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10 Wedding Jewelry You Must Have To Go With Your Wedding Dress

By Anubha Das

Updated - Oct. 4, 2023 9 min read

Every bride's fantasy is to rock her wedding dress. And, that can happen when you know your wedding jewelry to compliment your wedding lehenga or wedding dress. The bride always wants to look special on this day and plans out every bit of her outfit, right from the ‘gajras’ to the makeup, from the wedding jewelry to the clothes. Here is the list of the most beautiful and famous wedding jewelry that every bride should own. Mix and match the best to come out with a charming wedding jewelry set for a bride.


1. Necklace

One of the most common yet important part of any jewelry set for a wedding is a necklace. There are quite a few variations of the necklace available in the market today to suit the deep as well as not-so-deep pockets. Let us see the famous types of necklaces available in India.


Choker Style

This style of the necklace has gained popularity in recent times. After slaying the regular wear and party looks, this style has already reached the Indian bride’s trousseau with many brides choosing to go for a choker necklace on their wedding day. It gives a very royal feeling to the whole look of the wedding lehenga making it so popular. Also, you can find variants of choker style necklace in the market.




Rani Haar

Rani haar is a style of the necklace which is usually long and can either be single stringed or more than that. Due to its long length, this style also gives a royal look to the whole wedding attire. This style has been followed since long now especially after Sabyasachi started dressing his models in it years back. It is usually accompanied by another necklace to make it look more elegant. Rani Haar looks best when layered with a choker style neck piece. Though if your wedding blouse very plain wearing just rani haar would also look good. It's a perfect addition to wedding jewelrys sets for Indian brides.



Aadh Necklace

This style of necklace starts with a choker which is typically a block of gold with Meenakari work at the back. Aadh necklace ends with strings of triangles which gives a very traditional look which you can see on Rajasthani brides. This type of necklace covers almost the whole neckline area which makes is so good looking in nature.



2. Nath

This traditional wedding jewelry adds an extra charm to your entire look. Accessorize better with this beautiful nose ring to for a complete makeover. Not everybody is comfortable wearing one but if you want to go for extra glam do that this accessory to your bridal look. You don't need to have your nose pieced because you can find naths which could be pressed on to the nostril from either side are very common and look equally beautiful. You'll definitely have this piece in your jewellery set for the wedding. wedding-jewelry-essentials-nath-image


3. Payal

Payals are the beautiful, stunning jewellery meant to be worn on the feet. It comes in a pair and is worn on both the ankles. These payals are mostly crafted in silver metal, and they particularly have a lot of traditional designs and delicate patterns. Some of them may also have small metallic bells which rub against each other to emit a melodious sound when the bride moves, lending her an aura of an enigma and making her look elegant.



4. Bridal Bracelets 

Bridal Bracelets are a symbol of Indian-ness worldwide and are worn by brides as well as normal girls. They are also called as bangles and are mostly made in precious metals like gold and silver or plated gold. However, these are also commonly found in glass, wood, plastic, ivory, so forth. This not only gives a traditional tint of the whole look but also makes the bride look amazing.



5. Finger Rings

Showing the personal style of the bride, finger rings comes along in various shapes and colours. It is also one of the first jewelry to be gifted by the man because of it being an engagement ring also. It is said that the rings have always been associated with beautifying the hands of the brides along with their wedding dresses and are a delight to every craftsman who makes jewellery.



6. Earrings

Earrings transform the look from the casual to the formal in an instant. No wonder,  brides often have a huge collection of earrings in different sizes and shapes. A very typical traditional  Indian design that every bride must have is the ‘Jhumka’, but you can have versatile plain bands or studs. These days even the chandelier earrings are very popular. For a bride, mostly earrings are in precious metals and in intricate designs and patterns. They can also be bought as a set along with a matching


7. Maang Teeka

It is being said that in a Hindu wedding a lot of importance is given to the hair parting which brings us to the next wedding jewelry which is called Mang teeka. A maang teeka is a small chain worn on the head at the parting of the hair where one end of the maang teeka is hooked to the hair, and the other end dangles on the forehead of the one wearing the maang teeka. The dangling part is mostly a pendant which makes the whole look very traditional.



8. Armlet

Baaju band or Armlet is worn a little above the elbow and is a fine piece of jewellery coming in various designs and shapes. In ancient India, this was worn by men as well. A bride may choose to wear this. However, this is more a fashion accessory than a must to be worn by a bride, but it is worn by nowadays as the wedding jewellery. 



