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10 Best Wine In India Under 1.5k & Relish The Flavours On Your Palate- June, 2024

By Suhani Gupta

Updated - June 15, 20249 min read

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Like a black and white dress, the love for wine never goes out of fashion. From classic date nights to office evening parties, wines are a must to add sparkles to your celebrating swag. 

Be it a velvety tantrum of flavours on your palate or a strong, tantalizing dance on your throat, wines create their own classic saga on every occasion. Today we are here with the compilation of flowery, fruity flavours of wine under the price range of INR 1500 in India.

Let’s have a look:


1. Charosa Vineyards

With an expensive look and a sophisticated blend of juicy dark fruits like Vanilla, Raspberry, Strawberry, and a toasty aroma of a spicy finish, Charosa Vineyards serves you a range of scrumptious notes on your palate. Let your taste buds Immerse in the classy, crispy, oxidative-styled tang of this indigenous wine with herb-riched cuisines. And the best thing about Charosa Vineyards is you can have this premium quality wine in India for under 1.5K.


Image Courtesy: Wine Deck Goa

Best Occasions to Drink Charosa Wine: Celebrations and Parties, Intimate Dinners, Gourmet Gatherings, Outdoor Events, Relaxing Evenings.

Best Dishes to Serve with Charosa Wine: Cheese Platter, Grilled Meats, Seafood, Pasta & Italian Dishes, Dark Chocolate Desserts, Fruit-Based Desserts.




2. McGuigan Aromatics Range Moscato Wine

This plumy-on-palate wine, full of juicy, fruity mouthfeel and a subtle tanginess of sweet, citrus notes, is best recommended for a wine buff who cherishes the sweetness of fruity notes. You can grab this deluxe wine with the goosy goodness of 100 % Moscato grape within the price range of wine under INR 1500 in India.


Image Courtesy: Luen Heng

Best Occasion to Drink McGuigan Aromatics Range Moscato Wine: Summer Celebrations, Outdoor Gatherings, Dessert Pairing, Girls' Night In, Brunches, Celebratory Toasts.

Best Dishes to Serve with McGuigan Aromatics Range Moscato Wine: Fresh Fruit Platter, Lemon Tarts, Caprese Salad, Spicy Thai Cuisine, Light Seafood Dishes, Creamy Cheeses, Lemon Pound Cake, Sushi Rolls.




3. Revel Singing Pic Wine

The winner of the Best Value White Wine at the International Wine Challenge 2016 and Bronze in the World Wine Awards 2017, Revel Singing Pic Wine will mesmerize you with its grapy-fruity spectrum of flavour on your palate in the most economical way! This delectable wine is a perfect jumble of winsome Semillon Grapes, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chenin Blanc. You can wallow in this best wine for less than INR 1.5K in India because you can buy a 750 ml bottle just for 999.


Image Courtesy:

Best Occasion to Drink Revel Singing Pic Wine: Revel Singing Pic Wine is perfect for romantic evenings, enhancing the ambiance with its melodic label, ideal for intimate celebrations and heartfelt moments.

Best Served Dishes: Pair it with exquisite seafood delicacies, such as buttery lobster tail or seared scallops, to elevate the sensory experience, allowing the wine's harmonious notes to complement the rich flavors of the dishes.




4. Sula Sparkling Brut Wine

If you wanna hangover tonight with your awesome buddies, you can add some more sparkle to your festive fest with Sula Sparkling Brut Wine. Its light & mellow flavour will go easy with your throat and woo your palate with a festive blast of flavours. Buy this great investment for a lip-smacking and soul-satisfying saga for less than INR 1500, the best wine in India under INR 1.5k. Grab the 750 ml pack for INR 1100.


Image Courtesy: Wine-searcher

Best Occasion: Sula Sparkling Brut Wine is perfect for celebrating special moments, from weddings and anniversaries to New Year's Eve parties.

Best Served With: Pair this exquisite wine with light and elegant dishes such as seafood platters, sushi, fresh salads, and creamy cheeses for a delightful culinary experience.




5. Grover La Reserve Shiraz Red Wine

Who will deny the exotic savour of the succulent bouquet of fantastic fruits’ affair with exquisite tangy spices? Yes, a wine connoisseur will fall for this splendid chocolaty, vanilla, and winsome saga of coffee beans in this flavoursome wine. This vehemently flavoured red wine is made from superior-quality grapes which are rich in fruity flavour and a refreshing herbal taste with a splash of earthy notes that goes well on the palate. The best thing about this wine is that you can even store the opened bottle for at least 6 months. Buy this the best quality wine in India under 1.5k for 1175 for a 750 ml pack.


