoon Spa Essentials To Pamper Yourself Right At Home

By Architi Batra

Updated - July 21, 2018 8 min read

Nothing's better than a great spa experience at home because, for the one, you don't have to step out in the sticky, humid and wet weather in this monsoon and the most important one - you save a lot of money. So, when it comes to a beauty treatment to pamper yourself, we all know how important that is but what do we actually need and how to go about it is usually a big mystery. Well, we all definitely need a little time from our busy schedules to bond again with our girlfriends!
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Don't worry if it's that time of the year again - A little too hot, humid, wet bringing in dewy and sticky faces and frizzy dandruff hair. We can together work to escape this nightmare. A nice peaceful spa at home is a perfect relaxation 'me-time' we need.  Thus, this monsoon pamper yourself with a spa right at home with these things and save money!


1. Scented Candles

No spa is complete without some exotic fragrance that hit you right in the feels and is the first step for creating the whole vibe of the place. Choose your favorite scents and experiment with some new ones with scented candles.
scented candles_image
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2. Hair Mask

The first step is to always treat your hair as the nourishments need a long time to stay and seep in the roots. Opt for a good and healthy hair treatment recipe from your home, and tips your mother used to give you to keep your hair strong and shiny? This is the time to use them. Or you can simply google and will get millions of options. Choose the one you feel would work the best for your hair. You could also buy hair masks and creams online.
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3. Fruit Fidget Slime

Slimes and fidget spinners are good stress relievers. But it's even better when they both are combined. You could get them in the cutest shapes and colors like these fruit fidget slimes and let go of all that stress while your hair mask rests.
fruit fidget slime_image
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4. Mani-Pedi Kit

Let's be honest, manicures and pedicures cost fortunes. Buy a Mani-Pedi treatment set at home and take care of your hand and feet at home yourself.
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Buy Here: Nykaa


5. Scented Silk Eye Pillow

Yes, that's a thing. If you wanna go all in, this is a one-time investment for many future pleasures. Your eyes too need some love and care and these scented silk pillows ensure that your eyes get the best rest and you wake up all fresh and fragrant. Or if you wanna be cost-efficient, eye covers work the same way.
scented silk eye pillows_image
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6. Lemon Water

Mint and Lemon infused water gets your skin hydrated. Your skin will feel refreshed and after that natural glow, you'll be thankful. You could buy flavor-infusing water bottle to feel all revolutionary and get the freshest of flavors. Lemon water is also a healthy option that helps you in losing weight.
mint lemon water_image
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7. Cooling Gel Eye Mask

We wish we could carry these to our office. Just put some nice calming music in your ears, and let your eyes rest away from all the exhausting glare of laptop and phone screens. 
cooling eye gel masks_image
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8. Mud Mask

Face Masks are definitely one of the most essential parts of you monsoon spa. You could easily make one at home with ingredients that are perfect for your skin or just buy one if you find that more convenient.
mud mask_image
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9. Bath Bombs

If you are still unaware of these, let us introduce you to the wonderful world of Bath Bombs. These fuzzy fragrant balls of colorful luxury are going to wash away all your stress and tension and pamper your body!
bath bombs_image
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10. Cucumber Eye-Gel

Treat the puffiness and soreness of your eyes with the goodness of cucumber in gel form. Cucumbers have anti-inflammatory properties and your skin will soak it right up.
cucumber eye gel_image
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11. Massage Pillow

A massage cushion for anywhere you go? You know what that means right? You can carry this one-time investment anywhere you go and get rid of exhausting sitting sessions and expensive back massage appointments. It's worth your money.
massage pillow_image
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12. Foot Soak

Give your feet the love and attention they deserve. Arrange a DIY foot soak solution and let your feet breathe and rest. Or if you don't want to go DIY, then buy some foot soak mixtures online and have a happy feet day with your monsoon spa.
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13. Pedicure Exfoliator

Scrape off the dead skin of your feet with this magic wand called the pedicure exfoliator and let your smooth and nice feet do the talking.
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14. Robes And Slippers

Invest in a luxurious spa robe set to recapturing the spa experience at home. You deserve it and you don't need to feel ashamed of spending a little money on yourself. These cozy robes and slippers would bring a big change to your whole experience.
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15. Foot And Leg Massager

If you don't mind going on a higher side of your one time investments, then this one is for you. To relieve those cramps and feel the new you, a food and leg massager works wonders.
foot and leg massager_image
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16. Body Scrub

Your face and limbs are not the only parts that need your attention. Invest in a good scented body scrub and treat your whole body to an amazing experience that will liven its each and every part. You could even DIY those at home and save a lot.
body scrub_image
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17. Body Butter

The final touch of body butter after body scrub is the most amazing kiss to your luscious skin. If you haven't ever used body butter before, try them now with your monsoon spa and treat your skin with the care it deserves.
body butter_image
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18. Hair Oil

Invest in a good hair oil with all the essentials your hair requires and take care of that unhealthy rough frizz the humid weather is doing to your hair. A good 'champi' always work wonders. Doesn't it?
hair oil_image
Buy Here: Nykaa


19. Enriched Hair Shampoo & Conditioner

This one's pretty obvious, but for your spa day at home where you are doing so many efforts in pampering yourself, don't forget to invest in some special enriched with ingredients shampoo and conditioner. 
hair shampoo and conditioner_image
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20. Steamer Cap

A steamer cap is the only thing that can help you get the most from your hair oil therapy. So before you wash away your hair, opt for the use of a steamer cap. It enhances oil absorption in the scalp and promotes hair growth. 
steamer cap_image
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21. Face Massager/Exfoliator

Just like a steamer cap, you need some equipment for your skin to fasten the process of soaking in all the goodness of face serums and moisturizers you apply during your spa session. An exfoliator or message unit redefine your facial care routine.
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22. Hydrating Mist

Beauty mists come in a variety of formulas that serve different purposes. While some act as toners, others as tonics, and certain kinds even set your makeup. These particular hydrating mist for your spa treatment at home keeps your skin smooth and calms your senses. They beat fatigue and boost your immunity.
face hydrating mist_image
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23. Face Firming Serum

A serum is an essential beauty fad for a healthy skin and moreover becomes more essential after all the treatments to tighten back your skin to its natural healthy look. Serums also prevent the face from signs of aging and you can also DIY the same by making homemade serums from your natural kitchen products.
face firming serum_image
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Take a deep breath, take out time to pamper yourself and have a great spa day at home this monsoon. 



Q. How do you make your own hairspray?
Boil water and dissolve sugar in it. Allow to cool to room temp and add alcohol and essential oils. Store in a spray bottle and use as regular hairspray.


Q. Is a sugar scrub good for your face?
Sugar scrubs also have a few benefits over salt scrubs. For one, small sugar granules are generally gentler than salt, which can cause microscopic tears in the skin; two, because of sugar's natural humectants properties, these scrubs are more hydrating than salt scrubs, which can strip skin of natural oils.


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