9. Kamarband

Worn on the waist, this wedding jewellery has elaborated patterns which are made using the coins and beads which can or cannot be in precious metals. Kamarband is that wedding jewellery that lends a very delicate grace to the one who is wearing it, and it can be worn with either with the wedding sari or the wedding lehenga.



10. Hair Wreaths

These hair wreaths are everything you've ever wished for when it comes to the best hair accessories for girls. They are available in various styles and patterns - you'll be spoilt for choices as it's difficult to choose which one is the prettiest. No party/wedding look is complete without a beautiful hair wreath - it's high time you buy one for yourself to upgrade your junk of accessories. We all love collecting accessories - don't we?



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Time For Celebrity Inspiration For Wedding Jewelry Sets For Indian Brides

Let's not leave the famous - #Deepveer wedding, Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas's Wedding & Anushka Sharma Wedding Surprise. These three beauties of Bollywood definitely helped us redefine the real trends when it comes to wedding jewelry sets. From minimal to heavy - they've slayed it all.



Let's start with the wedding look - the heavy maang tikka and nath has our heart already. The heavy choker neck piece adds to the charm - all in all it's a perfect wedding jewelry set that you need to have for your wedding. Choker necklaces are already trending so don't miss out on that one. Deepika Padukone's Wedding look is sophiscated yet a charming one.



That headpiece, heavy choker and earrings are making her look absolutely beautiful, it's hard to keep our eyes off this Bollywood Diva.




Redifing wedding outfits and accessories - Priyanka Chopra's wedding jewelry defines the whole idea of "Minimalistic fashion". Her jewelry sets for most of the occasions consisted of a beautiful maang tikka and a beautiful pair of not earrings which were enough to catch our attention.



Not everybody likes it loud and we totally love how her minimal wedding look with a maang tikka, sophisticated necklace & a nath stole the show like a boss.




Last but not the least Anushka Sharma's Wedding look made us melt for sure. We've got to admit wedding jewelry sets for  Indian brides are the prettiest - the uniqueness of each accessory stands out - just the way Anushka's Headpiece, maang tikka and nath did.



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LAJPAT NAGAR & CHANDNI CHOWK - These two shopping hubs should be your ideal destination for wedding shopping when it comes to buying your bridal jewelry set. From kundan to artificial diamonds - they've got the best designs covered for you which are also available for rent at reasonable budget-friendly



ZAVERI BAZAAR - You'll be spoilt for choices when you'll reach Zaveri Bazaar as it's the places dominated by jewellery vendors all around. It's the hub for all kind of pieces of jewellery you have on your wishlist - Name it, and they'll have it. You'll find sales on the best of gold jewellery here, be it artificial or real. This bazaar has got it's bling game on point with fancy finger rings and necklaces to catch your attention.




BHAVAN KANGAN STORES & KUSHALS FASHION JEWELLERY - Find the most stunning sets of wedding jewelry in Bangalore at these two brilliant stores in Bangalore - The price is reasonable, and they cater to a vast collection of offbeat designs. They have it all covered for you right from beautiful heavy neckpieces to dazzling

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Q: Where can I find the best offers for bridal jewelry?

A: To get your hands on some exquisite designs of bridal jewelry you can go to All bridal jewellery from India is thence designed to be dazzlingly lovely and lavish wanting. There are many other portals as well from where you will get an idea for buying jewellery like dulhaniyaa, weddingwire, weddingplz. And so forth. 


Q: What kind of jewelry is best for a wedding?

A: There are many wedding jewellery that a bride must have like the earrings, necklace, maang tika, kamarband, finger rings, head bands and so forth.


Q: What are the essential jewelry pieces for an Indian bride?

A: Essential jewelry pieces for an Indian bride include a maang tikka, necklace, earrings, bangles, nose ring, and anklets, often complemented with a waistband and toe rings.


Q: Which metal is commonly used for Indian bridal jewelry?

A: Gold is traditionally the most common metal used for Indian bridal jewelry due to its cultural significance and timeless appeal.


Q: Is it necessary to wear a nose ring for an Indian bride?

A: While not mandatory, a nose ring is a popular and traditional choice for Indian brides, symbolizing marital happiness and prosperity.



Wedding Wear

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