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Best Seafood Restaurants in Mumbai

Ayush Goel 30 Mar 2024

I recently visited Mughal Dhaba and was delighted to find that they offer Keto diet options. I tried their non-veg clear soup and it was absolutely delicious. As someone who follows a Keto diet, it can be challenging to find suitable options at restaurants, but Mughal Dhaba exceeded my expectations. I appreciate their efforts in catering to different dietary preferences. The taste and quality of the soup were also top-notch. I highly recommend this restaurant to all my fellow Keto

Simerpreet Singh 30 Apr 2024

I recently visited Al Zaika Dhaba and was pleasantly surprised by their options for Keto dieters. Their Mixed Fried Rice dish stood out to me as a delicious and satisfying meal. I couldn't believe how well they were able to cater to my dietary needs. I also appreciate that they offer other Keto options on their menu. Overall, I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone on the Keto diet. Share your Keto experiences and recipes with others and give Al Zaika Dhaba a try!

Pooja Jain 12 Mar 2024

I recently visited Sigdi Restaurant and was impressed with their options for vegans like myself. The Chicken Lung Fung Soup was especially delicious - packed with flavor and perfectly cooked veggies. This restaurant truly understands plant-based diets and I was happy to see a variety of options on the menu. I highly recommend Sigdi for anyone looking for tasty vegan dishes in a cozy dining atmosphere. Their commitment to offering vegan options is commendable and definitely worth sharing on social media.

Vishwas Soni 30 Mar 2024

I recently visited Shalimar Restaurant & Store and was pleasantly surprised to find that they offered several options for those following a Keto diet. As someone who follows this diet, I am always on the lookout for restaurants that cater to my needs. The white rice dish I ordered was surprisingly delicious and made with alternative, low-carb ingredients. I also appreciated the store attached to the restaurant, making it convenient to pick up some Keto-friendly groceries. I highly recommend this restaurant for anyone following a Keto lifestyle.

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