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5 Most Fashionable Flip Flops For Women You Need This Summer

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - May 9, 20244 min read

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Every woman needs a loyal pair of flip-flops to make it through the scorching months of summer. Shoes are fine, as are heels, but neither of those would you want to sport while running errands or while meeting friends for coffee.


For those of us who like to put our most fashionable foot forward, regardless of what we are wearing, the flip-flop pairs we are about to list will be complete summer saviours. These flip-flops are not just ultra-comfortable and breezy to wear, but also come with a prominent style quotient. Oh, and did we mention they're super wallet-friendly? 


Curious? Well, then let's deep dive into this list of the 5 most fashionable flip-flops for this season! 


1. Neon Flip Flops 

You could give me more than an hour, and I still won't stop raving about sporting neon in summer. Especially when they come in an understated form like these classy summer flip-flops. We especially love the simplistic design and the subtle way this pair manages to make a fashion statement. So if you've been wanting to add neon to your wardrobe but desperately want to avoid looking like a bright fashion disaster, this is a trendy pair you need in your shoe closet. 

Image Courtesy: Pantaloons




2. Floral Print Flip Flops 

There's nothing that says summer breeze more than a dainty floral print. And this pair featuring a light-coloured elegant floral print is nothing short of absolutely gorgeous. We really like how delicate the print is, and how much it instantly reminds us of a cool gust of air during the hot months. Probably that's exactly what these flip-flops during these sweltering couple of months will feel like! 


Image Courtesy: Farfetch



3. Platform Flip Flop

I'm pretty sure that the best part about this flip-flop pair, is that it doesn't really look like one. It carries the trend quotient of some high-end flats you would buy for the hot months, along with the comfort you need on your feet. The glossy finish of the green adds to the charm of this pair. It's got a graceful contemporary vibe, and we totally dig that!  


Image Courtesy: Alibaba



4. Colourful Mandala Flip Flops 

Now, this is a vibrant pair bursting with bright colours, and these flip-flops are sure to become your instant summer pick-me-up. The colourful mandala print perks up the pair further, along with giving it a boho-comfort-chic vibe. Especially for your most basic outfits comprising simple jeans and a T-shirt, this flip-flop pair immediately adds a splash of summer colours to your look. The fact that it's so budget-friendly definitely doesn't hurt the cause, either. 

Image Courtesy: Parnova Store



5. Flip Flops With Bow Detail 

Geometric prints have been all the rage lately in the world of fashion, and why should your summer flip-flops be left out of this style party, right? We really like the pop summery pastel colours in their appeal and the abstract triangle print that gives it an immensely trendy vibe. But our favourite detail, of course, would be the delicate but gorgeous bow detail in yellow colour code. Sold! 


Image Courtesy: Alitool





Go on, find your summer sole-mate!