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Having Trouble Searching For Delectable Veg Food? Check Out These 12 Veg Restaurants In Bangalore -April, 2024

By Suhani Gupta

Updated - April 1, 2024 5 min read

There are plenty of benefits of going vegetarian but the real pain of a vegetarian arises when they are craving for some delicious vegetarian food but can't find the right place. Don't fret! We have got you covered with these 12 vegetarian restaurants in Bangalore. Happy hogging onto delish food!


It’s a farm-to-table restaurant which strives for genuine sustainability. They serve pure vegetarian cuisine. Its Zen meditation centres are famous for their soothing homely ambience. They serve a sumptuous array of South Indian & North-Indian beverages and desserts. Sweet-Potato fries, Baby Corn Porichathu with Beetroot Yoghurt, Hariyali Pizza, Spinach Neer Dosa, Tulsi, Nimbu Vegan Soup, and Vegan Chocolate Chip ice-cream are must-have delectable dishes at Go Native. You can go for lunch here. 


Green Theory is a Global bowl of vegetarian foods. They have an array of cuisine including European, Italian, Mediterranean, and Asian without compromising on taste and portion. It’s a colonial bohemian-style restaurant with leafy outdoor seating. Their loaded menu includes delectable Irish Bonty, Mexican Sizzler, Mexican Tortilla Soup, Chocolate Truffle Bento Cake, and Baby Corn Cigars.


Best place for binge eating. It offers the most exquisite & exhilarating plant-based dishes from all over the world —Mexico, Italy, Indonesia, and Rwanda. With lush green outdoor sitting and an earthy interior with musical melodies playing in the background, Vegan Vogue is bound to rock your taste buds with lip-smacking cuisines. Onion Pesto with Pesto sauce, Cheesy Mushroom Caps, Vegan Chocolate Cake, Zucchini Fritters, Okra, and Ravioli are some must-try cuisines of this restaurant. 


Street Storyss serves lip-smacking twists in the fusion dishes of local & global veggies. It’s a heaven for vegetarian people of the city for its mind-blowing monochromatic themed interior, and sophisticated vibe with, of course, scrumptuous fusion meals at reasonable prices. Thai Corn Cakes, Avocado Mousse, Frozen Gulkand Kheer, Moroccan Paneer, and Jackfruit Biryani are some must-have foods of this restaurant.


One of the best places for foodies to dig into hearty and quirky fusion veggie fare. The London Curry House serves old street food. Its interior & exterior include Victoria station clocks, and London telephone booths with wooden tables and steel chairs to create a soothing ambience. Flower Pot Dessert, Baby Corn Cigars, Grilled Potato, Oreo Brownie, and Misal Pav are some must-have food items of The London Curry House.


The place is as is reflected by its name, this place serves the most scrumptious dishes that you will have the 'higher taste' experience. The menu is decently-priced and encompasses a special buffet section perfect for large family gatherings. It is a part of ISKCON and is widely famous for their smooth service and mesmerising taste of food served here. You can enjoy your meal with pleasant Bhajans playing in the background giving you a serene experience. The management is extremely calm and treats its customers very sweetly. Do visit this restaurant as this is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Bangalore. 


Riso is every vegetarian's paradise! You will be served the most delectable vegetarian dishes at this veg restaurant in Bangalore. Burmese cuisine reflects a history inspired by surrounding countries and ancient traditions. Coastal, forest, tropical, and mountainous cultures within Burma have all contributed to the rich tastes and aromas you experience in each bite. This is an ideal place for people who have vegetarian inclination. If it is getting difficult for you to find delish veg food in Bangalore, don't fret; just head to this place and their scrumptious food will definitely satiate your craving for delish veg food. Best restaurants for dinner. 


If anyone ever tells you that non-veg food is better than veg, then make them taste the amazingly delish food of Vasudev Adiga's. It is a casual dining restaurant serving North Indian and South Indian. The extensive and affordable menu makes sure that every diner gets a preferred dish and the prompt service simply adds on this. The cherry on the top is that even though the menu is extensive, the quality and taste of the food is not affected by the number of dishes. Every dish on the menu is absolutely scrumptious. The diner will never feel that he has got limited options whether its starters, Main Course or Dessert. This is a renowned veg restaurant in Bangalore! 


If you happen to be a spice lover, walk into this simple yet classy restaurant with comfy seating that gives out positive vibes. It's a heaven for vegetarians as this place has innovative North Indian and Chinese cuisine, ready to get one instantly drooling with its perfect blend of spices for North Indian dishes. The ambiance is as expressive and cheerful as the style of cooking. This restaurant in Mumbai will definitely break the myth of veg food not being as delish as non-veg food. Get ready to cherish a flavourful ride at the best restaurant in Bangalore. 



If you are in search for a slice of old-world charm along with your breakfast? Then, New Krishna Bhavan on the Sampige Road will surely end your search. Their dish has plenty of Chinese-Indian influences going on and comes with a subtle hint of chilly too. We also liked the filling Open Butter Masala Dosa. Don't forget to miss out on this best and reasonable breakfast place in Bangalore.



Annapoorani is the go-to place for every vegetarian food lover. Very few restaurants serve delectable food, but this one has got you covered with some amazingly scrumptious dishes. This is a quick-serve eat-out place that offers creatively prepared variants of South Indian dishes. It is not a big place to accommodate many people but the amazing taste of the food compensates it all. It has a variety of other scrumptious South Indian food and refreshing beverages. Do not miss out on this vegetarian restaurant Bangalore!



This is a shout out to all the vegetarian pizza lovers out there. If someone ever tries to tell you that veg pizza is nothing compared to non-veg then just take them to Little Italy.  They won't be able to stop stuffing their mouth with these delish veg pizzas. This restaurant manages to give the feels of an authentic Italian restaurant. Dining here might cost you a few extra bucks, but the heavenly taste will make the cost worth it.


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