Image Courtesy: Dukaan

Best Occasion: Grover La Reserve Shiraz Red Wine is perfect for special celebrations and intimate gatherings.

Best Paired Dishes: Pair this wine with grilled meats like steak or lamb, robust stews, spicy Indian or Mexican cuisine, and aged cheeses for a delightful culinary experience.




6. Reveilo Merlot Red Wine 

With the variants of plum, cocoa, earthy, and pepper, this wine will go supremely soft on your palate with a sweet nose; apart from engulfing solos, you add this to your delicious dishes to make them more scrumptious. Have this Nasik-developed wine under INR 1500 in India across the cities for INR 755 for a 750 ml pack.


Image Courtesy: Dukaan

Best Occasion: Revel in the rich flavors of Reveilo Merlot Red Wine during intimate dinner parties or romantic evenings, elevating the dining experience.

Best Served Dishes: Pair this exquisite wine with succulent red meats like steak or lamb, earthy mushroom-based dishes, and aged cheeses to enhance its velvety texture and nuanced notes.




7. Rides Sauvignon Blanc White Wine

This awesome wine is a lip-smacking gift from France to the world. Buy 750 ml just for INR 850, the best wine in India under 1.5K. This highly compatible wine goes well with steak,  grilled chicken or cocktails. Fill your celebrations with this crispy, fruity, a tad of citrus tang of green apple and enjoy the different colours of jubilant festivity with your drinking gang.


Image Courtesy: Wine-searcher

Best Occasion: Ideal for elegant celebrations and outdoor gatherings, perfect for toasting at weddings or anniversary parties.

Best Served With: Pair it with fresh seafood dishes like grilled shrimp, oysters, or light salads to enhance the wine's crisp acidity and citrusy notes.




8. Luz Maria Cabernet Sauvignon Wine

When it comes to wine, Chile enjoys astonishing popularity in aromatic wines around the globe. The perfect mingling of ripe plums and cherries with elegantly toasted woods enriches your palate. Engulf it chilled with your favourite cuisines. Flounder in the velvety flavours of this sweet yet dark wine in India under 1.5k. Grab the 750 ml pack for INR 700.


Image Courtesy: GQ

Best Occasion: Perfect for elegant celebrations and special gatherings.

Best Served Dishes: Pair it with rich red meats like steak or lamb, hearty pasta dishes, and aged cheeses for a delightful dining experience.




9. Sula Seco Rose Wine

A rosy delight of refreshing lightweight wine for a fruity fantastic day. Developed in the rolling hills of Nasik, this fine wine gives you admiring sweetness with a flavour of acidic tart.

You can enjoy this premium quality, indigenous wine in India for under 1.5k, you can buy a 750 ml pack for INR 700. The producers of this wine consider the practice of sustainability while making this wine.


Image Courtesy: Sula

Best Occasion: Sula Seco Rosé Wine is perfect for celebratory moments, romantic evenings, or casual gatherings with friends.

Best Served: Pair it with light and fresh dishes such as grilled seafood, summer salads, or creamy pasta, enhancing the wine's delicate flavors and aroma.




10. Charosa Selection Sauvignon Blanc Wine

A delicious wine with drool-worthy cuisine, what else is required for a weekend's brunch? Indulge in the fresh glass of light wine with tropical notes of Gooseberry, Orange, and husky flavours of grass on your taste buds. Grab this for INR 800 for a 750 ml pack. An indulgent flavour in the wine available in India under INR 1500.


Image Courtesy: Wines In India

Best Occasion: Ideal for elegant gatherings, special celebrations, or romantic dinners.

Best Served Dishes: Perfectly complements light seafood, grilled vegetables, goat cheese salads, and creamy pasta dishes, enhancing the flavors of the meal.




These are the best wines available in India for INR 1.5K. Go to grab these wines for a satisfying drinking experience!


Q1: What are some popular wine regions in India?

A1: Nashik, Karnataka, and Maharashtra are renowned wine regions in India.


Q2: Which grape varieties are commonly used in Indian wines?

A2: Grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, and Chenin Blanc are widely used in Indian winemaking.


Q3: Are there any famous Indian wine brands?

A3: Yes, Sula Vineyards, Grover Zampa, and Four Seasons are well-known Indian wine brands.


Q4: Is Indian wine only suited for Indian cuisine?

A4: No, Indian wines pair well with a variety of cuisines, not limited to Indian dishes.


Q5: Are there any notable sparkling wines produced in India?

A5: Yes, there are several Indian sparkling wines, with Sula Brut and Chandon leading the way.