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Ultimate Shopping Guide: 8 Places To Shop From When In Jaipur

By Shubhangi Goel

Updated - May 9, 20244 min read

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Jaipur, the pink city of India, is the heaven for shopaholics and admirers of everything ethnic. We have curated the following list of shopping destinations which you shouldn't miss if you're in the city as they're sure to enhance and enrich your overall experience of Jaipur. Shopping in Jaipur from these streets should definitely be on your list.


1. Johari Bazaar

This is one of the oldest street bazaars of Jaipur's traditional tie-dye fabrics and textiles as well as precious stones and gems jewelry. You just keep walking placidly and glancing at the options that don't come to an end. Keeping textiles aside you'll be amazed to find the most beautiful jewelry here as they've got it all from shiny stones and gems along with some handmade designs too.


Highlights: Reasonable shopping, Bargaining possible, Jewelry, Fabrics

Timings: All 7 days open, 10am-11pm


2. Bapu Bazaar

Bapu Bazaar is Jaipur's main market which every local-ite will suggest you to visit because it's the one stop destination for all things Jaipuri. This is where you find traditional leather jutis, trinkets, attar, churan and souvenirs for your friends and family. It's definitely one of those places which makes shopping in Jaipur easier as they've got the cliched Jaipuri stuff available in almost every shop.

bapu bazaar

Highlights: Jutis, Souvenirs, Trinkets, Textile Goods

Timings: All 7 days open, 11am onwards


3. Tripolia Bazaar

This place clinks of a vast variety of colourful lacquer bangles and metalcraft. Head to this place if you want to flaunt your own lac bangles on the next occasion. Apart from bangles they've also got beautiful textile material available like dye fabrics and embroidery carpets.


Highlights: Lacquer bangles, Fabrics

Timings: 7 days open, 10am-7pm


4. Mirza Ismail Road (MI Road)

If the art of pottery fascinates you and you can't help gazing at the famous blue pottery intricate items of Jaipur, then you need to take a walk on the MI Road once. You're sure to bring some beautiful collection home. They've got one of the best handicraft antiques if your taste is all about artsy decor.

Mi Road

Highlights: Blue pottery, Wooden souvenirs

Timings:  7 days open, 11am onwards


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5. Sireh Deori Bazaar

If a mere touch of pure leather brings twinkle to your eyes, then the site of dozens of pure leather knickknacks in a lane right opposite Hawa Mahal would be a breathtaking one for you. This market has so much to offer that you'll be spoilt for choices as to what can one take home. They've got quilts, puppets, colored textiles, leather shoes and the list goes on.

sireh deori

Highlights: Pure camel leather products

Timings: 7 days open, 11:00am onwards


6. Nehru Bazaar

This one should definitely be on your list if you're shopping in Jaipur as it's the one-stop place for the best Jaipuri stuff. Multi-colored vibrant looking traditional jootis are the main attraction of Nehru Bazaar apart from that you'll find readymade garments, trinkets, and bags. And who'd want to miss on to these possessions when visiting Jaipur?!

Nehru Bazaar

Highlights: Joothis, Affordable, Bargain possible, Readymade Garments, Accessories

Timings: 7 days open, 10:30am-7:30pm


7. Chandpole Bazaar

Get ready to admire the most impeccable work of these Jaipuri artists as this bazaar has all their work put up for sale. One should totally pick up their artwork for home decor as the detailing is beautiful in every painting. They've also got marble art pieces so do have a look around carefully to find one of the best artwork in town.


Highlights: Marble Art Pieces, Paintings, Textiles, Bags, Accessories

Timings: 7 Days Open, 11:00 am onwards


8. Badi Chaupar

Get the best souvenir, footwear, jewelry, handicrafts and so much more at this vast shopping area. It's the ultimate destination for the multi-colored Jutis as they've got the best lot for both men and women. Find the most exclusive jewelry showrooms and vibrant textiles to take back home the gems of jaipur shopping checklist.


Highlights: Souvenirs, Handicrafts, Traditional Items, Centre Of All Markets

Timings: Opens 11:00 am onwards


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