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Best Mughlai Restaurants in Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi
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Purvi Malhotra 04 May 2024

I recently had the pleasure of trying out Mamas, a restaurant that specializes in continental cuisine. I am always on the lookout for new and exciting dishes to try, and Mamas did not disappoint. Their Malai Tikka Roll was a standout for me - the flavors were perfectly balanced and the roll was cooked to perfection. I highly recommend giving it a try if you ever find yourself at Mamas. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and will definitely be coming back for more delicious continental dishes

Vinay 27 Mar 2024

At Itminaan Matka Biryani, the slow-cooked 1 KG Butter Chicken Matka Biryani is a must-try for family dinners on weekends. The portion size is generous and the biryani is packed with flavor, making it great value for money. The added bonus of a free dessert only adds to the enjoyable dining experience. It's the perfect meal deal for a fulfilling and satisfying family meal. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a delicious and budget-friendly option.

KUKUM GOEL 27 Mar 2024

I recently tried ZAZA Mughal Biryani and was blown away by their delicious biryanis and starters. The restaurant offers a variety of biryanis and starters to choose from, making it difficult to settle on just two options. However, the biryani and starter that I did end up ordering were both exceptional in terms of taste and quality. The Mughal flavors were perfectly balanced in the biryani and the starter added the perfect amount of crunch and spice. I

Shivan Krn 28 Mar 2024

I recently had the pleasure of dining at Kaarobaar: The Modern - Desi Bistro and I have to say, I was blown away by their sushi! As someone who loves ordering sushi, I was impressed by the variety and freshness of their sushi dishes. The restaurant has a modern and welcoming ambiance, perfect for a casual dinner or a special occasion. I highly recommend trying their Kukkad Kamaal Da, it was simply mouth-watering. I can't wait to go back

Chirag 04 May 2024

I recently visited Blue Water Grille and was pleasantly surprised to find Manchurian Combo on their menu. As a person following a Paleo diet, it can be challenging to find delicious options. However, this dish exceeded my expectations. The chicken was tender and flavorful, and the vegetables were fresh and cooked perfectly. I also appreciate how accommodating the staff was with my dietary preferences. I highly recommend giving Blue Water Grille a try, especially if you are looking for Paleo-friendly options. Share your Paleo

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