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20 Outfit Ideas For Groom's Bestfriend

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Sept. 15, 2020 11 min read

Correct me if I am wrong. Giving away your best friend is twice as hard as losing a girlfriend. You want to be happy because your best bro is getting hitched. At the same time, the thought of spending the rest of your bachelor years without him stings a little. Although free ki daaru and non-stop dancing at the wedding reception makes the entire thing bearable. But don't forget that attending your best friend's wedding as one of the groomsmen is once or maybe twice in a lifetime opportunity. So, instead of feeling sorry for yourself, put on your cheerful face, dress your best and be the bearer of all the attention.

Of course second to the bride and the groom.


*Don't even think about stealing their thunder*



And if you're wondering... how?  Here are 20 ideas for how you can rock your BFF's wedding. Thank us later! 


1. Royal Pantsuit With Black Belt

If your best buddy picks up a city like Jaipur for a destination wedding, you should definitely pick this Royal Pantsuit for the ceremony. Other than being exceptionally regal this outfit reflects class and poise. From this gold-buckled black belt to the elaborate neckline and minimal work on the breast pocket, the entire pantsuit is a tailored marvel. A clean-cut look with close to no accessory and Oxford wingtip black formal shoes would be the best way to go. But if you insist on wearing something; I'd suggest a metal wristwatch and oval/round black shades would conclude the ensemble nicely.

Royal pantsuit

Image Courtesy: @theformaledit


2. Golden-Purple Bomber Jacket + Black Neck Band

A bomber jacket on a formal pant shirt sounds as eccentric as it looks. But trust me if you wish to make a fashion statement at your best friend's wedding; this outfit will serve justice. Such an ensemble echoes of a good time and probably a cocktail party. I mean, just take a quick gander... it's fun, it's splashy and I can't tell you how impressed I am with this black neckband. My advice; keep the contrast between the layers to the maximum, step into semi/quarter brogue oxfords in black or brown, fix up a cool & contemporary pompadour hairstyle and you'd be good to go. Enjoy!

Golden purple bomber jacket

Image Courtesy: @siddharth93batra


3. Black Ruffle Shirt With Black Velvet Jacket

If this picture reminds you of how black is back, my friend, let me tell you something... black never left. For one thing, black is the safest most classy colour which usually looks good on everyone. Coming back to the outfit; well, it's quite different from what guys usually wear and honestly, I think people who are open to experimenting with fashion should give it a go. I quite like the intricate work on the zip line and collar of the jacket. Pair this outfit with tassel loafers or opera pumps and keep your hairstyle on the simpler side. Lastly, don't be afraid to try the ageless trend of ruffles and never back down from a good velvet jacket. 

Black ruffle shirt velvet jacket

Image Courtesy: @blueberryblackout


4. Chickenkari Kurta With Dhoti

A good ol' Chickenkari kurta with dhoti is loved by everyone. Not only it's comfortable but very traditional and spirited. I feel inclined towards the idea of keeping the colour to neutral and the bottoms to dhoti as it suggests simplicity in a good sense. But you can choose any colour you like. Turban is optional while a quality Kolhapuri Chappal isn't. There's also room for a plain linen dupatta if you wish to add some spice to the outfit. 

Chickenkari kurta

Image Courtesy: @iamnkhl


5. Asymmetrical Kurta And Dhoti

A bit of asymmetry is flattering to all body types. And this gorgeous looking asymmetrical kurta is one of our most preferred recommendations. Not only this pattern is versatile enough to accentuate your best features but also a safe way to go when it comes to best wedding outfits. If you're the type of guy who likes to keep it low-key; the colour contrast is an excellent choice. In addition to this; the outfit can be worn on the Sangeet night and even on Mehendi. In the former situation, these yellow pair of Klites would go perfectly while for the latter event you can switch to a Kolhapuri Chappal. 

