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Best Fast Food Restaurants in Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi
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Ayush Saxena 28 Mar 2024

I recently ordered the Chicken Curry Meal 1 Regular from Midnight Canteen during my office lunch break. I was pleasantly surprised by how good the curry tasted and the portion size was just right for a quick meal. The delivery was incredibly fast and the packaging kept the food fresh and hot. As someone who often orders office lunches, I highly recommend Midnight Canteen for their delicious food and efficient service.

Abhishek Rajak fitness 27 Mar 2024

I recently ordered gourmet food from Veer Ji Malai Chaap Wale and I must say, their Veg Tandoori Butter Leg Piece was outstanding! The flavors were rich and the presentation was top-notch. It was the perfect dish for my business meeting, impressing my colleagues with its quality. I have also ordered from them for family gatherings and their food never disappoints. Highly recommended for those who appreciate gourmet meals from top restaurants.

Purvi Malhotra 04 May 2024

I recently had the pleasure of trying out Mamas, a restaurant that specializes in continental cuisine. I am always on the lookout for new and exciting dishes to try, and Mamas did not disappoint. Their Malai Tikka Roll was a standout for me - the flavors were perfectly balanced and the roll was cooked to perfection. I highly recommend giving it a try if you ever find yourself at Mamas. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and will definitely be coming back for more delicious continental dishes

kaushik paul 27 Mar 2024

I recently had the pleasure of trying out Oregano Global Kitchen and I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed. The 7" Pizza Garden was bursting with flavor and the toppings were fresh and perfectly cooked. But the real star of the show was the Chocolava Cake - rich and decadent, it was the perfect way to end the meal. To round it off, the coldrink was refreshing and complimented the meal perfectly. Overall, I highly recommend Oregano Global Kitchen

Sagar Prasad 03 May 2024

I recently had breakfast delivered from Burgrill and I couldn't be happier with my experience! The Chicken Quarter Pounder x 4 was absolutely delicious, cooked to perfection and had great portion sizes. As someone who loves sharing their meal experiences on social media, I highly recommend checking out Burgrill's breakfast options. They offer a wide variety of choices with excellent quality. Give them a try for a satisfying breakfast experience!

Pyush Bhadana 27 Mar 2024

I recently had the pleasure of trying the Garden Harvest Pizza at Leancrust Pizza and I must say, it was a delightful experience. The thin crust was cooked to perfection, providing the perfect balance of crunch and chewiness. The toppings were fresh and flavorful, and the combination of vegetables and herbs truly captured the essence of a garden harvest. The atmosphere of the restaurant was cozy and inviting, making it the perfect spot for a casual dinner. Overall, Leancrust Pizza earns my vote as the thin

Shubham Singh Singh 27 Mar 2024

I recently visited Mealful Rolls, touted as India's Biggest Rolls joint, and was pleasantly surprised to find that they offer Keto diet options. As someone who follows the Keto lifestyle, it can be difficult to find suitable dining options. I tried their Bombay Chaat Mini Roll, and I must say, it was absolutely delicious. The filling was packed with flavor, and the keto-friendly wrap was a nice touch. I appreciate that Mealful Rolls caters to people with dietary preferences. Highly recommended for those

Gulab singh 27 Mar 2024

I recently ordered from NH1 Bowls - Highway To North during a busy day at the office. As someone who prefers quick and easy meals during work breaks, I was impressed with the speed of delivery and packaging of the Desi Ghee Dal Khichdi Bowl. The dish itself was delicious, with a great balance of flavors and the use of desi ghee added a unique touch. Overall, I highly recommend this restaurant for anyone looking for a convenient and tasty meal option during their busy work

Sagar Pasrija 30 Apr 2024

I recently discovered BOOM Sandwich and I am blown away by their delicious options for family meals. The meal deal for any 2 sandwiches is a great value for money and perfect for weekend family dinners. The sandwiches were bursting with flavour and the portion size was satisfying. Highly recommend trying out BOOM Sandwich for a tasty and affordable meal with your loved ones.

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