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5 Navratri Thalis In Gurgaon For A Festive Feast

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - April 16, 2021 3 min read

Festivals have a way of stirring up our usual lives, don't they? Fabulous festive feasts, chances to shop till you drop, and so much time to be spent with those we love, I'm so grateful for all the occasions in the near horizon. The days of Navratri have already begun, and as we speak, a lot of us are mid-fasting. In a way, Navratri also revolves around self-control, don't you think? No alcohol, no meat, no garlic, the list of things we CAN'T do, is staggeringly long. 


Thankfully, treating yourself to some delicious festival-appropriate food does not make a feature on that list. You are allowed to treat your tastebuds, so long as you abide by the festival rules and customs. So, in keeping with that sentiment, we compiled a list of the 5 best Navratri special thalis in Gurgaon city, that you can devour this festive season! 


Image Courtesy - Veg Platter


Price : Navratra Special Thali @ INR 349 Plus Taxes

If you're on the hunt for authentic Navratri food spiced up by the unique tang of our capital city, Delhicacy definitely deserves to be on your radar. From chatpata street-side beverages served with extra flair to special chats filled to the brim with intense flavour, and from parathas stuffed with delicious fillings, to full-fledged festive thalis, the Navratra menu at Delhicacy is bound to leave you starstruck, and then drooling all over the table! 


Image Courtesy - Punjab Grill On Facebook


Price: Dishes Start @ INR 300 Onwards

Get your authentic, affordable and delicious Navratri thalis and snacks from none other than Punjab Grill. From unique satvik dishes such as Sabudana Aloo Tikki, Fresh Fruit Chaat with Nagpur Orange Dressing to Rajgiri Puri and Kesari Rasmalai, get everything vrat-worthy right here. Punjab Grill's Navratri spread is brimming with scrumptious street food paired with religious dietary restrictions. 


Image Courtesy - Mood Is Food On Youtube 


Price: Falahari Deluxe Thali @ INR 400 Plus Taxes

The festive menu at our beloved neighbourhood snack station Bikanervala, can give the fine-dining spots in the city a serious run for their money this year. There are 3 different varieties in Navratri special thalis and platters alone, coupled with smaller Satvik meals to cure your cravings. Everything is highly wallet-friendly, so for unexpected whimsies of your appetite, look no further.


Image Courtesy - Food And Mood Blogger


Price: Each Dish On Navratri Menu @ INR 150 Approx. 

Known by the residents and visitors of G-Town in equal measure for its mouthwatering South Indian food, Naivedyam is all geared up to satisfy your festive cravings this year. Their Navratri menu is studded with dishes that introduce festive flavours to their cuisine speciality. Your festival appropriate South Indian choices include Idli and Upma made of Samak rice, Sabudana Vada, Kuttu Dosa, and some Navratra-special Buttermilk to wash it all down with! 


Image Courtesy: Zomato


Price: Navratri Thali @ INR 359 & Navratri Snack Platter @ INR 209 

You've loved their chai, now fall head over heels for their Navratri special delicacies. They have an exquisite thali brimming with three tasty vrat-approved sabjis, a kuttu paratha, paneer pakodas, curd and a dessert. But that's not it, Chaayos is also prepped with sabudana vadas, mint masala lassis and a special snack platter that includes assorted sabudana tikkis and paneer pakodas. 


Happy Navratri to you and your tastebuds! 


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