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8 Ideas For Re-Using Old Household Items

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Aug. 25, 2021 3 min read

Each one of us present here in all likelihood has a neglected box of junk items lying around the house. Broken teacups, antique-looking brass items you don't know what to do with, and an assortment of old mementoes from various special epochs in your life, remain scattered and waiting for their turn to be eventually thrown out. 


But if you could use these old household items, in a way that they simplify your life slightly, why would you make a further addition to the piling heaps of garbage our planet is dealing with anyway on the regular? The fact of the matter is, not all your forgotten or broken belongings deserve to go into the trash, especially when there exist a number of different strategies to repurpose household items. Instead of discarding these once adored objects, you can choose to skillfully and practically reuse everyday items. 


Intrigued? Alright, so let's jump into this list of 10 practical reuse ideas for household items that will make you think re-think the definition of unusable. 


Image Courtesy: YouTube


1. Use Old Broken Photo Frame


Turn an old broken photo frame, into an earrings holder. All you need is a net-like material to cover the frame with and dangle your earrings from. This is one of the quickest and easiest to execute ideas for repurposing household items.


2. Repurpose Old Socks


There are about a hundred different ways to repurpose old socks, but keeping the current global crisis in mind, we suggest you turn an old printed sock into a DIY face mask. Just cut the two ends of the sock to make a tube, and connect the corners on each side with a stretchy elastic band, or cotton ribbons. 


Image Courtesy: Seven roses


3. Use Rusted Razor

Use an old rusted razor as a lint roller. Very gently scrape at the lint pieces that have accumulated on your woollen items, and get rid of that annoying fuzz without needing to invest in an expensive lint removing product. 


4. Try Out This With Old Newspapers


If your shoes are always remitting an unpleasant smell regardless of how many times you air them under the sun, you will love this idea for repurposing household items. You can scrunch up an old newspaper in a ball, and shove it into your shoe. The newspaper will act as a natural shoe deodorizer and soak up every last sniff of that stench. 


5. Repurpose Used Tissue Boxes

Use an emptied tissue box to store all those small plastic bags our mums love to collect. Use the slot to create a plastic bag dispenser by sliding the bottom of each bag, into the handles of the next bag. 


6. DIY Toilet Paper Rolls


You can make put together a few empty toilet paper rolls to create a DIY cable organiser. Look for cardboard rolls that are long and narrow, and glue a few together to stop all your cables from getting tangled with one another. 


Image Courtesy: The Family Handyman 


7. Use Old Mason Jars


Use old mason jars to create rustic DIY candle holders, hanging planters for your succulents, cutesy looking flower vases, or even a gorgeous home decor element by putting in some battery-operated fairy lights. 


8. Try Using Old CDs For Home Decor


You can repurpose old CDs and DVDs as quirky wall hangers or fabric-covered coasters. If you're going with the latter you need a liquid-resistant pretty fabric that you can glue on to the CD ROM. For the former, go wild with your imagination. 


Image Courtesy: Crafts By Amanda


We hope these 8 reuse ideas for household items managed to spark some thrifty inspiration.




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