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5 Easy Ways To Lift Your Boring Corporate Attire

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Feb. 20, 2020 3 min read

Men's fashion can be deemed the most boring and dullest sights ever. And when it comes to formals, shades of dark - dull colours and limited styling options make matters worse. When in dire need to make a statement at the workplace, we stick to blacks and whites with layers above.  


But hey, that's not it, there can be a number of things you can do to amp up your fashion game at work. Some of these easy men's fashion tips are listed below.



Formal Crop Pants To Make Things Trendy

Formal crop pants are the new vogue in men's fashion. Scaling the entire look of a boring corporate attire, such a small change to the style of your bottoms can make a huge difference. Pair it up with bright socks and some contrasting shades of shoes to make things interesting. You can also couple it with a medium length hairstyle for men and your new and defined corporate look is ready for the world. 

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Mandarin Collared Shirts

Formal - corporate attire workes around crisp regular collars and that stand synonymous to monotony and boring. So tweaking your collars would be the next step in making your look fab and interesting. My suggestion would be going with those classy Mandarin collared shirts and not with any loud patterns but something subtle as an off white shade. These go well with almost everything you throw beneath and make a formal yet chic fashion statement for men. Choose a nice pair of shoes for suits to complete the look.      

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Formal Sweaters and Plain Shirts With Denim Jeans

Don't tell me you've never wanted a solid dark shade sweater worn above a crisp white shirt and a pair of denim bottoms below. Add a pair of formal shoewear to the mix and you are still on the corporate end of men's fashion but with a tint of quirkiness. When done right, such a look is never boring and always in the trend of men's fashion in India.  

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Pastel Colored Blazer With Trousers

Pairing up with a pastel-coloured cotton blazer or layering up with something similar would give a serious facelift to your boring corporate attire. Something with patterns is going to be too loud and dull solid shades would make no difference to the monotony of your fashion regime. Instead, go with a pastel-coloured, cotton blazer over a light shaded shirt, preferably white. Try matching it with a black bottom or anything on the darker side and you're well on track to rock your corporate look. Going with some cool beard styles along with this would be a personal suggestion. But make sure to groom it up well before heading out. A long hairstyle for men would also look amazing with this combination.

Image Courtesy: Forbes


Formal Khaki Pants With Beige Accessories

Formal Khakis make for the ultimate formal look. But little do people know that if you pair it up with a shade of beige accessories, belts and shoes, then the entire ensemble is an epitome of chic and trendy fashion. Going with a white Mandarin collared shirt is also suggested and please maintain a single shade of beige from top to bottom while choosing accessories.  

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Question: If I really need to then which are the trending prints for a Corporate attire?

Answer: Checks, Stripes, and Florals


Question: Which online shopping website is the best for shopping for formal wear?

Answer: Zara, H & M


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