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Record Shop Featuring Rare and Collectable Records From The Fifties

By Arushi Bhalla

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 3 min read

There are two kinds of people in this world - one, who like listening to music on Spotify, gaana and other music apps but then there are people who love listening to music on records. Anyone who collects vinyl records enjoys the thrill of the hunt, as they search through racks and crates for their ultimate musical "find." And sure, we know many prefer to shop on Amazon or listen to their music on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and SoundCloud. They don't know what they're missing. So, if you are amongst those who have the ultimate fondness to records, then we have an awesome place called Pagal Store where you should head to this place as it will surely make you overwhelmed with their music.


Pagal Records is an independent record store located in Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi, totally based on the concept of DIY. The fascinating thing about this place is that it consists of hundreds of new and restock records, new arrivals every week. They have a plethora of records which vary from punk to classic and much more. This is a place will surely bring back memories of the oldies and introduce Millenials with classic music like The Beatles. This is the place that will let you unleash the Payton(One Tree Hill) within you! Think no more, visit this place for the authentic music experience.   

Pagal Records is a place where people can come to be introduced in the world of music on Vinyl. 



Heading to this place will unravel an abundance of music options from you, these are the different kinds of music that this amazing music store has for you: Punk to Classic, from Techno to Reggae to Indian Classic, Bollywood, Funk, World Music, Jazz, Blues, etc. 

Amazing records is not the only thing that they have to offer in this music store. They also have amazing artistic posters, classy-vintage gadgets, multiple audio cassettes, different kinds of record player, books of authors that you might not have heard before. If this is not enough for you, then they also have super cool graphic novels.

We would like you to introduce you to a few of the records: Anthony Cruz - Half Way Tree, Capleton - Ball Fire, UB40 - If it happens again, the list is endless. 


Lets Explore Hauz Khas

The first thing to do is stroll around the historic Hauz Khas complex, with its medieval madrasa, tombs, mosque and lake. In summer, giant yellow laburnum and flame trees filter the morning sun, while in winter, gauzy mist hovers over the bright green lake.

This place is located in Hauz Khas village is one of the party hubs in South Delhi. It is also famous for an eclectic mix of established galleries, independent fashion boutiques and vintage Bollywood poster shops. Its trendy restaurants and hip bars serve everything from Indian take on Tex Mex staples to traditional Tibetan fare. 

What are you waiting for?! Head to this place to have the ultimate music experience. 

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Q. Which is the nearest metro station from Hauz Khas Village?

A. Hauz Khas metro station


Q. What are some best bakes & desserts restaurants in Hauz Khas Village?

A. AurumMaison Des DessertsHigh5 Cakes & BakesGypsy CafeWafflelicious




Hauz Khas


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