Asymmetrical Kurta dhoti

Image Courtesy: @basicallymenz


6. Black Tuxedo With Bow Tie

What cocktail dress is for the ladies; a classic black tux with a bow tie is for men. Occasion or not, you should have one of these in your closet anyway. Now, coming back to your best friend's wedding; a plain black tux paired with a bow tie and formal black shoes will be a match made in heaven. Keep accessorising to the minimal, just a watch and black stud in your ear will be enough and get ready to shine bright like a diamond.  

Black tuxedo

Image Courtesy: @_abix_


7. Indo-Western Long Jacket With Golden Dhoti Kurta

The intricate detailing on the jacket is the entire reason you should pick this outfit for your bro's wedding. When put together with golden dhoti kurta; the result is priceless and very traditional. The black and golden combination is going to get you loads of compliments and the fact that you don't need to accessorize even a little bit due to this beautiful jacket will be a relief. This perfect for wedding day outfit will become whole with either plain black Juttis or Mojaris. 

Indowestern jacket

Image Courtesy: @iamarshd


8. Blue Polka Dot Single Breasted Suit With Turtleneck T-Shirt

From where we stand, turtlenecks are still a fashion-forward choice. Pick any kind of suit; check, striped, plain or polka like this one, a turtleneck underneath will always look chic and sophisticated. What colour you prefer your suit in is totally up to you but I'd intervene when it comes to the colour of your turtleneck. In my opinion; pastel shades of a similar colour palette (slate blue with dark/navy blue suit, etc.) will work nicely and black-tie formal shoes are going to make a perfect symphony. To deck up the ensemble you may try out a statement neckpiece; a simple one along with dress watch on the wrist.

Blue polka dot suit

Image Courtesy: @dhruvmadanofficial


9. Colour-Blocked Nehru Jacket + Indo-Western Kurta Set

A Nehru jacket is a fusion marvel. Nothing completes a traditional look like a well-tailored Nehru jacket. And that my friend is a fact. Now, colour blocking with this outfit might seem boring when ideated but the results will be amazingly sophisticated. The whole idea is quite close to high fashion but instead of using bright, striking colour, we are leaning towards a very light shade of blue. It's an engagement-ready, breezy yet classy look which I think most of you prefer. To maximize the effect wear black Penny loafers underneath, keep your hairstyle at the sharper side of the spectrum and finally rely on a good wristwatch. 

Colour blocked nehru jacket

Image Courtesy: @iamnkhl


10. Canary Yellow Kurta With Churidar

This simple piece of clothing is a lifesaver. Not only it looks modest but also provides you room to enjoy your best friend's wedding like a free-man. The outfit clearly belongs to functions like Haldi ceremony or Mehendi since it's quite dull for the wedding ceremony. Now, there's an option to switch white churidar with black/blue denim... but don't. I think a churidar is important to complete the look. Also, if you wish to pick prints over the plain; do it (Entirely your choice). Finally, brown leather Juttis, cool black shades and an off-white/white linen stole to perfect the look.

Canary Yellow Kurta

Image Courtesy: @thatvoguelens


11. Casual Abstract Print Blazer

Far away from putting efforts into dressing up? If you ask me, this abstract print blazer is the solution. The mere indie vibes, fabric texture and the comfort of not working hard to get ready are more than enough reasons to choose this look. Since it's easy to carry, you can dance or rough hassle or even spill chicken tikkas, the blazer can take it all. A simple black t-shirt on the base and slim-fit black pants with dress boot (preferably Chelsea cut) down below will be enough to conclude the setup. 

Casual abstract blazer

Image Courtesy: @thefebruaryboy


12. Silk Kurta With Black Pants

Silk in itself is a plush fabric that offers elegance and room to breathe. From where I stand the colour of this kurta is next to perfect (Neither too tacky nor too dull) and the finesse is very impressive. To keep it neat and straightforward go for black front crease formal pants paired nicely with black formal oxfords, a wristwatch with straps, leather bracelets and maybe a black stud in one of your ear. That's it. You're all ready to rock the engagement party. 

Silk kurta

Image Courtesy: @iamnkhl


13. Stand Collar Slate Blue Blazer + Dark Blue Kurta With Churidar

To put together an outfit with completely opposite shades of the same colour is genuinely interesting. While the dark blue kurta makes it seem tasteful, the slate blue blazer with stand collar proclaims edge and style. A white churidar at the bottom and leather mules or ethnic sandals on the feet will bring the look home. One important thing though; refrain from wearing heavily printed kurtas. Let there be balance!

