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10 Exotic Getaways from Mumbai To Soothe Your Romantic Senses

By Sanjay Gouda

Updated - July 19, 2018 bookmark icon 7 min read

Weekend getaways from Mumbai are really spectacular when you distinguish them into types, such as the honeymoon, adventure, wildlife or off-beat. This could help you determine faster what to do and how much it’ll cost. Being the monetary center of the country, Mumbai, the metropolis of dreams and fame often turns to a hub of misery. The extraordinarily busy work schedule every now and then reaches a level whilst it begins affecting our peace of mind. That is why, it becomes obligatory to hunt for a break, at least on the weekends. Luckily, as since the Valentine’s Day is approaching you can plan a quality weekend with your loved one and impart a chromatic essence into the canvas. Lets the hunt begin:


1. Malvan

Have you lost count of the number of times you planned a Goa vacation but your buddies ditched you at the very last moment because those douchebags had already been to Goa before? Well if that, then we've just discovered out an exquisite alternative within the Konkan region of Maharashtra where neither you nor your mate has ever been to. And the best part is it simply can be better any other weekend getaways from Mumbai. Malvan is a small town located in the southernmost district of Maharashtra where you can explore charming hotels surrounded by a sea of Konkan trees, this is what gives it the touch of Goa and makes it one of the perfect weekend getaways from Mumbai. You can revel in the perfect sunset whilst sitting on the pretty white sand beaches, living in exotic farms which are absolutely away from the hustle and bustle of city life and perfect for rejuvenation. Although the cottages around the place are a bit primitive, you’ll still be provided with all the modern amenities and facilities.


weekend getaways from Mumbai

 Approximate Driving Time: 8 - 10 Hour
Location: Malvan, Maharashtra

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2. Lonavala

There are abundant magnificent places to explore across Maharashtra but Lonavala is astounding. Lonavala has its own uniqueness to satiate one’s break imperative. Located extremely close to the town, the hill station is the most often visited excursion spot. A clean force from Mumbai and Pune makes it a hotspot for the one's searching out a quick break from the exhaustive life. Be it the stunning views of the valleys or the exceptional climate, Lonavala serves as an extraordinary getaway from the fast pace of the cities. The chikki and fudge of Lonavala are famous throughout the country and can't be overlooked. Khandala can also be covered at the parallel journey.

weekend getaways from Mumbai

Approximate Driving Time: 1.5 - 2:00 Hour
Location: Lonavala, Maharashtra


3. Khandala

After touring Lonavala, you could surely travel to Khandala which is again one of the most spectacular weekend getaways from Mumbai. Situated at a distance of 5 km from Lonavala, Khandala is a well-known shooting spot for many Bollywood movies. Specifically recognized for its stunning scenic views, this well acclaimed soothing point houses a number of ancient forts, deep valleys, lakes, and waterfalls. Adventure fanatics can enjoy hiking or trekking so to say. The treks are difficult to explore easily and need a massive energy level. Duke’s nose and Kalri Hills are the most sought-after treks in Khandala.

weekend getaways from Mumbai
Approximate Driving Time: 1 - 2 Hour
Location: Khandala, Maharashtra


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4. Kamshet

Although referred to as paraglider’s paradise, Kamshet has a whole lot more to offer when you think about adventure and sport. Just a quick distance away, only 16 km from Lonavala and Khandala, Kamshet boasts of exquisite scenic beauty and offers a range of activities that will make your heart say Wow!. However, it has more than just adventure and sports, there also are caves and temples in Kamshet. Quaint villages with mud thatched homes add to its rustic charm and make it one of the fine offbeat Weekend Getaways from Mumbai.
weekend getaways from Mumbai

Approximate Driving Time: 1 - 2 Hour
Location: Kamshet, Maharashtra


5. Lavasa

One of the most modern destinations on the traveler map, Lavasa is essentially India’s first planned hill station and a smart town. It’s miles regarded for its artificial lake and its setup that is a lot like Portofino town in Italy. Lavasa is recognized for its soothing climate, water sports, luscious cuisines, and its local beauties. Thanks to its easy communication to Mumbai and Pune, Lavasa has grown to be one of the most popular weekend getaways from Mumbai and a perfect destination for couples.

weekend getaways from Mumbai

Approximate Driving Time: 3 - 4 Hour
Location: Lavasa, Maharashtra


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6. Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is a stunning hill station with lots of greenery- it offers panoramic views and the journey to reach here includes winding roads of the Western Ghats. The cool weather and diverse sightseeing factors make it top the list of perfect weekend getaways from Mumbai.

weekend getaways from Mumbai

Approximate Driving Time: 5 Hour
Location: Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra


7. Lonar

This valentine weekend adds mystique to your travel. Visit world’s third largest crater in Buldhana district of Maharashtra. It's said, a meteor hitting the earth has created a crater of 1.8 km in diameter and created a lake some 500-600 feet under the floor. It is a parabolic ecosystem and taking walks down the edges through jungle roads changed into a brilliant experience that should not be missed.

weekend getaways from Mumbai

Approximate Driving Time: 2 Hour
Location: Lonar, Maharashtra


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8. Alibaug

In case you are a beach bum who loves to get away to the sun, sand, and sea quite often, Alibaug is the best weekend getaway from Mumbai. Goa is set 10 hours away and Alibaug fills the distance with its beaches and gradual-paced life. Noted as a great destination for a do-nothing vacation, Alibaug presents respite to Mumbaikars who also are in a hurry in the city. Not just this, it additionally offers a slice of history with the numerous forts dotting the coastal vicinity.

weekend getaways from Mumbai

 Approximate Driving Time: 2 Hour
Location: Alibaug, Maharashtra


9. Panchgani

Surrounded by 5 undulating hillocks and crystal clear lakes, Panchgani is in the vicinity to Mumbai to spend some quality time with your beloved one. It is around 250 km from Mumbai and ideally takes 4 hours to reach. Explore the antique British and Parsi homes and take a peep into the old days. The architectural splendor of the buildings exudes antique global appeal. Enjoy a walk across the walkways thickly accompanied by lush bushes and flora. Feeling the appeal of lost days and witnessing the snake-like carvings of river Krishna from atop the hill should not be ignored.

weekend getaways from Mumbai

Approximate Driving Time: 4 Hour
Location: Panchgani, Maharashtra


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10. Pune

Pune has come a protracted way and has managed to end up becoming a really perfect blend of a cosmopolitan town that adheres to its historical past as well. The Maratha Empire flourished in Pune and you will discover its influences right from the city’s architecture to its cuisines. While Mumbaikars have some of the fine bars and pubs in the town, it is the breweries and pleasant weather that draw them to Pune. A go-to here is incomplete unless you discover Pune’s past captured in its ancient monuments. 

weekend getaways from Mumbai Approximate Driving Time: 3 Hour
Location: Pune, Maharashtra 


Each city dweller wishes to break free once in a while to relax and unwind. And Mumbaikars are blessed because Mumbai is home to numerous weekend getaways that are a few miles away and make perfect for a pleasant long drive. These destinations offer a respite from the mundane and rapid city existence and a breath of sparkling air that rejuvenate one’s senses, infusing the much-needed dose of relaxation in every traveler. So turn on your bulls, pack your bags and schedule these weekend getaways from Mumbai with your love.