Stand collar blue blazer

Image Courtesy: @blueberryblackout


14. Off-White Floral Nehru Jacket + Printed Kurta

Print-on-print is a bold choice but if held-up right will get you loads of compliments. On the safe side, you can go with print-on-plain or plain-on-print jacket-kurta combination but when there's an opportunity to mix and match, why leave it? But do take notes; first, both the colours should belong to a single shade, preferably neutral. Secondly, keep the choice of print on the mellow side since it's only going to look tacky and finally step into camel/dark brown quarter brogues to make the final impression. One other thing, no need to load on accessories, your prints will take care of that.

Off white print on print jacket and kurta

Image Courtesy: @theformaledit


15. Floral Casual Blazer

If you need tips on how to overlook frumpy floral patterns, here's something that will help. A dark base with flowers of singular shade (maximum two) gets the best result. Too many colours tend to throw-off the entire ensemble. In addition to this, a white shirt underneath, a very similar shade of pants, black leather oxfords clean enough to see your reflection and a wristwatch followed by a clean-cut look. Period.

Floral casual blazer

Image Courtesy: @_abix_


16. Black Shirt With Ankle Length Check Pants

Simple yet effective. Checks add elemental concept which grabs attention while the black shirt on the top offers coherence to the simplicity of this outfit. If you have a chiselled upper body, a black shirt will help you show it off in a way it was meant to. A black leather belt with minimal buckle and a good pair of black dress boots or black-tie shoes are two things necessary with this look. Watch is totally optional. And finally, I think this is a cocktail/bachelor party outfit. So, drink up the entire bar because you deserve it.

Check pants

Image Courtesy: @lucky_amourer


17.  Minimal Sherwani With White Churidar

The mandarin collar, pleated front part, brocade arms & sides, the mellow green colour... so many reasons to like this outfit and none to reject. I mean, this sherwani will be the only effort you need to put into your ensemble and you'd be ready to rock. No accessories, just dark brown double monk shoes are enough to spruce up the look. FYI this piece might be available on branded stores but if you find it expensive get it tailored. Happy to help!

minimal sherwani with white churidar

Image Courtesy: @settlesubtle


18. Dramatic Nehru Jacket

The asymmetry in this already dramatic jacket is stunning. So, whatever you choose to wear underneath, it's fine but as I see it, a white kurta will be the safest most natural option here since dark/bright colour might steal away the focus from the jacket. To keep it simple, a churidar as bottoms and to make it traditionally awesome... white (or whatever colour Kurta you pick) shalwar/dhoti. Lastly, dark brown mules/leather Juttis/Kolhapuris to kick-off the wedding. 

Dramatic nehru jacket

Image Courtesy: @itsmeviraldave


19. Blazer With Fur For A Collar

I understand how fur could be a bit much for some of you but heck, it's your best friend's wedding and I say, go all out. When shopping, a deep coloured blazer with a plain t-shirt and a simple pair of pants should be on your priority list. Other than that, leather dress shoes and a minimal silver neckpiece will be enough to share the load of this off-beat outfit idea. 

Blazer with fur collar

Image Courtesy: @mayankchawla09


20. Suspender With Plain Shirt

Plain or not suspenders have a superpower to spruce up a boring outfit sweat-free. After the bride and the groom, you'll be the one to make headlines at the wedding. This one is specifically for the people who go for modest and dashing rather than OTT or extra. Complete the look with oxfords or black-tie shoes and a classy wristwatch. 

Suspenders with plain shirt

Image Courtesy: @chakitchawla


Picture it. As you move up and down the banquet, every bridesmaid is checking you out instead of fixing her hair. A heavy dose of compliments from the people you don't even recognize. Gram-worthy pictures followed by twenty requests from the cousins of the about-to-get-married couple and so on... You could be at the receiving end of this special treatment only if you dress for it.


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